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JotOnce: Write Password-Protected Shareable Messages

JotOnce is a quick and easy way to exchange messages with others, using password-protected, sharable notes. This site could help you in all kinds of messaging. If you are insecure sending something to a friend by social networking sites(Twitter, Facebook) in a fear that somebody other than that friend might have access to his account and can see your personal message. JotOnce allows you to create a message and make it available to as many or as few people as you want. Because, the message is password-protected and anyone that doesn’t know your password will not get the access to your message.


A question might have raised in your mind. Why JotOnce? You should use JotOnce because you might not be able to find any other site with the same mission that JotOnce has. And JotOnce is an ideal service because it’s both fast and secure. Creating a password-protected message is simpler than ever. Let me explain it in points.

1. Go to JotOnce homepage.
2. See the top right, you will see an option, “Create New Jot”. Click it.
3. Now, you are into the jot creator. Type the message you want to.

4. Check the left and right of your message, you will see options of securing your message. Check them and edit them if you want too.
5. Click on “Post Jot”.

That’s it! Your message would have been posted and you can now share it with your friends whom you wan to access it. It’s as simple as you read it. This service is totally fast and doesn’t give you headaches for such a simple work. All messages stored on the JotOnce server are encrypted, and can only be recovered with their specific password which means total security. If that is not enough you can even add more security to your message which will make all your work easier than ever.


On the whole, JotOnce is a must try for the people who want to share a particular thing with a group of personal friends or whoever. This site is amazing in its own genre. What do you think about it? Do comment.

CloudApp: An Easy, Simple and Reliable File Sharing Web Client for Mac

Three words best describe this very very useful web client for sharing files, “Share. Files. Fast.” CloudApp is a web based client for Mac OS X that can be used to share files such as images, music, videos etc just by dragging the required file and dropping it on the Menubar. Once you select the file to upload and drag it to the menubar CloudApp will provide you with a short URL that will automatically be copied to the clipboard for later use.

And because this is a web client, you’ll have to register at GetCloudapp to make use of this free and fast file sharing service. You can also drag and drop files from Finder, access it from your iPhone through the web client and also make new shortcuts to upload files directly from various Mac Applications like iTunes, iPhoto and more. There are plug-ins available for such applications known as Raindrops, which enable the direct upload feature on applications. Soon there will also be an iPhone App to upload and share files, but until then you can use Cloudette to manage and view your shared files on your iPhone/iPod Touch and Cloud2Go(third-party app) to also upload images and other files.

CloudApp requires Mac OS X 10.5 and above and to download the Raindrop plug-ins you can visit this page.

Tell us what do you think of this file-sharing service. And to clear doubts, this is for users who like to share pictures, music, videos, screenshots etc of small sizes because the upload limit of a single file is 250mb and you can share up to 25 items in a day.

JustPaste.it: Easily Share Text and Images with Friends Online

The internet offers various ways of sharing your notes with friends. You can email your notes or blog about them. But both of these require you to first have an account through which you can email or blog. However by using “Just Paste It” you can easily start publishing notes online without registering for any accounts.


“Just Paste It” is a free to use website that lets you publish your notes. In its own words, the site lets you “share text and images the easy way.” Undoubtedly it lives up to this claim.

When you visit the homepage of the site you find an empty writing canvas with various formatting tools. These tools let you control numerous aspects of your notes such as font size, alignment, bullets, and color. You can also add images, hyperlinks, and text in simple as well as special formatting. Mistakes can be undone using the undo and redo buttons.


To the right of the editing canvas you will find tools that let you specify the URL of your published note. Using these controls you can also upload image from your computer and export notes stored in DOC, RTF, or ODT files.


With your note completed, you can click on the Publish button at the bottom to obtain the three different types of links for your note. These links correspond to a direct public URL, to a code to used in forums, and to an embeddable HTML code which you can use on your site or blog.


Either of these codes results in your note being viewable. The note is viewed exactly how you edit it in the canvas. Viewers can also download the note as a PDF file if they wish.


Throughout the process, you do not create any accounts with the website nor do the viewers of your note. This feature along with its overall simplicity of use and richness of features, makes “Just Paste It” a remarkable online note-sharing application.

Check out “Just Paste It” @ http://justpaste.it/

5 Free Websites to Share Huge Files Online

Uploading and sharing files online is bit cumbersome. There are many services though but few are not reliable, few are paid services and few are not reliable to share important files. And it’s irritating to search for free service which can share files quickly when we want. Thus I have complied list of 5 such free online services which you can use to share file across web.

5 free and quick online services to share files online:


DropSend is good way to share your files online. You do need signup for sharing and online storage of  files on DropSend but it’s an easy and quick process. You can go for free as well as paid service according to your requirements. With free service you can upload up to 2 GB of data and share 5 file per month, if you want to share more you can go ahead with paid service.


[ Link ]


Badongo gives you option for sharing file with signup as well as without signup, of course the services will be different for both but the good point is when you are in hurry and want to share file without registration or login then you can use Badongo. There is free as well as paid service available. In free service you will get 12GB upload and 1 file sharing every day.


[ Link ]


Just like other online file sharing services, GigaSize also offers paid and free services. If you register for free service you will can upload 300MB/file. When you upload the file you will get a URL of the uploaded file which you can share with your friends via social networking websites, forums or email.


[ Link ]


File.ai is another quick online service to share your files. You just need to drag and drop the file in a Folder added on File.ai and you will get a transfer ID and link which you can use to share file with others on email and IMs.


[ Link ]

Share Send:

ShareSend also provide you the URL of the uploaded file which you can share with others. But the good part is that you don’t have to login or register to ShareSend to share your files. It also gives you the option to tweet your link. You just need to enter your Twitter credentials and tweet. You can share up to 100 MB/file.


[ Link ]

These are few online file transfer services which share your files quickly and easily with your friends. If you are using any such services which share files with good speed and easy to use then do share with us and our readers.

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