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The Nokia 808 PureView with 41 MP Camera Announced

Okay, so here’s what happened. Every other mobile manufacturer was taking over Nokia in one or the other way, some even tried to take down Nokia’s camera prowess. But, Nokia has fired back and I don’t think anyone is going to talk for a long time. At the Mobile World Congress 2012, Nokia announced the true successor to the N8, the Nokia 808 PureView. The most astonishing, wild, crazy and eye opening feature of this phone is the 41 megapixel sensor. Yes, you heard that right! A FORTY ONE MEGAPIXEL CAMERA.

Nokia 808 Pureview

Nokia 808 PureView Features and Specifications

Before I start talking about that mother of all cameras camera, let me tell you more about the phone, the operating system it runs and the other features that we’ve come to know. So, the Nokia 808 PureView has a 1.3 GHz single core CPU and 512 MB of RAM, which isn’t a lot of power in the current world of dual core and quad core phones. The phone runs on the Symbian Belle operating system, which even though has been getting a lot of updates, isn’t the best one around. That’s the reason, why Nokia hasn’t put a powerful processor on the phone. It has 16 GB of internal storage, NFC capabilities and all the regular tech that you find in most smartphones these days.

Nokia 808 Pureview Symbian Belle

The 808 Pureview has a 4 inch nHD display, which again, isn’t the best around. With a resolution of 360 x 640, you must be wondering how well the photos and videos taken by that huge camera is shown on the display. Well, it works out okay because once the images are transferred to a computer it will blow you away. We also have embedded a hands on video from The Verge, and you can clearly see that the user interface isn’t very good. Thus, the only thing that’s out of the world about the device is the 41 Megapixel camera, the image clarity, the lens technology and what not.

The Nokia 808 PureView : 41 Megapixel Camera

Nokia 808 Pureview camera

Let’s talk about the 41 megapixel beast of a camera that is huge and adds a noticeable bump to the phone. It has 41 million pixels, but doesn’t shoot at 41 million pixels, because that would mean 1 image = 100 MB. What the intelligent camera does is, it takes 7 pixels and converts it in to 1 to give amazing quality and zero noise even when zoomed. The lens was developed by Carl Zeiss as always and is the best phone on a camera and will probably remain one for years to come. It shoots full HD 1080p videos at quality that you’ve never seen on a mobile device. You can even zoom a full HD video up to 4 times without losing any quality whatsoever.

Nokia 808 camera

You can also shoot photos and videos at 2 megapixel, 5 megapixel, 8 megapixel all the way up to 38 megapixels for the best quality. Okay, enough talking about the amazing camera then. Let us now talk about the Dolby Surround tech and Nokia Rich recording technology available in this phone. The Nokia 808 PureView also features Nokia Rich Recording, which lets you record CD quality audio without the use of external microphones. There’s also the Dolby Headphone technology and Dolby Digital Plus, both of which provide true surround sound when using headphones (read: any good headphone) and during playback on the device.

Finally, the Nokia 808 PureView is expected to launch in the Month of May starting in the United Kingdom in Red, Black and White. As for the price, it is said to be €450, which isn’t a lot! People who’ve always wanted to own a SLR camera that isn’t bulky and big are the ones who should think about using this one. If you have a lot of money and like to carry two or three mobile phones, you should definitely get this. You can take amazing shots with the camera and keep your DSLR at home! Seriously, I’m not kidding.

[ Image Credit and Via : Engadget ]

Nokia Asha 300 Review : Touch, Type and GO!

Nowadays, all major companies are spending most time developing the best smartphone and are not giving enough though for the mid-ranged feature phones. These feature phones are normally aimed at the larger population, who just want to use their mobile device to make phone calls, text and maybe listen to the Radio or Music.

There are so many smartphones being released these days, that people are forgetting about the smaller and less powerful feature phones that actually started the whole thing. Nokia, however, are still at it and are still making some good devices in the sub $200 price range. And here’s a review of one such device, the Nokia Asha 300, that was recently launched along with the more powerful Lumia series of devices.

Nokia Asha 300  is a touch and type, candy-bar mobile phone that has modern design and styling. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get on with the review!

Nokia Asha 300 Review

Nokia Asha 300 Review

Firstly, let’s start off with the specifications, the pros and the cons of Asha 300 and then talk about each in detail. The Asha 300 is a workers phone and yes it delivers!

Nokia Asha 300 Features

The Pros:

  • 2.4″ QVGA touchscreen
  • 1GHz processor
  • 128MB RAM, 256MB ROM
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • VGA video recording at 30fps
  • Stereo FM radio with RDS
  • Bluetooth v2.1 (with A2DP)
  • 3G Support
  • Standard microUSB port (charging enabled)
  • USB On-The-Go support
  • microSD card slot (32 GB supported)
  • 3.5mm audio jack

Nokia Asha 300 Cons:

  • The 5 megapixel camera has a fixed focus and is not that great
  • No Wi-Fi!! 
  • No video calling camera 
  • No multi-tasking
  • Symbian OS

Nokia Asha 300 Design and Build

Nokia Asha 300 Design

The Asha 300 is supposed to be the replacement for the older C3-01, but does a poor job at proving that. At the design end, however, things look good, but the plastic feels like it came from one of those old Nokia phones that aren’t around anymore. The keypad on the other hand, is nice to use, but things sometimes get rough because of the touchscreen. Whoever thought that both a keypad and touchscreen would be a good idea, wasn’t thinking straight. Finally, I love the form factor, I’ve always preferred candy bar to flip or slide and the Asha 300 does have a good design. From the frontside, the device looks pretty nice, but the back looks cheap!

As for the buttons and connectivity ports on the device, you’ll find the volume locker on the right side along with a lock/unlock button. The left and the bottom side of the device have no ports or buttons.  On the top, you’ll find 3 ports, one for charging, a 3.5mm jack that will let you enjoy music and a microUSB port that can also be used to charge the device. The 5 megapixel camera on the back doesn’t have a flash and is left alone. The speaker is housed at the back of the device on the bottom left. The microSD slot is hidden on the left side of the device and is only accessible if you remove the back cover.

Asha 300 Buttons

Asha 300 Ports

microSD Asha 300

I’d give the Nokia Asha 300, a 3/5 for Design and Build.

Display and User Interface

Nokia Asha 300 Display

A 2.4 inch TFT display is pretty sufficient for a regular user and a non touchscreen device. But, this does have a touchscreen and that’s one of the reasons why I do not like the phone very much. A 3 inch touchscreen and a keyboard would’ve been a better choice, but the combination used here is not. The display is alright in terms of colors and brightness and because it is resistive, the response is not very good. For a feature phone, however, these features stand good, but I really doubt if anyone would enjoy the touchscreen with the keypad.

Because of the small display size and the use of a UI that packs lot of widgets, the whole thing looks crammed. If you’ve ever used a Symbian device, then you should have no trouble whatsoever. Navigating through the device is very easy and there are some pretty good shortcuts too. If you swype left to right on the homescreen, you’ll be directly taken to the games folder. I did not find any settings for using that action, so I believe it was a surprise for the users.

Main Menu Asha 300

A 3/5 is the best I can give ! Your opinions may differ.


Nokia has given the Asha 300 a 1GHz processor and 128 MB of RAM. WHY? WHY? WHY? During all the time I spent using the device, I didn’t come across any app or program or feature that would require a 1GHz processor. The special edition Angry Birds game for the device didn’t look like it needed a 1GHz CPU to run. I’m not saying it’s a waste, but there’s no point of it because the Asha 300 doesn’t really require it. The transitions, games, apps, browser, camera and everything else worked really smooth. But for a phone that doesn’t cost so much, I enjoyed playing Angry Birds on it!

Asha 300 Performance

I’d give it a 3.5/5 in performance and I bet it would be same with a 600mhz processor.

Functionality, Nokia Music and Apps

Again, if you’ve ever used a Symbian device running the S40 or S60 operating system, then this should be super easy for you. There’s one main menu that houses everything, the apps, settings etc. A Go To menu for shortcuts and another Names menu for contacts. It’s very simple, the functionality of this device, anyone can understand without any problems. As for the apps and goodies, Nokia is giving free music for a limited period of time. There aren’t many apps though, but yes, you can try your luck at the Ovi store to find some for this device.

Nokia Asha 300 Music

The Angry Birds game developed for Nokia Asha 300, consists of 15 levels and like always is fun to play, even on the resistive touch display. The graphics are okay and nothing very surprising and I did not face any sluggishness. The music quality is good enough and is nothing more than what one would expect from a feature phone.

Nokia Asha Game Angry Birds

For functionality, music and Apps, I’d give it a 3.7/5 because of the ease of use.

Battery, Usage and Others

For the time the device was with us, it had to be charged only twice. The battery life, however, isn’t amazing because the powerful processor keeps using the juice all the while. One thing I noticed though, the standby life is pretty good, which means that if you don’t use the device you’ll probably get up to 4-5 days of backup. But, that isn’t very practical, as these phones will be used rigorously by users to make calls, send messages etc. Thus, a maximum 2 days of backup is what we’re looking at!

Asha 300 battery

The lockscreen looks like it has been lifted off from the iPhone. The typical Slide to unlock found on iOS devices is also found on this small Nokia device, but without all the text. But, there won’t be any suing business here as it doesn’t look similar to the Slider on iOS, however, it does use the same concept.

Asha 300 Lockscreen

In terms of practicality, the Asha 300 is a very good device. The audio quality was good, the camera is alright for daytime use, video isn’t bad either and the overall functionality and easy usage makes this a really good buy for the price it sells at. You can check out some sample images of the 5 megapixel shooter on this device, it did okay inside the house under normal lighting.

Nokia Asha Image quality:

Nokia Asha 300 Camera Sample 1

Asha 300 Camera Sample
Because there is no auto focus, the images can be blurry, as seen in the sample image above!

Nokia Asha 300 Review : video

Here is a 3 minute video, showing features of Asha 300:

Final Verdict, Pricing

The Nokia Asha 300 is designed and built for the everyday working class people and also for the budget constraint ones. If you’re in either of those categories, want a phone for the sole purpose of call, texts and music and don’t want to pay a lot at the same time, then you should get the Asha 300 without thinking twice. I’m pretty sure that the extra CPU, the 5 megapixel fixed focus camera and the old operating system won’t bother you at all! There are other phones that come with Android and have better features, more apps and are available at a similar price.

You can buy Nokia Asha 300 for as low as INR 4,800 or $102 from various mobile retailers. Will you be buying the Asha 300? Let us know how you liked the device if you did buy one.

I hope this Nokia Asha review will help you to decide about this phone. If you are gadget manufacturer and need a gadget to be reviewed, get in touch with our Submit gadget page.

Nokia Announces C5-06: Specifications and Features

Nokia is definitely the most trusted mobile brand in India. Even though Nokia has undergone huge loss over the years in many countries including our own country but still Nokia is trying its best to get back on track. Nokia needs to launch new phones in order to get back to the superiority.

Nokia is currently targeting the entry-level and middle-level market. A new phone has been announced by Nokia which will be an affordable touch screen phone. The specifications are quite good and by the specifications it looks that the price would be as low as Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 10,000.

The specifications are given below:

  • It has a TFT resistive touchscreen.
  • The size of the screen is 3.2 inches with a resolution of 360 x 640 pixels.
  • It weighs 93 grams.
  • It has an internal memory of 40 MB which is expandable up to 16 GB using a microSD card. It has a RAM of 128 mb.
  • It has a 2 megapixels rear camera with geo-tagging. Video recording is available at 640×[email protected] fps. No secondary camera is available.
  • It runs on Symbian OS v9.4, Series 60 rel. 5.
  • GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v2.1 and microUSB v2.0 are available in the “Connectivity” section.
  • It is available in Graphite Black, Aluminium Grey, Red, Orange, Blue, Black Illuvial, White Illuvial and White/Red colors.
  • It has a Li-Ion 1000 mAh battery. The details are:
    Talk Time: Up to 11 hours 30 minutes
    Standby: Up to 500 hours
  • The phone is expected to hit the stores in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Nokia C5-06 would be a great phone for the touch-screen fans because it is a fine and affordable touch screen phone which the most people would be looking for. It will get a lot of success here especially in India because the demand of affordable touch screen phones is increasing day by day and Nokia did a smart thing by launching such a phone.

Share your views and opinions in the comments.

Photo Credit: GSMArena

Nokia 700, 701 and 600 Announced, coming with Symbian Belle

Nokia had put up a teaser on their Facebook fan page that mentioned about trying something new. A banner was put up with the words “It’s time to try something new” etched across. And we almost already knew that the new Symbian Belle will be the something new that we should all be trying. Turns out, we were absolutely right.

Symbian Belle, the successor to Anna, was announced by Nokia few hours ago along with three spanking new 1GHz touchscreen phones to give us more new things to try out. The new Belle OS will be bundled with these phones only at the moment and they’ll be available by this year end. New announced phones include the Nokia 700, Nokia 701 and Nokia 600, all of whom have a 1GHz processor and NFC chips pushed deep in to their core.

Symbian Belle Phones

All the new phones have got cute names too, and are called Zeta(700), Helen(701) and Cindy(600). Symbian Belle brings three more customizable home screens, new live widgets, the Android like Notification tray and of course NFC Sharing and pairing, which I believe is something really cool. You can connect to certain Nokia accessories such as headsets via this NFC feature with just a tap. Anyways let’s talk about the phones now, and start with Nokia Zeta(700), but before that, watch Symbian Belle in action right after the break.

Nokia Zeta 700

Nokia 700

The Zeta has been called the world’s smallest touchscreen phone, weighing only 96grams with 9.7mm at it’s thickest. That is quite thin and small. Well, being the smallest doesn’t make it any less powerful than any present smartphone. It has a 1GHz powerhouse, 512mb of RAM, 2GB of internal storage, 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, a 3.2 AMOLED ClearBlack display and NFC. That makes it quite a good phone with good features and awesome portability.

Nokia Helen 701

Nokia 701

This phone’s known as the world’s brightest phone, because of it’s display, which is 3.5 inches of IPS display with ClearBlack AMOLED tech. I have no idea why that makes it the world’s brightest phone, but since Nokia says so, let’s go along with that for now. Helen has the same 1GHz processor as all the other models, but also packs a better 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash and 8GB of internal storage.

Nokia Cindy 600

Nokia 600

This is the cheapest of the trio and Nokia’s loudest device ever at 106 phons. Yup, so this one’s like those music phones from Nokia, which you can use to listen to music all day long(say about 12-15 hours). Cindy also comes with a 1GHz processor, 2GB of internal storage, a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and NFC support. It also has an in-built FM antenna, so the connecting of headphones to listen to the Radio is eliminated.

Overall, all the three phones look good and perform as well. The Nokia Zeta 700 is expected to be priced around $400, the Nokia Helen 701 at around $ 420 and the cheap yet powerful Nokia Cindy 600 at $ 260 when they’ll be released later this year.

You can learn more about Symbian Belle, watch some more demos and also learn about the phones in detail at Nokia.

Nokia Released C3-01 Gold Edition [Specs and Features]

Another gold-plated phone from Nokia. The first one was Nokia Oro, which was announced in May and will release in September. Nokia C3-01 Gold Edition was announced earlier in August and has been launched yesterday. This is a Gold Edition of the much successful Nokia C3-01 touch and type so it will definitely have a lot of similarity in specifications with the original C3-01 but the gold-plated body makes it a lot more better than the latter.

Also, many features have been improved and some new features have been added with this release. The specifications are nice so the phone won’t give you the feeling that it is only good because of the gold-plated body. You may read the specifications below.

  • It is a touch and type phone and it comes with a TFT resistive touchscreen.
  • The size of the display screen is 2.4 inches and the resolution is 240 x 320 pixels.
  • The internal memory is 140 MB and can be expanded up to 32 GB using a microSD card.
  • GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v2.1 and USB v2.0 are available in the “Connectivity” section.
  • It will have a 5 megapixels rear camera with LED flash. Video recording is available in [email protected] frames per second. No secondary camera in this phone.
  • It comes with a 1 Ghz processor which is very rare in Nokia phones.
  • It has a 18-carat gold plating which makes it very special.
  • It has a 1050 mAh standard battery.
    Talk time – Up to 5 hours 30 min (2G) / Up to 4 hours (3G)
    Standby –  Up to 405 hours (2G) / Up to 440 hours (3G)
    Music play – Up to 20 hours
  • It weighs just 100 grams and it is good to see that even with the gold-plating Nokia has managed to keep it low-weight.

You can see from the specs and features above that Nokia C3-01 is a feature rich phone. It would cost around €220 but cost in INR has not been revealed yet. It would be revealed very soon, hopefully.

Share your views and opinions about this phone in the comments.

Nokia E6 Review: The BlackBerry Alternative

We’ve got with us a Nokia E6, the latest offering from Nokia, which runs on the new Symbian Anna. They launched this phone sometime back along with the Nokia X7, both of them having some new features and design. Well, the E6 doesn’t really have anything that different from, say, a Nokia E72, E71 or the E63. You’ll only see the difference when you hold it in your hand and turn it around. Behold, the 8 megapixel camera. There’s more, if you’re wondering.

Nokia e6 front

Anyways, I got to play around with this phone, like literally, and here’s what I think of the Nokia E6. I solemnly swear that I’m up to an honest review. And speaking honestly, I’m no fan of QWERTY phones, but this one’s different.

Looks, Design and Feel

Nokia e6 side

Like I said before, there isn’t much dissimilarity between this and other E series models, but there are some differences when it comes to features. But, lets talk about the design and feel of this device for now. It definitely has that business feel, sturdiness and the metal battery cover like few other E series phones.

Don’t be disappointed if people don’t ask you what phone you’re sporting, as the E6 is not much of a looker unless you have it in silver. Well, even then, it’s not that attractive, but certainly more attractive than the previous E series models.

A perfect fit in your pocket and palm, so you don’t have to worry about losing it when involved in a cop chase. There’s a slight bulge on the back thanks to the camera, which is also made up of metal. If you’re a fan of the Nokia E series family, then you’re certainly going to dig this and probably replace your old one with this.

Display, Keyboard and Camera

Nokia e6 displayThe E6 has a 2.46-inch VGA Capacitive Touchscreen display with 328ppi, more than that of the iPhone 4. Now, that’s something right, but on a small display, it’s really of not that great an importance. I’m not saying the display is bad, it’s certainly better than all the other Nokia phones I’ve ever used, it’s bright, can be seen in bright daylight and the touch is great as well.

Video playback works really well too, although I haven’t really tested any gaming, but it shouldn’t be any problem on this display.

If you notice in the picture to the left, there are no Option and Menu keys that were usually present in all E series phones. Instead, you’ll have to use the touchscreen to open or go back, which is annoying at times. The keypad is just like any other E series phone, laid over in 4 rows and are quite soft.

Like I said before, I don’t fancy Qwerty keyboards, hence I did not like it much. But, if you’re not like me, then you’d love it, perhaps. The response is good, and I did manage to type a complete sentence rather quickly.

nokia e6 camera

The Camera, in simple terms, is awesome if you have a steady grip. Beefed up with 8 megapixels of picture and video taking power, the Nokia E6 does a very good job at taking 720p HD videos. The video recording quality is really amazing, plus it looks extra amazing on that small screen. However, the camera doesn’t have any auto-focus or a dedicated camera button, which is a slight problem.

See, a normal human being does shake his hand a bit while taking photos and since there’s no auto-focus, you know where I’m getting at. Otherwise, the camera takes really well still images too and the flash is great as well, dual-LED’s act as though you just created a Patronus to scare away the dementors.

Camera has a lot of modes, so you can basically just select a setting and use the touchscreen or the D-pad to take photos. You can also use the front camera, yes there is one!!

The Hardware, Features and Software

nokia e6 hardware

Having given a 680Mhz ARM 11 processor, the E6 makes pretty good use of it. It’s faster than the previous E-series phones and packs in a lot of new features. It’s only normal to expect a lot of features from a phone that’s priced among higher end smartphones. And yes it does, specially for a business person, this is one awesome piece of technology. It has everything that you’d look for in a high-end smartphone. Below are the most important features of this phone;

  • Symbian Anna OS
  • 8GB internal storage, 1GB ROM, microSD card slot
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • GPS receiver with A-GPS support and free lifetime voice-guided navigation
  • Built-in accelerometer and proximity sensor
  • 3.5 mm audio jack, microUSB port, USB-on-the-go, Flash and Java support for the web browser, Stereo Bluetooth 3.0 and Social network integration

So, now you know that the phone does have almost all the features that you’d require.

Coming, to the software department, I believe Nokia did not do such a great job. I mean, sure the Symbian Anna is prettier and has newer icon sets and customizable homescreens, but it’s still Symbian under the skin.

I’m not saying Symbian is bad, but they should worked more on making Symbian Anna faster and have lots of new features. One of the only interesting things that I found on the software was the VPN feature, which lets you connect to a VPN server and enjoy free internet services. Apart from that, there wasn’t much changes done to the software other than the new UI.

However, Anna is certainly smoother and faster than Symbian S60 software and on par with Symbian^3.

Applications, Internet Browsing and Performance

Nokia e6 apps

I’m sure you may have used the Ovi Store before, hence I don’t have to say that it’s growing slowly, but you won’t find lot of applications for the E6. Since this runs on Symbian Anna, there aren’t a lot of applications available, but that doesn’t stop it from being functional.

The phone comes filled with lots and lots of important and necessary applications that will come handy every day. There aren’t pages of them, but there are enough. Ovi maps did not disappoint as well, the in-built GPS does a great job of tracking you down.

The stock browser that comes along is really nice to use. Thanks to the touch interface, you can do a lot of things while browsing the internet, and yes it has Adobe Flash pre-installed to watch YouTube videos without any problems. Browsing is really smooth, it has tabbed browsing and the web pages do load fast, if you have a fast internet connection. Rest assured, all the applications that come in the phone will work well.

If you’re a first time Symbian Anna user, you may be irritated with the Ovi Startup, which you have to sign-up with to actually be able to use the phone.

Performance of the phone is good as well, like I mentioned before. You may however be greeted with some sluggish performance, but that’s something you can neglect. I did not experience any freezing of the device during it’s stay in my pocket, even though it was thoroughly exploited.

Price and Availability

The Nokia E6 is currently available in the market for a price of INR 17,999, which is well below the 20K mark. For that price you get all of the above mentioned features, a great looking QWERTY phone, an 8 megapixel camera and a sealed box with all the necessary accessories.

Final Verdict

Nokia E6 verdict

I’ve never used a Symbian Anna device, well how could I? This was the first. Anyways, because of the new UI, the phone actually felt like an Android phone, until I entered the Menu. It’s a really good and worthy buy for the price, since it has all the features that you’d ever require on a phone, specially if you own a business. As it’s a Symbian device, you should be fairly used to how the phone works, if you don’t you’ll learn it in an hour or so. If you were planning on buying a fairly expensive Blackberry with similar features, I’d suggest you forget that and go for the Nokia E6. After all, it’s Nokia!!

Symbian Anna is Now Available for Download

Nokia has been talking about the Symbian Anna update for the Symbian ^3 devices from a long time. Finally, Nokia is rolling out the Symbian Anna firmware for all compatible devices. The list of devices that can be upgraded to the latest firmware include the N8, E7, C6-00 and C7.

If you happen to own one of these Nokia devices, then you’d want to get this software update and enjoy Anna. It’s best to upgrade it using the PC, since that’s the most reliable and safest method if you like to not have a bricked phone.

Ilari Nurmi, Vice President at Nokia stated;

Nokia’s Symbian smartphones are used by millions of people around the world every day, addressing specific consumer needs and providing choices at many price points. Symbian Anna represents a significant update to the experience those users have and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to Symbian, which will see up to 10 more phones introduced over the next 12 months, further updates to the user experience and support for the software until at least 2016.

What new will you experience in Symbian Anna? Well, firstly, there’s the all new user interface and the homescreen customization options. Then there’s the new on-screen portrait QWERTY keyboard, split-screen messaging screen and much much more. There are new icons and wallpapers, a better and faster web browser with new features. New version of Ovi Maps, Ovi Store and Quick Office also come pre-installed with Symbian Anna. Some performance tweaks are also included in this new OS, which should make your Nokia device even better and easier to use.

As I said earlier, there are two ways to upgrade your Nokia phone to Symbian Anna, also remember that only the devices mentioned earlier in this post can be upgraded. If you do not have any of those, then you should best forget about it.

To install Symbian Anna via PC, you’ll require the Nokia PC Suite that came along with your phone, a fast internet connection and some free time. Remember to backup your contacts, photos, music, videos and other data before you even think of upgrading the firmware. All that can be done with the help of the PC Suite.

Or if you want to go the easier way, and install it using only your phone, then do the following:

  • Head over to Menu > Settings > Phone > Phone Updates.
  • Then select the update you want to install, most likely the latest Symbian Anna.
  • Follow the given instructions to download and install.
  • Make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection.

That’s pretty much it. Enjoy the new user experience on Symbian Anna.

Popular Symbian And Blackberry Mobile Apps

With so many smart phones launching in India and people migrating to powerful smart phones with super fast internet, connectivity and advanced devices the online Apps market have really boomed and have brought great change in the App world. I have written this article to discuss with you some of the all time popular mobile Apps.

Apps For Symbian

  1. Symtorrent: It is the first fully featured BitTorrent client for the mobile platform. It is a free and open source App developed by researchers of Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE). It also allows you to download multiple number of torrents together, upload and download torrents and save the status of unfinished downloads.
  2. Socially: It is among the one of the must have App for your Symbian phone. With this App you can access Facebook, Twitter, LikedIn and Foursquare, all from one place. One of the best feature this App has is it lets you syncs friend’s profile information, photos with phone contacts, add Facebook birthdays to phone calendar, receive social updates as push notifications and it also offers some extra features like blocking phone calls from particular friends without ringing your phone which is useful to block telemarketing calls.
  3. Xplore: It is a really good file manager App with some really amazing features. Like other file managers it does exploring, copying, transferring files, folders, drives and extracts zip, jar, rar archives. But the best feature of Xplore is that it will let you transfer an entire drive over Bluetooth or infrared.
  4. Fring: It offers VoIP and video chat service. It lets you make voice calls, video calls and chat with friends. For Voice and chat it also offer Skype and Google Talk integration. It helps you stay connected with your Fring, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ and Twitter buddies enabling chat option. It also supports DTMF dialing for Symbian devices.

Apps For Blackberry

  1. UberTwitter: Now know as UberSocial, after Twitter blocked it for using term “Twitter” in its name, which is against Twitter’s policy is the most popular Twitter App in the world for Blackberry phones. It offers very good reach functionality and makes it really easy for you to keep up with latest happening with UberChannels. Its UberView feature lets you have live preview of linked content like web pages, videos, photos and blog posts.
  2. BB Notepad: BB Notepad is a text editor and is much powerful than the default MemoPad App that comes pre-installed on Blackberry devices. It offers you two system for taking down notes, SureType and Multitap input systems. It let you open ANSI, UNICODE, UNICODE-BE and UTF-8 text file formats. It also lets you save your notes with ‘.txt’ extension so that it can be read on PC.
  3. Dictionary and Thesaurus: It is the only free dictionary App for Blackberry phones by Dictionary.com. It contains more than 500,000 words, definitions and synonyms. Comes with email integration and most amazing feature about this App is it lets you have phonetic and audio pronunciations, spelling suggestions and popular word of the day from Dictionary.com

Some of this are free and open source apps while some are premium ones. But these apps are really among the best apps in their category.

Nokia Launches C2-03: Touch and Type Dual Sim Phone

Nokia has brought yet another innovation in the mobile world. After launching a gold-plated mobile phone, Nokia has now launched a dual sim smart phone, the Nokia C2-03. A touch and type phone which supports dual sim. This phone is the third touch and type phone Nokia has produced. Mary Docwell, the head of Nokia’s Mobile Phone business unit has this to say –

The Nokia C2-03 makes managing multiple SIMs simpler, without compromising on any other features. Why should consumers have to choose between touch and keypad, or forego a great web, map, entertainment or email experience? With the Nokia C2-03 we have made it all available on one affordable device.

Nokia C2-03

It is a touch and type slider phone. It has a 2 megapixel camera. It has a display of 2.4 inches with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The internal memory of this phone is 10 MB and is expandable up to 32 GB using a microSD card. This phone runs on Symbian S40 operating system. New Nokia Maps will be available in this phone as a part of Symbian S40. It has a dual Quad Band GSM Network. You can easily change SIM cards because of the easy swap dual SIM feature in this phone. It also has a feature, “Favorite Contacts” which can help you to set your favorite friends and family’s contacts in a special place. This feature supports up to 9 contacts. You can access your email easily with Nokia C3-02. Nokia Maps, as told above is available. This phone makes browsing easy with the Nokia browser. Ovi Store is pre-installed and would give you the opportunity to download thousands of applications available.

Nokia C2-03 will be available in India, China, SEAP, Eurasia and MEA in the third quarter of 2011. It is a low-cost dual sim phone which will definitely get Nokia a lot of eyeballs and an increase in their share.

The expected price of Nokia C2-03 in India is around Rs. 4,850.

Nokia N950 Revealed, But Only for Developers

Nokia has already announced one other mobile that will be running on their MeeGo operating system, and here’s another one. The Nokia N9, which was announced earlier is a real masterpiece that corporates the latest in hardware and design. But, along with that, Nokia also announced another MeeGo device, the N950. Nokia N950, is supposedly the successor of Nokia N900 and is based on the Nokia N9 with similar features.


The Nokia N950, as apposed to the N9, won’t be mass produced as it will only be sold in limited numbers and is specially made for the Nokia developers. Developers can use the Nokia N950 to break in to stuff and also create apps for the Nokia N9, and has hardware designed and made for development. There aren’t any official pictures available of the device yet, but Engadget claims to have got some shots from a developer video, which shows that the N950 is pretty much similar to the N900 and the Nokia E7.

There isn’t any official word on the specifications of the device either, but it looks like the Nokia N950 will pack a 4-inch TFT LCD screen, an 8-megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and an aluminum body. Although, the specification’s aren’t anywhere close to that of the Nokia N9, it will still be a powerful phone that you cannot get your hands on. Nokia plans on selling it only to the developers under some kind of a secret developers program, without warranty or any support. It will however, get timely software updates, which you can still count on.

So, don’t even think about asking the price for the Nokia N950. If you’re a developer and happen to get hold of this device then do let us know about the pricing and the hardware.

Have you used the Nokia N900? If you have, then how was the experience on the MeeGo OS?