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Nokia N950 Revealed, But Only for Developers

Nokia has already announced one other mobile that will be running on their MeeGo operating system, and here’s another one. The Nokia N9, which was announced earlier is a real masterpiece that corporates the latest in hardware and design. But, along with that, Nokia also announced another MeeGo device, the N950. Nokia N950, is supposedly the successor of Nokia N900 and is based on the Nokia N9 with similar features.


The Nokia N950, as apposed to the N9, won’t be mass produced as it will only be sold in limited numbers and is specially made for the Nokia developers. Developers can use the Nokia N950 to break in to stuff and also create apps for the Nokia N9, and has hardware designed and made for development. There aren’t any official pictures available of the device yet, but Engadget claims to have got some shots from a developer video, which shows that the N950 is pretty much similar to the N900 and the Nokia E7.

There isn’t any official word on the specifications of the device either, but it looks like the Nokia N950 will pack a 4-inch TFT LCD screen, an 8-megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and an aluminum body. Although, the specification’s aren’t anywhere close to that of the Nokia N9, it will still be a powerful phone that you cannot get your hands on. Nokia plans on selling it only to the developers under some kind of a secret developers program, without warranty or any support. It will however, get timely software updates, which you can still count on.

So, don’t even think about asking the price for the Nokia N950. If you’re a developer and happen to get hold of this device then do let us know about the pricing and the hardware.

Have you used the Nokia N900? If you have, then how was the experience on the MeeGo OS?