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Now Play Nintendo 64 Games on Your Android Device Using N64oid Emulator

There are many emulators available that will enable one to play Console games to be played on regular desktop PCs. What if you wanted to play your favorite Nintendo game on your mobile device? That too one of those Nintendo 64 games like everyone’s super loved game Mario, those old days seem to come back again. This isn’t the first video game emulator for a Android device, but it is the first that can run Nintendo 64-bit games.

The app is in it’s developing stages and may not be stable on most Android devices, but it’s worth a try if you happen to own some pretty high-end Android phones like Google Nexus S, Nexus-One, Droid, Samsung Galaxy S etc. Many users have reported that it works perfectly on high-end phones and that mid-range phones tend to run it with sluggish graphics and flickering. Watch the video after the break of a Nexus S wherein they use a free app Wiimote Controller and connect a Wii Remote to the Nexus S.

For complete details on N64oid Emulator App, please visit Download Squad for their complete review and also learn how to use the Wii Remote Controller for some extra fun.

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The App will cost you $5.99, but the Wiimote Controller App is freely available. You can download N64oid Emulator from the Android Web Market or through your device.

How to Play Nintendo Wii Games On Computer

Have you ever thought about playing Nintendo Wii games on your PC ? If yes then you can make your dream alive because you can play Nintendo Wii high definition games on computer. Dolphin is an emulator to play Nintendo Wii and GameCube games on pc. It is the only most successful emulator to play these games. Dolphin emulator is a software which works like Nintendo Wii hardware machine and it can emulate most of Nintendo Wii and Nintendo GameCube games. However there are many bugs in this software and you may face some problems during game play. But at an extent it is good and I have tested Zelda and Mario Cart Racing (gamecube) and DragonBall Z Shin Budokai on it and these games are well played on dolphin.

How to Use Dolphin

Dolphin is a open source free software and you can download it from many locations. It is easy to install and easy to configure. You can get the latest version of Dolphin from its official website Dolphin-Emu. But to use dolphin you must have a Nintendo Wii Game DVD or its image. Here I am telling how to configure and use Dolphin Emulator.

  • After Installing Dolphin run dolphin.exe and got to “config” option as show in figure below


  • Here go to option “general” and set the configuration options such like in figure.


  • Now go to “plug-in” options and select “opengl plugin” for graphics “Hle plug-in” for DSP and “Dolphin gc pad new” for GameCube controllers.


  • With “gc pad plugin” you can set controls for Nintendo GameCube and with Wii-mote plugin you can configure Wii mote settings.
  • After configuring graphics sounds and control settings you can play a Nintendo Wii or GameCube game. You can boot from DVD drive or you can also load an ISO image of game DVD.


Keep in mind that you must have a advanced graphics card such as NVIDIA 9600 GT to use dolphin emulator otherwise it will not wok on your computer.

Get Dolphin Emulator