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Nintendo’s 3DS Portable Consoles Face ‘Black Screen of Death’ Error

We are struck to see that users of 3DS portable consoles, Nintendo’s new presentation are facing an entirely new bewildering problem. The problem in simple words is as follows : While you are enjoying game on this console, suddenly the game disappears from the screen and a message pops up on the screen asking you to hold down the power button, turn off the power and then turn the system on. This not only renders the gamer dumbfound for a while but also user feels cheated. Users have dubbed the problem as ‘black screen of death’.

The problem is a blow in the face of Nintendo, producer of the high quality consoles, considering the market reputation of the company. It seems the problem is substantially widespread as it is being hotly discussed on NeoGaf, Digital Spy and AVForums and other websites and forums.

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When we discussed the issue with many users we got mixed complaints as some said the problem was only one time and after following the instructions asked to follow in the error message the problem did not recur but some reported  the problem  remained persisting. Some users also suggested to beat the problem by reformatting their SD cards to the FAT32 file system but some said this did not work.

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Nintendo puts its stand in these words:

“If anyone is experiencing any problems with their Nintendo 3DS console, we recommend that in the first instance they download and install the latest system update, now available online. If the problems still persist we recommend they contact their local Nintendo Customer Service centre to investigate the problem further.”

If the problem persists and users fail to find a sure shot solution for the problem it will cost Nintendo high. We can hope a solution from God Squad (a troop consisting of serious and amateur gamers,company personnel and everybody which tries to solve the problem) will be soon for the gamers.

Is the Nintendo 3DS Really 3D?

This is a guest post by oli4uk who writes at ThisisFreelance. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our Adsense revenue sharing program.


The Nintendo 3DS is the latest handheld console to hit the market, and it’s most remarkable feature is 3D, without 3D glasses.

This is an immense deal, but just how 3D is the Nintendo 3DS, really?

After a little bit of experimentation with one of these gadgets at a local trade show I can say the Nintendo 3DS really is 3D. To a certain extent at least.  The Nintendo 3DS looks highly 3D if you have it at the exact angle. The good news is that the Nintendo 3DS includes an easy to use slider which controls the depth of field of the 3D depth.

Fortunately if you are in a situation where the Nintendo 3DS doesn’t work, you can easily slip it back in to 2D mode!

The 3D does not end at the display.  The Cameras on the Nintendo 3DS can also take 3D images to display on your screen, this is actually a pretty cool feature, and fairly unique (especially at the price).

On top of the 3D features of the Nintendo 3DS, this stunning console has an interior gyroscope for even more engrossing console control in game. This extra level of control comes in extremely useful in the 3D world.

So the Nintendo 3DS really does have true 3D, without needing 3D glasses. but is it worth the cost? The nintendo 3DS costs nearly $100 more than it’s predecessors.  The 3D gameplay is definitely more engrossing, but do we really want to spend the extra cash?

In the end the decision is down to the buyer, if you love Nintendo DSi games then this is the obvious step up. However if you just use your Nintendo DS console for text based games, or brain training games, then you probably will not need the 3D functionality of the Nintendo 3DS.

The 3D funcitonality is definitely unique, and definitely a whole new level of gameplay, however it does not perform too well in strong outdoor light. In most environments however the Nintendo 3DS performs admirably, with an intendely in depth level of gameplay with it’s enthralling 3D capabilities!