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Google Music Brings Free Music Streaming, Cloud Storage and Sharing

Google has been playing it’s game from some time now, from Android to the all new Google Music. Yes, the music service that was announced at Google I/O earlier this year, has now gone from beta to final. Google’s music service, simply called Google Music, is now live for everyone in the U.S and they can use it to upload their songs, purchase music and even share them with friends.

Apple has iTunes Match and Amazon has it’s own cloud player, and now Google Music is a direct competition to all these services. The service was made live at an Android event in Los Angeles today and is now available for everyone in the United States prior to the previous beta only/invitation based access that it had.

A quick look at the service shows you the different aspects of this new service, and even though it’s nothing new, it works. With Google Music, you can upload your favorite music to the cloud and then download it on to your mobile device, using the app. There is a limit, and is about 5000 songs lesser than that of iTunes Match, i.e, 20,000. But, then again, that’s a lot of songs to listen to and certainly you can’t keep so many on your mobile device.

You can download the uploaded or purchased tracks on to your mobile or tablet device for offline listening or you could just stream all your music. There’s a completely new Music store in the Android market, that allows you to purchase new songs or albums and even provides certain singles for free. Since this is a Google product, it’s automatically integrated with Google +, which means that you can share your purchased music with all your friends.

They can even stream the complete song from the social network, whereas you only get to preview 90 seconds of any song before purchasing it. This means that you can actually use Google + to listen to music. And, if you happen to have a band or are starting one, then you can even start your own page to sell your music for a one time fee of $25. The artists will get 70 percent of the price for each song sold.

Well, that’s all you have to know about the new Google Music and its services. You can download the Google Music app from the Android Market and start uploading your favorite music, if you’re in the U.S that is. This is Google’s answer to the iTunes Music Store, the Amazon Music Store and the Zune Store, but only time will tell if they’ll actually succeed. Personally, I think it’s a little too late to enter the arena, since Apple’s iTunes has been leading this game and continue doing so after the standards it’s set. What do you think?

MyTunes: Audio Enhancer for iPhone and iPod Touch

The newly launched iPhone 4S has better audio quality and louder speakers than the iPhone 4, which was a much needed improvement. The iPhone 4 speaker isn’t loud compared to other phones in the market and that is not a good thing. It’s only obvious that you’ll now try to look for ways to make your iPhone 4 sound as loud as the iPhone 4S. Well, there’s an App for that.

MyTunes is a free iOS app that works best with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and 3rd/4th gen iPod Touch and helps make your music sound better. If you thought that this app could change the overall sound quality and volume of your device, you are mistaken. And, since this an app that’s still under development, don’t be alarmed when it suddenly crashes, lags or doesn’t open at all. I’ve experienced few bugs myself, but the overall experience certainly makes this app worth the download.

There’s something else that’ll make you want to download this app, it’s developed by SRS Labs. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of them, the guys who brought us the SRS WOW audio enhancer for Windows. They already have a hardware audio dongle for the iPhone and iPod Touch that enhances and increases the volume of your device. But, this is another achievement for the team as it’s one of the very first audio enhancer app for the iPhone that actually does improve sound quality and is pretty close to the hardware dongle. Check out some screenshots from the app below;

The built in Equalizer works quite well and delivers good quality music to your ears. You can select various presets or create your own custom ones.

The Player looks like this, I know it’s not the best looking, but it does the job. You can select the SRS button to get access to other settings like turning on the WOW effect, Equalizer, Normalize Audio etc. To get access to all the settings and features, you’ll have to make an in-app purchase of $4.99. But, you can test all the features for ten minutes before you make the purchase.

This app doesn’t let you play videos, only regular MP3 or AAC tracks will work properly. Also, this app isn’t intended for iPhone 3G or iPad, though an iPad specific app is under development. You can try this app for free and let us know how it worked for you.

Download MyTunes by SRS from the App Store.

+Music: Search & Stream Music Directly in Facebook or Chrome Browser

You will find loads of music streaming services that will let you upload or share music tracks in either video or audio on Facebook, but you might not have heard about any services or web apps that let you search or stream music directly from within the Facebook’s interface.

What is +Music?


It is basically a Google Chrome extension that ultimately allows users to search music videos that are there on YouTube or Rdio alongwith MP3s from various online sources. You can also play or search music directly in a pop-up that appears in your browser. +Music extension automatically adds a miniature media player just besides the search bar in Facebook and using it you can control the songs that are being played in your browser.

+Music for Google Chrome Features

+music screenshot

After installing the extension you will see a Music button besides your address bar. Clicking the icon will let you search music by song, artist or album, these search items can also be shared on your Facebook wall with a single click. By default +Music extension uses YouTube as its backhand search source, you can also search for MP3’s by clicking on the MP3 button. For using this extension with Facebook you have to alter some settings like disabling secure browsing.

If you are fond of keeping secure browsing ON for Facebook then you can always use this extension within your browser. Just click on the extension icon and punch in artist name and search for it. Artist’s biography or fan sites can also be opened via this extension by just clicking on the icon.

I use Google Chrome and I found +Music extension a very cool addition to my library of Google Chrome addons. Try it out and let us know in comments how you found it.

3 Amazing Websites to Discover & Learn About New Music

To not love music is I think very much an impossible thing in the present times, because no matter wherever you are you will feel the aroma of music around. In this article I will be dishing out some really cool websites and web-spots that will not only help you to find out and discover new and quality music rather it will help you to understand music in a much better way.

MTV Music Meter

MTV Music Meter

This particular music website ranks over a million artists and allows you to discover some really cool music and keeps you updated regarding what is hot on the music scene at present. The ranking system is pretty cool, it is based on not only the album sales percentage but also on how many times an album or an artist is mentioned in blog posts, news pieces and social networking platforms. Clicking on a pull-down menu MTV Music Meter will further expand the artist tab revealing more information about an artist and the album.



Lot of people use music during workouts, mainly because not only its fun but chances are that with music filling your ears your work our time increases automatically. Jog.fm is a perfect site for those who want to hear music while working out. You can get your fresh music mixes depending upon the exercise you doing that is either running or lifting weights. Enter the time for your workout and music will be available to you instantly. You can access the Jog.fm site and browse it for options.

Theta Music Trainer

Theta Music Trainer

Want to get better understanding of music, want to discover that what music suits you then Theta Music Trainer is the perfect spot for you. Through built-in games users can sharpen their sense of recognizing tones and pitches, plus they can also strengthen theory skills tagged with music. Theta Music Trainer indeed a fun site to browse for music and revamp your skills.

Well guys, do try out these music websites and give us your feedback.

10 SmartPhone Apps to make your Phone more Entertaining

The smartphone these days is our hub for all the entertainment and hence it is very important to load it up with the best possible entertainment apps. So whenever you get bored you have a lot of stuff right there in your pocket to keep you lively.

Here is a list of 10 Apps to make your smartphone more Entertaining. The links are available for you to download.
Note: There are no games added to this list. For Smartphone games Click Here.

1. TalkingTom Cat

One of the most hilarious apps possible. An animated cat which repeats anything you say in a funny voice. It’s capable of lightening up any situation.

Price: Paid | Available for Apple, Android

2. UberSocial

Update status and post media files to your Facebook and Twitter accounts with UberSocial.

Price: Free | Available for Apple, BlackBerry

3. Mixology

Love making new drinks? Hone your drink mixing skills with the ultimate drink recipe and bartending guide.

Price: Free | Available for Apple, Android

3. FatBooth

A hilarious camera app that shows what people will look like if they put on a few kilos.

Price: Paid | Available for Apple, Android

5. Tunewiki

Love having the lyrics in front of you while listening to your favorite songs? Tunewiki is a music player that also finds lyrics. Stream music and videos and also find what others are listening to.

Price: Free | Available for Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian

6. YouTube

The mega video sharing site is now also available for your smartphone. Stream videos from YouTube on your mobile and view them in a special mobile format.

Price: Free | Available for Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian

7. Skype

The famous instant messaging and VoIP app that lets you make free voice calls with 3G or Wi-Fi to other Skype users.

Price: Free | Available for Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian

8. WhatsApp

Use WhatsApp for text messaging, sharing files, sending voice messages and video all for free with 3G or Wi-Fi.

Price: Free | Available for Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian

9. Pulse

Like staying updated with the latest news all over the globe? Since you cannot carry the newspaper in your pocket Pulse gets you all the news articles from multiple sources in one app, organized in a mosaic for one touch viewing.

Price: Free | Available for Apple, Android

10. White Noise

A perfect app for the times when you just want to lie down and relax. White Noise provides ambient music to help you relax and sleep. Set shut off times, multiple alarms and much more.

Price: Paid | Available for Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian

These are just few of the many entertainment apps for your smartphone. There are many new apps out there, like Snapchat, Wechat, Meetup and many more. You can add more to our list by suggesting some of the smartphone apps you are using.

GrooveShark Music Downloader: GrooveDown

I’m a huge fan of Grooveshark as I can keep my songs playlist online and also it helps me to keep track of popular songs. If you are not aware of GrooveShark, you should read: GrooveShark: Find Favorite songs and stream online.

GrooveDown is a useful software for GrooveShark users to download music from GrooveShark account. This software is very easy to use, all you need to do is search for your favorite music and you can download it. You can also keep a track of popular music and download them with one click. Here is a screenshot of Grooveshark music downloader software:

GrooveShark-music-downloader Though one feature which I missed in this software is ability to login from your Grooveshark account and download all your playlist songs. Probably this is one of those feature which we will be looking forward to get in the future.

Download this software

Do let us know if you use any other software to download music from Grooveshark?

Listen to your MP3 Files on Drop Box with DropTunes

DropTunes-0 Dropbox is today’s one of the most talked about and used cloud storage service available over the internet. It’s ability to store and sync multiple file formats is just great. These include storing files in MP3 format.

However, one wonders if they can store MP3 files in Dropbox, why can’t they play those stored files. This ability would give users a chance to take their entire music collections online and then play and share it with others. Now this is possible with a free online web based service called DropTunes.

DropTunes can be used if you have a DropBox account and have some Mp3 files uploaded in it. All you need to do is tell DropTunes which folder contains MP3 files and once that is specified, DropTunes makes users to play those MP3 files.


DropTunes offers two ways to play MP3 files easily. The first of these two ways is using simple flash to play MP3 music. This method works for all Flash enabled web browsers and is good for desktop based web browsers. The second method is more suited to the mobile web browsers which don’t often have support for Adobe’s Flash (e.g. Apple Safari mobile browser for iOS) and requires HTML5 for music playback.


DropTunes also has a nifty little features which allows users to also view image files in their Dropbox shared folders.

DropTunes can be called as a service for DropBox which extends its functionality. It is a must use and recommended add-on for anyone who uses DropBox.

Checkout DropTunes

Easily Track Your Music Sessions with Like.fm

If you are a fan to listening good quality music, you sure take pride in the fact about which songs you are listening to and sharing it with others as well. Like.fm is an online web based service which learns the taste of the users’ music habits and can help them share these trends with others.

Getting started with Like.fm is very easy. To start off, you need to sign up for the service, which hardly takes a minute. You can also login using your Facebook credentials which will assist you later in posting on the songs you’re listening to directly as your status and share it with your friends.

After sign up, you will be taken through a simple three step process which will install a browser based client, a desktop client and finally publishing on the dashboard on what music you listen to. The web browser plugin captures the type of music you listen to when you visit websites like YouTube, Grooveshark.com etc. The desktop app captures the music listened to via iTunes, Windows Media Player and other media players.


You can visit the dashboard to add people to it so that you may be able to view what others are listening to and share with them on what you are listening to. Moreover, you can also use the Discover option to discover famous people and charts around the globe. The likes of people and lists included in the Discover option are Billboard Hot 100, a famous music chart, The Hype Machine, SoundLust etc. This feature makes getting up to date about the latest trends and famous songs very easy for List.fm users.


List.fm is a really good service which helps users easily share their musical habits with others as well as following what others are listening to. List.fm is completely free for use and can be accessed from the link given below.

Checkout Like.fm

Tastebuds: Find People With Same Musical Taste

Music fans look for similar tastes in music when finding a partner to have a relationship with. But meeting people and then finding their musical interests can be a long trial-and-error process: just imagine how many potential partners you would have to go through before you finally found somebody who liked the same bands as you.

But thanks to a web service called “Tastebuds” you can search starting backwards: choose a partner after you get a list of people with similar musical tastes.


Tastebuds is a free to use website that helps singles find other singles through similar taste in music. You start by telling the site your favorite bands and musical artists. Then you specify your gender and the gender of the partner you are looking for. Finally you select the country you want your partner in and click on the “Let’s Go” button.


Your potential partners are found and their images displayed as thumbnails. With each thumbnail you can see the partner’s location and age. Through a letter icon next to each image you can contact the partner but before this step, remember to create an account on the website.

More for Music Lovers:

Your search results can be filtered using the left pane that lets you specify the age range and location of your partner.


A useful website with an important purpose, Tastebuds comes as a blessing to all single music lovers.

Visit Tastebuds @ http://tastebuds.fm/