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GimmeMusic: The Best Way to Discover New Music

Are you a music lover? Love listening to music? Can’t live without music? I’m sure if you’re such a type of person, then you’d obviously want to listen to new music, instead of listening to the same old tracks over and over again. The process to find new music, new albums, tracks by your favorite bands or new and upcoming bands, is not easy.

You literally have to scavenge the internet in search of new music, then find out if you like them and if they’re of your favorite genre. We all know that people who can’t live without music, like me, are really lazy. So if I’m on a mission to look for new music, the process usually involves asking friends, googling, checking the top lists and etc. At the end, I’m left with about 10 songs. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was an app to do all the work for you? Well, there’s an app for that and it’s called GimmeMusic.

GimmeMusic is an iOS application, that is available for free on the App Store, which gives you a new list of songs every day or whenever you launch the app. It doesn’t discover music based on what you like, instead it just gives you a list that has some new songs. If you don’t like a song, you can just swipe to delete it and move on. If you liked a song, you can either listen to it on the app, check out more songs by the artist or buy it from iTunes. So, it’s not going to discover your type of music, but it does discover some nice tracks, I got some slick tunes from Rapture when I first fired it up.

Since this app is free, what it does is really great. You don’t have to pay for streaming songs or anything and you don’t have to manually search for music. The app keeps adding new songs to the list, so you can listen to them and decide yourself. A really useful app for any music lover on the face of the Earth, with an iOS device of course.

Download GimmeMusic now and tell us what you think about it.

Top 3 Apps To Learn About How to Play Guitars [iOS]

Apple App store is filled with loads of guitar apps that provide users not only guitar playing experience but also provide them with the requisite information about this instrument. So if you happen to be an enthusiastic guitarist owning an iDevice that is iPad or an iPhone then this post is a must read for you. I will be lining up 3 free of cost apps that will help out wannabe guitarists to improve their skill level without taking into consideration the music ability you have.



Simple yet a very useful app, Chords is by far the simplest guitar app you will find on iTunes app store. There is no flashy interface no complex diagrams, just chords that are represented in a black-on-white format. The app includes 28 different types of chords each representing a separate note. You just have to choose a note and a variation and you are all set to go.

Guitar Free with Songs

Guiatar Free with Songs

It is a full fledge virtual guitar app and I found this app to be an amazing virtual alternative to a real guitar. It is a very easy to play virtual guitar and anything you will learn on it can be straight-forwardly applied to your real life guitar. So if you are in a mood to strum away while traveling or you want to learn few songs on the go then Guitar Free with Songs is the perfect app for you. You can upgrade the app with 500 songs but even without this upgrade this app is a wonder.

Epic Chromatic Tuner

Epic Chromatic Tuner

Tuning your guitar or learning how to tune your guitar is an essential ingredient of guitar playing thing. Like other chromatic tuners available, Epic Chromatic Tuner scans for tones directly from your iDevice’s microphone and then checks back with essential notes and other fine tuning options. App has a built-in array of tuning styles and I must say that it does a pretty decent job of tuning up your instrument. The interface is clutter free and is overall app is quite fast. You can download Epic chromatic tuner for free from iTunes app store.

So guys I am sure that if you are looking to learn guitar on your iDevice then above reviewed apps are a must download.

FL Studio Mobile iOS App Now Available for All Home DJ’s

For all those prospering home DJ’s, you’ve got some good news! One of the most useful music tools for the home DJ generation, FL Studio makes it big on to the mobile platform. Image-line released FL Studio Mobile for iOS recently to help you out with your DJ dreams and to make you a walking beat box, music maker and more.

FL Studio Mobile

I’ve been using FL Studio, the Windows version, for quite some time now and all I can say is, I’m a better music producer  than when I started. FL Studio Mobile will probably turn me in to a professional-on-the-move music producer. Or not! It’s not so easy, you need time and patience to create those Grammy winning tracks, but FL Studio Mobile is certainly going to be of help.

We all know that when an application makes it way to a touch interface, it is bound to become simpler to use, and that goes with FL Studio Mobile as well. Making your own beats or complete tracks has now become as easy as imagining it in your head. You’ve got a beat on your mind? Well, just start up FL Studio Mobile and you’re all set to make it a reality. The interface is super easy to use, specially on the iPad, you can select instruments, edit effects, tunes, add tracks, split tracks and more.

FL Studio Mobile Screenshot

There are two versions available at the moment, a standard one for iPhone and iPod Touch and an HD version for the iPad. Not much difference here, but the HD version does seem to be easier as it makes tapping easier. You can also transfer tracks from the desktop version to your iOS device and continue where you left off. The best part, you can record your favorite beats the moment they hit your head, because you’re bound to have your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad close by. Watch FL Studio Mobile HD in action after the break:

I’m sure after watching the video many of you music enthusiasts out there must’ve downloaded FL Studio right away. At the moment, FL Studio Mobile and FL Studio Mobile HD are both available on the App Store for $18 and $20 respectively. Although prices are subjected to climb after the introductory offer is over, so make the best of it and download it now. An Android version is in the making too.

Download FL Studio Mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch

Download FL Studio Mobile HD for iPad

Are you going to be buying this amazing music application? If you plan on becoming the next Dr. Dre, then you should probably get it now and start creating those beats.

5 Best Free Android Apps for Music Lovers

Android Music Apps

Everybody loves listening music on their phone. Caring for Android Users, Android is having bunch of applications for fulfilling various and dynamic needs of users. If you love to listen music all the time on your phone, I would like you to have a look at some awesome music apps, which you will surely love.

More Android Apps:

My top 5 Android Apps for Music Lovers:

Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio Android App

Pandora is a personalized radio app; Pandora will create a station that plays their music and more music like it. It is one of the best apps for managing your own music stations.

Price: Free


Winamp Android App

You might have used winamp on your laptop/pc. It is one of the best music managing application and fully loaded with all the features for music lovers like making playlists, equalizers. It is available for you Android phone too. Grab it now!!

Price: Free


Rhapsody Music Android App

Rhapsody is an application available free of cost in the android market, it provides you the opportunity to download songs from a collection of 9 million songs.

Price: App is Free, But subscription in the song library is Premium

Lyrics App

Lyrics App for Android

Lyrics App is an amazing app which allows you to get the lyrics of songs instantly while the song is played. It displays an icon on the status bar for easy lyrics access.

Price: Free

Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker Android App

Ringtone Maker is very useful for creating new tones for alarms, and other apps. It allows you to crop the tones by time-line feature. You can set the start and ending notes by sliding arrows along the time-line. You can open existing audio file in a scrollable waveform representation.

Price: Free

I hope you love all these apps, if you are using some other music apps for your android phone. Do share them with us.