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Airtel Launches Movie on Demand Service: Partnered with BigFlix

Airtel broadband brought another landmark in Indian broadband service by launching movies on demand service. Airtel broadband partnered with Bigflix to bring over 500 movies under movies on demand service.

This is going to be a paid service by Airtel and by paying monthly subscription charge of  INR 229/month, you will get unlimited access to 500+ movies, 100 TV shows, 100 trailers and 100 music videos.


The best part about this service is streaming movies wont be counted under your bandwidth quota.  Though there is an exceptional for Punjab Airtel broadband users.


How to Subscribe to Airtel movies on demand service?

In order to subscribe to Airtel movies on demand service, you can directly register on official site, you can also call 1800 200 3101 OR SMS “movie” to 53636

This collection of 500 movies includes regional and bollywood movies. Though I expect them to add Hollywood movies too in this service. Airtel should also consider adding more packages into this service. An yearly package would be nice. For now, I believe this INR 229/month is little high, considering only 500 movies.   More over this is one of it’s type service in India and people will be benefited with this service.

Do let us know if you are planning to subscribe to this service or if you are using this service from Airtel movies, do let us know your feedback.

Create Free Animated Movies with Xtranormal

xtra-normal-1If you want to create movies out of text and wander off into a little bit of extra normal things, Xtranormal is the perfect web service for you to create free animated movies. Designed for people who like to imagine beyond the realms of normal thinking, Xtranormal provides two great services.

State and Text-to-Movie are two services provided by Xtranormal which enable you to type text and as a result generate great movies. Not only this, you can edit and share these CGI movies with your friends and fans over social networks as well. In order to create movies from text, first you need to select a ‘showpak’ which outlines the number of characters in your movie.


After choosing showpaks, you can get started with movie creation. You can create series in which you can add multiple movies to make an entire collection of Xtranormal text-to-movies. From there on you can create your own movies or have a look at the movies created by the Xtranormal studios to get a feel and know on how the movies should be themed and so on. Xtranormal movie creation also features a downloadable tool for your text-to-movie making adventure. Withh State, a client designed to optimize movie creation, you can integrate and generate movies much faster when typing in text and the process gets a whole lot easier with State.


Although the webservice of Xtranormal is also very good and fluent to use because of the presence of guides every now and then along with a great and simple User Interface (UI), the true power of Xtranormal’s text-to-video creation lies in State.


Download State today and give it a try. I’m sure you’ll love it.

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