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Popular Android and Java J2ME Mobile Apps

In my last article I discussed with you some of the Popular Symbian And Blackberry Mobile Apps. In this article I am going to tell you about some of the popular Android and J2ME Mobile apps.

Apps For Android

popular android apps

  1. Swype: It offers touchscreen keyboard to android users. What’s bit different about Swype is instead of pressing letters, you have to swipe your finger in a continuous motion over the letter you want to type. As per the app developers, this new method of typing allows you to type text 30 percent faster than the normal way. Interestingly, this apps was developed by Cliff Kushler the co-inventor of  T9 and Randy Marsden the developer of the onscreen keyboard included in Windows.
  2. Pulse: A very easy to use newsreader app. It offers you to select up to 60 sources to pull in news feed from different websites. Simply tap on the article to have clean and elegant view of news story. It offers many features like saving stories for later reading or sync them with Instapaper. You can also share stories on Facebook, Twitter or via Email in few easy taps.
  3. Vplayer: Like on PC everyone knows VLC player for playing most of all video formats same way on android its Vplayer. It plays almost all video formats that android don’t support by default. It supports DivX/Xvid, Flv, Rmvb, Avi, Mkv, Wmv, Mp4 and many more formats. It is a free app and requires minimum space of 5Mb and Android 2.0 or higher.
  4. Google Voice: With this app you are provided with a Google number, which you can use to make cheap international calls, receive incoming calls & voice mails and send text messages showing your Google number, helps in keeping your real number a secret. It also allows users to read transcripts. It is a free app which requires minimum free space of 1.5Mb and android 1.6 or higher.
  5. imo.im: You can chat with all your friends from this one single app. Like all other apps you don’t need to create any imo account. You can simply login to your IM accounts. It supports chat for Facebook, Skype, Google Talk, MSN, ICQ/AIM, Yahoo, Jabber and Myspace. It also allows you to send voice IMs, send multimedia attachments and save chat history to imo.im.

Apps For J2ME

popular java apps

  1. Snaptu: This tiny app let you access Facebook, Picasa, Live score, Pub reviews, Movie  reviews, RSS reader, Journey planner and lot more services. You can add more functionality by adding applets.
  2. eBuddy: This app let you have chat with all your buddies from Facebook, MSN, Yahoo!, Orkut, Google Talk, AIM, ICQ and myspace. The best of feature of this app is it supports multiple protocols.
  3. Wattpad: Wattapad is the most popular ebook community. This app let you read ebooks, connect with other readers and contributors. You can access more than 17.000 ebooks from Project Guternberg. You can also request stories that are not available from community to upload it.
  4. Litefeeds: It is a fully featured RSS feed reader. It allows you to scan feeds, view full images and clip items. You can also email interesting stuff to your friends with this app. To reduce the data usage the feeds are compressed and offers most of the options only when you need it.

With this apps you can make most out of your Android and J2me phone.

10 SmartPhone Apps to make your Phone more Entertaining

The smartphone these days is our hub for all the entertainment and hence it is very important to load it up with the best possible entertainment apps. So whenever you get bored you have a lot of stuff right there in your pocket to keep you lively.

Here is a list of 10 Apps to make your smartphone more Entertaining. The links are available for you to download.
Note: There are no games added to this list. For Smartphone games Click Here.

1. TalkingTom Cat

One of the most hilarious apps possible. An animated cat which repeats anything you say in a funny voice. It’s capable of lightening up any situation.

Price: Paid | Available for Apple, Android

2. UberSocial

Update status and post media files to your Facebook and Twitter accounts with UberSocial.

Price: Free | Available for Apple, BlackBerry

3. Mixology

Love making new drinks? Hone your drink mixing skills with the ultimate drink recipe and bartending guide.

Price: Free | Available for Apple, Android

3. FatBooth

A hilarious camera app that shows what people will look like if they put on a few kilos.

Price: Paid | Available for Apple, Android

5. Tunewiki

Love having the lyrics in front of you while listening to your favorite songs? Tunewiki is a music player that also finds lyrics. Stream music and videos and also find what others are listening to.

Price: Free | Available for Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian

6. YouTube

The mega video sharing site is now also available for your smartphone. Stream videos from YouTube on your mobile and view them in a special mobile format.

Price: Free | Available for Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian

7. Skype

The famous instant messaging and VoIP app that lets you make free voice calls with 3G or Wi-Fi to other Skype users.

Price: Free | Available for Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian

8. WhatsApp

Use WhatsApp for text messaging, sharing files, sending voice messages and video all for free with 3G or Wi-Fi.

Price: Free | Available for Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian

9. Pulse

Like staying updated with the latest news all over the globe? Since you cannot carry the newspaper in your pocket Pulse gets you all the news articles from multiple sources in one app, organized in a mosaic for one touch viewing.

Price: Free | Available for Apple, Android

10. White Noise

A perfect app for the times when you just want to lie down and relax. White Noise provides ambient music to help you relax and sleep. Set shut off times, multiple alarms and much more.

Price: Paid | Available for Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian

These are just few of the many entertainment apps for your smartphone. There are many new apps out there, like Snapchat, Wechat, Meetup and many more. You can add more to our list by suggesting some of the smartphone apps you are using.

FeedsAnywhere : Optimize Any Blog Feeds for Mobile

FeedsAnywhere-1 Web 2.0 is in its full swing right now and the world is going through a period of social networking, RSS feeds, content sharing, mobile internet and connectivity and always connected phenomenon. One of the important components of Web 2.0 sphere is the RSS feeds. RSS feeds allow users to get automatic updates on when their favorite content across the internet is updated.

Initially available for PC users, RSS feeds are rapidly making their way into the mobile internet arena. FeedsAnywhere is a similar application for smartphones which enables users to follow their RSS feeds directly from their smartphone or other mobile devices.


What makes FeedsAnywhere better than other regular RSS readers is that FeedsAnywhere is custom designed to be efficiently used for small screeens like those of mobile devices. FeedsAnywhere is a HTML based service which makes it really easy to use. One feature offered by FeedsAnywhere which isn’t available normally otherwise is that it tracks your activity and displays your most followed feeds on top. If, however, you are worried about privacy too much, this feature can be turned off as well.

FeedsAnywhere also feature an integrated Search option which allows users to go through and Search enables users to search their material of interest. Currently FeedsAnywhere is in a public Beta and an invitation code is needed to join the service. However, FeedsAnywhere will be free to use when it is publically released.

FeedsAnywhere can be reached via this web link.

Anyways if you are an iPhone user, I would suggest downlaod and try reeder application for iPhone. So far I have found it as one of the best RSS feed reader for iPhone.

CloudTalk Unveils New Partner Program

CloudTalk launched their new Partner Program with their new app called ‘atzip’ at the SXSW 2011 in Austin, Texas. The CloudTalk Partner Program enables mobile and Web application developers to integrate a whole new dimension of voice, text and rich media to any application where human communication is important. According their new program, partners can access a full range of social networking and communications services for delivering natural and compelling user experiences and dramatically reducing time and cost to market.

CloudTalk, a social communications platform that enables natural communication through voice messaging, texting and photo and video sharing in today’s mobile and social world.

The atzip app is a  free social meet-up application that connects people who share similar interests and hobbies. The atzip mobile application is built on CloudTalk’s new social communications platform, and lets you talk and text with other people in a refreshingly new way. With atzip, you can choose to talk or text by sending “zip-ins,” short messages that describe what you’re in the mood for whether it’s coffee, a movie, or dinner, etc.

CloudTalk Platform also offers users to customize their experience to fit the unique requirements of third-party developers working with Internet-connected applications, whether they are group messaging, dating, education, celebrity broadcasting, etc.

Source: IntoMobile

Track and Recover Your Lost Android Phone with iTag

Mobile phones are necessity for us and we use for lots of different tasks apart from just making and receiving calls. And If you are having an Android mobile phone then I am sure you would be using lots of  applications and  saving photos, important notes and many more.

If anyone lost their phone, apart from SIM and handset there are lots more important things which are lost. Thus in such situations it is important that we have a good lost mobile tracking service which can track our lost phone as well as we can recover our phone data too.


iTag is such a service which not only locate your Android phone but also recover data of your phone and gives you control to access your data. Here are few features of iTag:

  • Locate your Android mobile phone
  • Provide you the replaced SIM number, that is if someone change the SIM card.Allows you to make call to your lost mobile remotely.
  • Take backup of your data
  • Delete the data
  • Lock the keys
  • Force your phone to ring even if its in silent mode.

Check out the video to know more about iTag:

You get all these features and security for free. You just need to register to iTag website by entering your mobile number and you will get a download link to your mobile. After install the iTag app you need to verify your account and iTag will start its security service by tracking your mobile phone.

Worth Knowing:

I have used other tracking apps but this is something very useful because I am more concerned about my data rather than handset. Right now iTag is available for Android mobile phones only hope it starts the service for other OS also. Meanwhile, do share with us which security app you are using for your mobile phone.

WidgetLocker: Add New Sliders and Widgets on Android Lock Screen

Normally you just get one unlock slider for the Android’s lock screen, one for the sound and another for unlocking the screen. Wouldn’t it be useful if you could directly access other useful widgets without unlocking the screen, such as the phone dialer or Messages or Gmail. This new app from a developer Teslacoil would help you with this and let you customize your Android Lock Screen.

It’s called the WidgetLocker and it will allow you do customize the Android Lock screen by addition of new sliders, App shortcuts and widgets on the Lock screen. You can also hide your notification bar using this app and to add more items on the lock screen you’ll just have to long press like on the home screen. The app is really beautiful and has many other options too, but comes with a price. It’s not free as it’ll cost you about $1.99 and only supports Android OS version 2.1 or Android 2.2.

More Android Apps:

You can download the app from the Android Market on your Android Phone by searching for WidgetLocker or from Official Website. You could also use this Barcode below to download it directly via your phone using a Barcode Reader App.

What do you think of this amazing and useful app? I found it very useful. Do try it out.

Two Best Internet Browsers for Java Mobiles

Java based mobiles lack advanced Internet browsers but still there are two very good mobile browsers work well for Java mobiles. These two Internet browsers support most of website functions such as login,YouTube and other online flash video streaming,form filling etc nevertheless these are unable to support JavaScript functions.



Bolt is a powerful Internet browser for Java mobiles. Browsing experience with it is much like with PC browsers. Bolt support flash streaming such as YouTube and other video websites.

Main Features of Bolt

  • Fastest Java mobile browser
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Supports YouTube video streaming
  • Webpage save option
  • Support downloads

Download Latest Version of Bolt

Opera Mini


Opera Mini is the prevalent Java mobiles browser and in most of the mobiles it is pre-installed. It play YouTube and other online FLV videos but play of videos depends on screen resolution of mobile. Opera Mini is a very quick surfing and more friendly for touch screen phone then Bolt.

Main Features of Opera Mini

  • Light weight and fast surfing browser
  • Support tabbed browsing
  • Webpage save support
  • YouTube compatible
  • Support resume action in downloads
  • Opera releases updates frequently

Download Latest Version of Opera Mini

2 Awesome Call Recorder Apps for Symbian Phones

Sometime we need to record calls on our mobile phones. Most of mobile phones even java mobiles have an option of recording calls but we have to do it manually. Symbian OS has some very fine working call recorders those can record call automatically without taking manual actions besides there are many other options such as call record prompt and recoding without beep. Below are the top 2 call recording apps for Symbian.

Best Call Recorder


This is an amazing application to record calls for Symbian with a lot of options. It supports most of Symbian phones such as Nokia N series mobiles.With this you can also record call from selected numbers.


  • Record calls for limited or unlimited time
  • Set any location for call storage
  • Record call without beep
  • Lowest use of available memory

Examples of Supported Phones

Nokia 3250,Nokia 5700 XpressMusic,Nokia 6110 Navigator,Nokia 6730 classic,N95,81,82.85.86 etc.

Price: $9.95 , Free to Try


Total Recall


Formerly it was known as Spy Call but now Killer-Mobile replaces Spy Call with improved Total Recall. Total Recall is really an impressive call recorder and largest selling recorder for Symbian Os. It records calls with high sound quality in AMR and WAV format.


  • No beep recording
  • You can set automatic call recording
  • Record lengthy call up to limit of your phone memory.
  • Password protection
  • Lifetime update from its website

Examples of Some Supported Mobiles

Nokia 3250,E50, E51, E60, E61, E61i, E62,5320 XM, 5800 Xpress Music, T-Mobile Nuron etc.

Price: $16 , Free to Try


5 Useful Apps for Java Mobile Phones

We have shared with you lots of apps for Android phones, iPhone, BlackBerry and iPad because there are majority of geeks who prefer to use these smartphones but there are people who use Java mobile phones and thus I thought of sharing useful Java application which are worth installing.

Opera browser:

If you are looking for web browser app for your java mobile then Opera browser is one which can give you full web browsing experience. The installation is quick and easy, the navigation is good and it can be easily synced with desktop Opera. Opera is considered as the most recommended web browser for mobile phones.


[ Download Link ]

Google Maps:

Google maps is another important app for your mobile which is free to download. You can use it the same way as you use Google maps on your system. It gives you directions, distance, roads, pinpoint locations etc. So if you love to travel around places then Google maps is must for your mobile.

Google maps

[ Download Link ]


One of my favorite apps for mobile. You can enjoy Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, news, feeds and lots more. The layout is good, features are awesome and you can also play movies and YouTube with Snaptu so total fun too apart from work. The navigation is easy and user-friendly.


[ Download Link ]


If you love music and videos then Majimobile will play songs from your playlist in your mobile phone. It can create, edit and manage the playlist and you can play the playlist whenever you want. It also helps you to download lyrics and album covers. It is available for free as well as premium you can select according to your requirement.


[ Download Link ]

Cryptic Wallet:

Cryptic Wallet is a password manager app for your mobile phones. You can use it for 30 days trial and then if you like it you can renew the app. The best part about this app is that when you save all your important passwords like bank access code, credit card number, pin number etc, the data gets encrypted and even if your phone get stolen no one can decrypt that data.


[ Download Link ]

If you are using Java mobile phone and use any useful app then do share with us.