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Speed for Maps adds a Speedometer to iPhone Map App

Jailbreaking always add functionality to iPhone in a very useful kind of a way, I am always in search of some cool Jailbreak tweaks and addons that will further enhance the usability of my iPhone. So today I will be sharing a very interesting find with you that will add a very useful function to your Jailbroken iPhone.

Google Maps application on all the iDevice is quite lacking when we talk about features, and I think for any mapping or navigation app one thing should be there and that is a Speedometer. But this lacking of speedometer shouldn’t be an issue anymore because today I will be telling you about an app that will let you know that how fast you are going within your iPhone’s map applications or even out of them.

Speed for Maps

So here is a cool Cydia Tweak that will allow you to simply add a speedometer to your iPhone in few simple steps. The app I will be recommending is available on Cydia store and you just have to find it and install the package to enjoy this feature.

‘Speed For Maps’ Cydia App

The name of this basic Cydia tweak is Speed for Maps, it simply overlays a miniature speedometer within the stock maps application on your iPhone. The speedometer adjusts itself on the bottom right side of screen, meaning that it does not hamper the view of your Maps app.

Speed for maps settings

You just need to install the app from Cydia store on your iPhone, respring it and launch the Maps app. There is no need of running a setup of some sort because Speed for Maps is available for instant use.

I tried the tweak on my iPhone while driving in a car and found the speedometer readings to be pretty accurate. It is a very cool app especially in a scenario where you want to know that how fast you are traveling but don’t have an access directly to a speedo. Do try it out on your iPhone’s and let us know that whether you found it useful or not.