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How to Edit Hosts File in Mac OS X using the Terminal

Your mac has a hosts file which contains a list of IP and domain addresses. Whenever a URL is accessed on the Mac using the browser or other apps, the system first checks for entries in the hosts file and fetches the IP address if found. So one can edit Mac’s hosts file to block specific domains like those sending ads or malware. It can be used to block unsafe sites on a Mac or even help downgrade iPhones to older firmware.

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CloudApp: An Easy, Simple and Reliable File Sharing Web Client for Mac

Three words best describe this very very useful web client for sharing files, “Share. Files. Fast.” CloudApp is a web based client for Mac OS X that can be used to share files such as images, music, videos etc just by dragging the required file and dropping it on the Menubar. Once you select the file to upload and drag it to the menubar CloudApp will provide you with a short URL that will automatically be copied to the clipboard for later use.

And because this is a web client, you’ll have to register at GetCloudapp to make use of this free and fast file sharing service. You can also drag and drop files from Finder, access it from your iPhone through the web client and also make new shortcuts to upload files directly from various Mac Applications like iTunes, iPhoto and more. There are plug-ins available for such applications known as Raindrops, which enable the direct upload feature on applications. Soon there will also be an iPhone App to upload and share files, but until then you can use Cloudette to manage and view your shared files on your iPhone/iPod Touch and Cloud2Go(third-party app) to also upload images and other files.

CloudApp requires Mac OS X 10.5 and above and to download the Raindrop plug-ins you can visit this page.

Tell us what do you think of this file-sharing service. And to clear doubts, this is for users who like to share pictures, music, videos, screenshots etc of small sizes because the upload limit of a single file is 250mb and you can share up to 25 items in a day.

Tip: Test FaceTime Calls on iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G Using Your Mac

We have received a lot of requests from our readers to help them test FaceTime video calling. Now obviously, despite our eagerness to help all our readers we can’t afford to personally help everyone. So here’s a tip to take advantage of FaceTime for Mac(beta) and make test calls to yourself.

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CleanApp: Clean Your Mac from Unwanted Apps

Installing any application on Mac is very easy. You just need to drag and drop the app in Application folder. If you are not aware how to install any application on Mac then here is a quick guide:

  • Download the app. ( Here I am downloading CleanApp )


  • Once you will download the app, you will get a dialog box having App icon.
  • Now drag that app icon in your Application folder.


  • Done guys, your application is installed. You can see the app icon in your application folder.


Just as installing, deleting application is equally easy as you just need to drag the app icon to Trash. But while deleting many applications, few of the related files are not deleted from your Mac.
In such case, there is an application called as CleanApp which removes all unwanted app files from Mac. CleanApp is a user-friendly app with good interface to get rid of all unwanted files which are saved in different locations by just drape and drop. It is one of the best Mac uninstaller I came across.
Download Link to CleanApp

  • Download and install CleanApp ( follow above installation steps )
  • Once installed you will see a dialog box like below.¬†Click on left icon to logging to CleanApp.


  • Once logging is done, CleanApp will keep track of all the app installed and where are files saved of the app. Thus while removing it will be aware from where to delete all related files.
  • When you want to uninstall any app, just drag n drop it to CleanApp and it will find all related and duplicate file to be removed and it will trash same.


  • It will provide you all related files to that dragged app and duplicate files too, if there are any. You can even scan again to search duplicate or relevant files.


More Mac Applications:

As a blogger, I find this app very useful because I keep on trying new applications to share with my readers and CleanApp becomes very handy when I need to uninstall unwanted apps on Mac. It is available for free trial, so that you can pay later if you like the application. CleanApp costs $15 and it’s worth giving a try.
If you are using any other Mac uninstalling app then do share with us.

5 Useful Blogging Apps from Mac App Store

Mac App Store is out now and it is much more like iTunes App store. The First look of Mac App Store is attractive and clutter-free. You can search apps from different categories like Productivity, Social Networking, Lifestyle, Finance and many more but it takes time to search useful apps from lots of apps available in Mac Store.

Thus I selected 5 such apps which is useful for all bloggers, these are free as well as paid. To download these apps you need to create an Apple account. It is a simple and quick process like providing email ID, Payment details etc. and Once you created account, you need to login to download app.



Here are 5 useful apps which you can download:


Mindmapping is the best tool for bloggers to avoid writer’s block. MindNode helps you to create a neat mind map with colorful nodes, option to resize nodes, you can create multiple mind maps on single canvas. It is very easy to export your mind map with others in different file formats. This app is free of cost.



Evernote is the best app to note down your ideas, useful notes, creating to-do lists, creating PDF files, easy to sync file and do provide different formats of files like Word, PPT, Excel etc. You can also share your notes easily with your friends. This app is free of cost.



Image improves the presentation of articles and pixelmator provides all useful features which will help you to enhance your images for blogging purpose. It is packed with lots of features like different gradients, different styles, improving colors, adding effects and lots more. But you need to pay $29.99 to grab this app.



Translator helps you to translate any page in different languages. It is very useful for bloggers who want to read blogs having different language which they don’t know. It is very easy to use and you can translate any page with the help of small icon on Menu bar. This app is free of cost.



Shrook is a free app which is a feed reader, Shrook is a good feed reader and the app is also useful. It makes your feed reading easy and clutter-free. It allows you to sync your feeds and because of multiple columns it becomes easy to access feeds.


These are few useful apps for bloggers, if you are using any useful apps from Mac App Store then do share with us.