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You Could iMessage Your iChat Contacts in the near Future

Apple unveiled it’s very own instant messaging service called iMessages during the iOS 5 keynote. It’s more or less like BlackBerry Messenger, as you can only text, share photos etc with your iPhone buddies only. That is the only limitation with iMessage, apart from the fact that it will only work on iOS 5. What use could it be if you couldn’t text someone who’s not got an iPhone or an iPod Touch or the iPad.

There’s some good news for Apple users now or in the near future at least. According to a report by Mac Rumors based on findings of peculiar code in Mac OS X Lions version of iChat, which could mean that iMessages will also be available on them. Being able to text or share images, videos with your Mac friends and vice versa is pretty cool and useful. Also the fact that you don’t have to pay anything to share them is delighting. You cannot text your PC friends using WhatsApp or BBM or other free SMS services. You can use Google Talk of course, but that’s a completely different thing.

Mac OS X’s iChat messenger client is used by everyone who owns a Mac, it’s simple and works with almost every chat service. How awesome would it be if you could iMessage your iChat friends. A certain developer, while snooping around the latest version of iChat being shipped with Mac OS X Lion, found some interesting lines of code.

“@interface IMMessage : NSObject
IMHandle *_sender;
IMHandle *_subject;
NSAttributedString *_text;
NSString *_plainBody;
NSDate *_time;
NSDate *_timeDelivered;
NSDate *_timeRead;”

iChat has nothing to do with Timedelivered and timeRead, that is something related to iMessages. So could this mean that iChat will soon be getting some iMessage love too? Well, only timeComingSoon will tell.

OSX Lion Ultimatum Transforms your iPhone to a Mac PC

I have never come across a theme like this one and I could bet you haven’t either. There are many themes available for the iPhone, but the best always seem to come from Dreamboard. Most of them aren’t free, but damn they’re amazing. Here’s a newly released Dreamboard theme for iOS devices, called OSX Lion Ultimatum, that will blow your mind and make you feel like you’re using your Mac PC or Macbook. The whole interface is exactly similar to that of Mac OSX Lion and is pretty smooth too.

I’ve used Dreamboard themes before, but I’ve never seen anything as awesome as this. Unfortunately, I did not get to use this as it’s still in developer phase. However, you can get the beta version if you’re dying to try by paying/donating $1 for the development. Okay, so what’s so special about this theme for the iPhone. Well, first of all it transforms you’re iOS device in to a device that runs Mac OS X Lion, it actually doesn’t, but it looks strikingly similar and works exactly like a Mac. If you don’t believe what I’m saying, you can check out some screenshots after the break.

As you can see in the above picture!! Absolutely amazing. The best part about the theme is that everything works just like on Mac, the Finder, Menus, Windows, Launchpad, the Dock, Status Bar, Mission Control, Dashboard and even the Lockscreen. It’s all been done so beautifully and with perfection. Although there are certain bugs, it’s still and amazing job. The whole thing was designed with Photoshop, each image used in the theme and included many other Cydia themes and tweaks too.

This is not Mac OSX Lion running on an iPhone, but it’s the closest. The whole thing is a them and OSX Lion Ultimatum can be downloaded(beta) by donating $4.50 that also includes future updates and the final version. To get hold of this theme and try it out on your iOS device, head over to the ModMyi Forums and read. Also check out this video preview of the theme:

What do you think of this theme? 

iTunes 10.4 for Mac and Windows: Download Now

Looks like Apple is on an update spree, first Mac OS X Lion, then the new MacBook Air, Mini, Thunderbolt Display and now iTunes 10.4. Apple has began updating it’s music software, iTunes, on both Mac and Windows. This update is mandatory if you’ve just upgraded your Mac to OS X Lion and brings some new features and support for Lion.

The new update brings a full screen mode that is present in OS X Lion, some new design improvements and turns it into a 64-bit app. However, you will not get any of the features if you’re using it on Windows, except for some minor UI changes and bug fixes. The fullscreen mode in Lion isn’t like the normal full screen mode that you use on Windows. It uses a complete space to open the app, keeping your full concentration on the app and nothing else. iTunes 10.4 also has some features from the iOS app.

You can now use iTunes with OS X Lion’s new Full-Screen App capability, which allows you to use iTunes and other apps without distractions. iTunes is now a 64-bit Cocoa application on OS X Lion and includes a number of important stability and performance improvements. Some iTunes plug-ins may no longer be compatible with this version of iTunes. Please contact the plug-in developer for an updated plug-in compatible with iTunes 10.4

If you haven’t received the notification for a Software Update yet, then do not worry, it will be reaching you soon. But, supposing you’re not of the waiting species and want to find out what’s new then you can download it from the link below.

Download iTunes 10.4 for Mac/Windows.

Apple Says Future of Optical Drives No More

It may look a bit to say ‘anachronistic’  for this moment as there are news that apple seems the future of Optical Drives dingy. Apple plans to launch its Mac OS X Lion in summer of this year. In this new version of Apple Mac OS Apple says to be introducing a new striking feature (though i do not think this a new thing) called Recovery Partition as part of the OS installation. This recovery partition has been named as Recovery HD. This Recovery Hard Disc will remarkably disparage the use of optical drives and displace them. At least Apple hopes so.

Apple optical drive termination step

With Recovery Hard disk option,Now every time when you would want to restore your system, you will not mandatorily need a disc or USB drive. After starting your Mac system  You will just follow some instructions and will be provided with options of  boot partitions. Then you would select  the Recovery HD as a drive to boot your system. It will bring you to the Mac OS X Lion recovery partition.your system will start to boot. Apple users (or Apple Chauvinist as we may coin the term) are considering it a big leap forward in the direction of strangulation of Optical Drives. By getting rid of Optical Drives Apple will incorporate multiple lithium polymer battery cells in the freed space.That will result in a longer battery life.

Though Apple has already has its Optical Drive free launches like as MacBook Air but as optical drives are still much needed, Apple has not completely terminated optical disc drive into recently  introduced MacBook Pros  and we are not heading for Apple Store for everything  all and sundry. But in the morrow days when new movies , songs,software or everything else still  present  in market in optical drives will be available on Apple Store and system will be able to be restored by Recovery Hard Disc wish of Apple panjandrums may come true.

Yahoo Messenger Chat Client added for iChat on Mac OS X Lion

iChat is the IM tool from Apple that supports voice and video chat on your Mac Device through Google Talk, AOL and Apple’s iChat server. Recently Apple pushed out the developer preview for the upcoming Mac OS X Lion operating system on February 24 and since then all those Apple developers out there have been curiously finding out new updates and developments with the Lion. Of course you’ll have to be a developer to lay your hands on the preview for Mac OS X Lion and to see what’s new.

A certain developer iMarck90 discovered a new feature with the standard IM Client iChat on the new OS X Lion that enables a user to add Yahoo Messenger to the Client and use features such as Voice and Video chat. This was not possible with the older Mac OS X Leopard because Yahoo uses a different protocol and cannot connect with AOL or other chat clients. In OS X Lion though you can add your Yahoo account, but only chat with other Yahoo friends. It still doesn’t support Windows Live Messenger/Hotmail though.

To find out whats new in Mac OS X Lion(10.7) visit Apple. You can download the preview from the Apple Developer website using your member id.