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5 Must Have Free Applications For Mac Users

Free Apps for Mac OSThis post is specifically aimed at first time Mac users and at others who have been looking for some free and open source softwares to make their daily tasks easier. Not only do the softwares listed here come free of cost, they also do their work as well as their paid counterparts.

Here I’m listing down free apps for Mac, which will help you to get more done in less time.

Few must have apps for Mac:

Adium – for IM/Chat



A free instant messaging App, Adium will let you connect to AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, Gtalk among various others. This is the best IM client I have ever used on any platform. Adium sets a great example of how good open source products can get.

Cyberduck – for FTP/SFTP


Cyberduck is the perfect tool for all your FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Cloud Files, Google Docs, Amazon S3 file browsing needs. In fact I even use it for SSHing into the iPhone when I need access to its file system. It supports Bonjour service and makes tasks easier. And the magical OS X integration doesn’t stop just there. It extends to Spotlight and Keychain as well.

Handbrake – for Video Conversion

Handbrake Free video converter

Handbrake is the must have tool for all video converting needs. This is one tool which provides for both first time users as well as custom settings for advanced users. It makes use of your Mac’s resources pretty well and provides for very fast and good quality videos. I use it very frequently for converting Videos for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Transmission – Torrent Downloader

Transmission Torrent client

Who can live without a torrent downloader. Before I came across this, I had very bad experiences with the other applications. uTorrent on Mac, as most of you know, isn’t up to the mark yet. So, here’s the very simple yet powerful torrent downloader, Transmission for you. It has a scheduler which actually works to keep a control over bandwidth consumed during peak hours. Lastly, its very lightweight and comes free.

Colloquy – Best IRC client


Here’s a very advanced IRC, SILC & ILB client for Mac OS X. It is very intuitive and provides for all the necessary features one would ask from an IRC client. The interface is clean and along with the iPhone app you can stay connected on the go by setting bouncers for yourself. Download Colloquy here.

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For the five needs specified above, these are not only the free solutions but also one of the best available. If you like them do leave us word and subscribe to our feeds. Also, if you wanted to know about other applications for a specific purpose you can ask us via comments.

Can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified Developer: Solved

I recently purchased Mac book air and got a free upgrade to OS X mountain lion which added some new security feature, which will prevent installing of 3rd party apps. I was trying to install VLC and MAMP app and everytime I got this error on my Mac: “App Can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.” If you are running OS X mountain Lion 10.8+, you might be getting the same error. Here is a screenshot of this error:

unidentified developer app installation Error

Follow the below mentioned guide to solve this issue.

Fixing Mac Unidentified Developer App Installation issue:

If you are installing app via official App store, you will not be facing any such issue and even if you are download app from few sites, you will not be facing any issue. But for most of other mac apps, this warning message is basically a security measure and you can quickly fix it by making some changes in security settings of your mac.

Go to System preferance and click on Security and privacy. Under general tab, below you will see a golden lock icon, click on it to make changes. Once you disable lock, you will be able to make changes in all greyed option.

Simply select the option under ” Allow applications downloaded from” and select the option which says “Anywhere”, it will give you another prompt and select the option “allow from anywhere”. Enable the lock again and now you will be able to install any 3rd party applications on your Mac. Below is a screenshot to understand the process:

allow 3rd party Installtion Mac Mountain

Though it’s a good feature but Apple should work on increasing the number of apps on Mac app store. As right now there are very few apps and I’m sure many of you might not live without 3rd party mac apps.

I hope this quick fix will help you installing any kind of apps on your Mac and if you still have trouble installing 3rd party apps, do let me know and I will find an answer.

Banana TV: Play iOS images, Videos directly on Mac using Airplay

Erica Saduns brings us Banana TV app, one of the coolest apps we’ve come across and one that packs a great deal of functionality for your iOS devices. Thanks to Erica you can now play videos and images from your favorite iOS devices; iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, running iOS 4.2 or higher to your networked Mac. It uses Airplay – the newest feature in iOS 4.2 to beam your videos and images to your Mac. Watch the demo video now.

What is Banana TV? Banana TV lets you use AirPlay for your Mac as well -play video or images from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 4.2 or higher directly onto any networked Mac. It runs directly on your Mac, and is a great tool for showing off pictures or video on your Mac’s monitor, at a friend’s house, or the office. Even use your iOS device photo library as a presentation tool. Watch the video above to see Banana TV in action!

We think it’s a very cool way of showing off your images and videos on your Mac via your iOS device. It improves functionality of your iOS device by allowing you to show your media on a larger screen wherever and whenever you choose. Think of the situations where you might have felt the need for a larger screen than what you have on your iDevice. Now like Erica says,”your Mac is a big Apple TV”.

You can buy it at BananaTV for $7.99

Feel free to tell us what you think about this unique App.

via [BananaTV]

Review: Writer for Mac OS X Helps Do Nothing But Write

Your Mac already has a text editor(TextEdit) included, right? Then why use another? Writer, is specifically aimed at writers, bloggers, novelists(well, you get an idea) who want a no fuss simple interface to write. You can leave behind all distractions as you work in the full screen mode. Also included is a nifty word count tool & pinning mode.

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Review: Desktop Curtain for Mac

Whether you are a blogger or a developer or a teacher, if you do take a lot of screenshots on your Mac you will really like this small tool called Desktop Curtain which will provide a clean clutter free background for your screenshots. Why take the trouble of moving all your desktop icons away when you have Desktop Curtain. App review after the break.

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Fun With Your Macbook’s Motion Sensor

All the Macbooks manufactured by Apple have a Sudden Motion Sensor in built for preventing damage to the hard drive due to sudden movement. The same hardware can be put to some simple yet fun applications. While you won’t go around shaking and slapping your laptop everyday, these apps surely are very engaging, even if just for a few minutes.

Note: Most of these apps work with all Macbooks. I tested all of them on a Macbook Pro, mid 2009 model. In case the app doesn’t work for you, check the developer page for notes. Usually they have a different version for different hardware. Otherwise, just have fun with the ones that do work. You need a laptop running Snow Leopard and enabled with an SMS(Sudden Motion Sensor) for these applications.

Liquid Mac


This application adds some physics to the particles apart from the motion sensing. Once launched, tilt your laptop to either sides to see the effect. Play with the different parameters and have fun. Gravity level adds most fun to the app. Download LiquidMac from here.



This software renders the orientation of your Macbook and displays it on screen. So basically if you tilt your laptop to the left or rotate it in a circle in the vertical plane you will be able to see the same on screen. However, the movement of the display was not smooth and isn’t as great an experience as the other apps featured on this page. Download here.

Carpenter’s Level


This app is very similar to the Shelf Leveler app and just adds a graphical approach to the same idea. This application is in the form of a dashboard widget. Note that the position of the bubble will indicate whether the surface your laptop is kept on, is perfectly horizontal or not. Link here.



This app is the dorkiest of the lot. Does nothing but make sounds and lights up your keyboard everytime you shake your laptop around yourself. Before you head out to play Jedi with the new light saber make sure you hold the Macbook securely so that you don’t drop it. Link here.



So you already must have guessed from the name that this will be your personal edition of the seismograph to keep at home. This app is done pretty well and shows vibrations along all the three axes. Stomp hard at the floor or tap the table to see the graph change in realtime. You can increase or decrease the speed of the graph refresh rate. Link here.

I personally liked LiquidMac and SeisMac best. Tell us how you like them in the comments. We’ll be back later with more fun apps which make use of the motion sensors. By the way, make sure you don’t hurt your precious Macbooks while you play with these apps.

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Read/Write NTFS Drives on Your Mac with Paragon Software

If you have an external drive in NTFS format or a BootCamp partition, you must have run into this inability to write to NTFS drives on Mac. While Snow Leopard allows you to read NTFS file systems you cannot create, delete or modify files or folders natively. Paragon’s NTFS for Mac OS X offers a solution.

Firstly, Why do we need NTFS write access?

FAT32 drives don’t let you transfer files larger than four gigabytes over USB so what if you have larger files to transfer or store this system fails. So, you could go for either HFS or NTFS. While NTFS atleast can be read on Macs HFS will not even be detected on your Windows PC. So, NTFS does seem like a better option here. All we need is write access.

In another scenario, if you have Windows installed in your Mac notebook or desktop you might at times want to write some files to the NTFS partition while you are running Snow Leopard.


NTFS for Mac OS X 8.0 provides you full read/write access to NTFS with the same high speed as native HFS+ files. The built-in “HFS+ for Windows” (read-only version) completes an effective two-way communication channel between Mac® OS X and Windows. NTFS for Mac® OS X 8.0 is the first NTFS driver to support Snow Leopard in 32 and 64-bit mode!

Key features

  • Full read/write access to NTFS. Mac® OS X provides limited support of NTFS, the primary file system of any Windows PC. With Paragon’s NTFS for Mac OS X, you’ll get full read/write access to any version of NTFS under Mac OS X
  • Let Windows start up at the next launch. Choose your Windows volume in the Mac® System Preferences pane to start Windows at the next launch
  • Easy to install. The driver is easily installed through a user-friendly wizard, the same way it’s done under Mac® OS X
  • Easy to use. Mount any NTFS partition like a native one – no need to perform special commands to get access; just attach a disk or other media with NTFS partition and use it as you wish
  • Create and repair NTFS partitions under Mac® the same way you usually do with HFS/HFS+
  • Non-Roman characters and languages. File and folder names in national languages, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian
  • No limitation to maximum file/partition size (within Mac® OS X and NTFS specifications)


How It Works

Easy to install:

The drivers are easily installed under both Mac® and Windows through user-friendly wizards, the way software is usually installed under each operating system. No additional configuration is required after installation. Just restart your computer and let it go to work for you!

Easy to use:

Under Mac® OS: After installation every Windows partition works like a native Mac® partition! Mount any NTFS partition like a native one – no need to perform special commands to get access – just attach a disk drive or removable media formated as an NTFS partition and use it as you wish.
Under Windows® : After you’ve installed the dirver, you get access to Mac-disks to browse contents, read and copy files and folders on HFS/HFS+ partitions under Windows.


I’ve been using this software for more than a year now and it has never brought up an issue so far. Never failed a data transfer. So far I haven’t come across a cheaper alternative which does the job just as well. So I would recommend this to every Mac user who needs NTFS write operations. You can go for a free trial of the software and see what it is like for yourself here. The license costs $39. 95

5 Mac Applications to Increase Your Productivity

There are many reasons to love Apple’s Mac. No matter why you prefer to use Mac, it might be because of its stylish look or its powerful features. With Mac’s inbuilt features there are various applications which will help you to enjoy Mac and have fun with. Apart from having fun, few applications help you to increase your productivity.

Here is the list of 5 essential applications for Mac to increase your productivity:

Slife Labs:

We spend our maximum time on computer but then also wonder why our task are not completed on time, may be because we start doing few unwanted work on computer. A Slife lab is a cool application to track and analyze the time you spend on computer.

Slife Lab


Anxiety is to manage your entire task. It is helpful to synchronize and easy to sync in iCal and Mac. It has user-friendly interface and you can customize the application according to your requirements.



EverNote for Mac helps you to save your ideas, clip a webpage, snap a photo and things you find interesting. The best part about Evernote is that you can find them on any computer and anytime, that is they are compatible with all platforms.



Punakea is a Mac application which will help you to manage your files, well organized files saves lot of your work. Punakea allows you to tag and bookmark files and it provides the hierarchy for folders and file to manage them in better way.



Mindnote is very useful and easy to use application for Mac. It helps you to collect, classify and structure ideas. Thus, you can easily analyze your data and increase productivity. It is best for organizing your personal as well as professional use.


I hope you will find these Mac applications useful. If you use any useful application for Mac to increase your productivity then do share with us. We would love to know about more applications for Mac.