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CleanApp: Clean Your Mac from Unwanted Apps

Installing any application on Mac is very easy. You just need to drag and drop the app in Application folder. If you are not aware how to install any application on Mac then here is a quick guide:

  • Download the app. ( Here I am downloading CleanApp )


  • Once you will download the app, you will get a dialog box having App icon.
  • Now drag that app icon in your Application folder.


  • Done guys, your application is installed. You can see the app icon in your application folder.


Just as installing, deleting application is equally easy as you just need to drag the app icon to Trash. But while deleting many applications, few of the related files are not deleted from your Mac.
In such case, there is an application called as CleanApp which removes all unwanted app files from Mac. CleanApp is a user-friendly app with good interface to get rid of all unwanted files which are saved in different locations by just drape and drop. It is one of the best Mac uninstaller I came across.
Download Link to CleanApp

  • Download and install CleanApp ( follow above installation steps )
  • Once installed you will see a dialog box like below.¬†Click on left icon to logging to CleanApp.


  • Once logging is done, CleanApp will keep track of all the app installed and where are files saved of the app. Thus while removing it will be aware from where to delete all related files.
  • When you want to uninstall any app, just drag n drop it to CleanApp and it will find all related and duplicate file to be removed and it will trash same.


  • It will provide you all related files to that dragged app and duplicate files too, if there are any. You can even scan again to search duplicate or relevant files.


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As a blogger, I find this app very useful because I keep on trying new applications to share with my readers and CleanApp becomes very handy when I need to uninstall unwanted apps on Mac. It is available for free trial, so that you can pay later if you like the application. CleanApp costs $15 and it’s worth giving a try.
If you are using any other Mac uninstalling app then do share with us.