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How-to Make Your Android Phone look like WP7

So you’re a big fan of the new Metro UI of Windows Phone 7 and you desperately want it on your Android device. Of course you’d be tempted to try the Metro UI, because it’s exceptionally beautiful and simplistic to use, but you can only enjoy it on a WP7 phone. However, it’s not impossible to get the similar look of WP7 on your loyal Android phone with the help of some launchers and widgets.

If you’ve been trying to make your Android phone look like WP7 then here’s a helpful tutorial to get things to look more tiled. The most outstanding feature that we need to perfect are those tiles for applications, which are used instead of icons. There are many widgets and themes out there that will make it happen, but it’d be even better if you follow the steps below. Before beginning this, you’ll need to root your device and upgrade to a custom ROM. You cannot do all this on a stock ROM. It’s also preferable to have a really good phone.

Root your phone.

Install CyanogenMod 7 Custom ROM.

Now you’ll need to install Widget Locker, the Lockscreen customization utility that adds custom sliders and shortcuts and the CoWon d3 lock theme for Widget Locker.

You’d also require Clockr Evolution, to get the Windows Phone 7 Clock

If you’re running on the stock ADW Launcher or Launcher Pro, then it’s time you switched them with Launcher 7 Pro.

You would require a Font Changer and then download the font WP7 Segoe light.

Download Simi Clock widget for weather and clock on your homescreen.

Lastly, the Mortem Tuam tile pack and wallpaper for Launcher 7 that you can download from here.

After installing everything, it would all depend on how creative you are in putting all of it together and make a beautiful homescreen for your device. It’s easy once you have it all. Check out some screenshots below of it will look once you’re done with this.

All credit goes to idroidd from deviantart who created this with the help of his Samsung Galaxy Captivate.

What do you think of this? Are you going to try this on your Android phone? I’m a huge fan of the Metro UI and I already tried this on my Xperia X1.

iPhone Lockscreen for Android: MagicLocker App

One thing that I like the most about smartphones is the innovative lock screens, you swipe your finger or input a combo to unlock your phone. But sometimes we tend to get bore of these lockscreens even on our smartphones, so my today’s post is for those Android users who want to give their smartphone Lockscreen a makeover.


MagicLocker for Android gives your stock lockscreen a spin my giving you option to choose an altogether different lockscreen. This particular Lockscreen alternate application has by default two built-in skins, a perfect looking clone of iPhone’s lockscreen and the other is a scruffy looking 3-point lockscreen codenamed as Robot Lost. The quality of these themes is quite remarkable and if the developers stick to their claims then it means that we will see a lot of other Lockscreens as well.

MagicLocker Features and Specs

iPhonelock screen

MagicLocker iPhone’s lockscreen is a perfect replica of iDevice’s original screen, plug in your phone for charging and the lockscreen will transform into an iPhone’s charging screen with a battery displayed on the screen.

iPhone charging screen

The only noticeable difference you will find is that the unread message count is just below the clock which is not there on an iPhone.

RobotLost screen

Lost Robot skin has a totally different layout and visual appearance, it features 3-side unlock with shortcuts that will lead you directly to Dialer and Messaging applications. In the center of Lockscreen there is an animated version of Android depicting Mad Eye Moody.

Just launch the app, go to settings and check the Enable button, select the screen you want to set and tap Apply. You can download MagicLocker for free from Android marketplace. I will definitely recommend you this app because it will give your Android device a new look. Try it out and Let us know in comments that whether it’s worth it or not.

FlashCam Adds Flash and Camera Shortcuts to iPhone Lockscreen

Having shortcuts on your lockscreen can be very helpful for easy launching of apps and getting things done quickly. Two of the most important shortcuts that most users would want are Flashlight and Camera, well most of them. I’d definitely find it very helpful if I had the shortcuts right on my lockscreen so I wouldn’t have to unlock then start the app. There are many other jailbreak apps out there that add similar functionality, but most of them add a single icon next to the slide to unlock bar.

FlashCam is a free Cydia application for jailbroken iPhones that adds both Flashlight and Camera shortcuts on the lockscreen. The main difference between this app and other flash and camera tweaks is that this brings both of them together. Remember the Camera shortcut on the slider in iOS 5, well this is even better. It has loads of options too and the buttons look classy and somehow make the lockscreen look better, according to me.

Using the given settings, you can move the buttons on top or move them to the bottom just above the slider. You can also select what program the camera button launches, which includes 3-4 popular camera apps. You can even select whether to open the camera or the video camera.  There’s also an option to lock the phone after the launch and use of the camera button. The app is very useful and the Flashlight button works like a charm. Also, there is very less chance of clicking on any of the two buttons by accident, even though they’re wide.

FlashCam is available in Cydia, all you have to do is search for it. It’s quite small and requires a quick respring, that’s it. Best suitable for iPhone 4, since both the buttons will work great.

LockLauncher: Launch Apps from your iPhone Lockscreen

There are times when you wanted to access an app on your iPhone and were delayed thanks to the lockscreen. Yeah, I love using Slide to Unlock, but sometimes it just makes me look bad. Suppose you’re having a race with an Android buddy to get to an App and see who opens it first, well, imagine how you’d feel if you lost. LockLauncher is an iPhone application, available in Cydia, that creates shortcuts to apps and places them right on your Lockscreen. Thus, you won’t have to slide to get to the app.


However, there is a problem here! You see, if there are apps on the lockscreen that anyone can access, then what’s the point of locking the screen?

This is where LockLauncher starts to get better, as it has a really cool way of accessing the apps placed on your lockscreen. Yet, when you click an app placed there, it won’t open right away. You will have to use the Slide to Unlock and the app will directly open, or rather it’ll already be open the moment you unlock. This will actually be of great help if you don’t want anyone to open the apps directly. That’s not the best part!

You can also launch the apps in a sequential order, meaning, select all the apps to open them back to back in order of selection. How cool is that? Select all the apps, unlock and you’ll be presented with the last selected app, press the home button and the next one and so on. Pretty useful if you’re a spontaneous person. Check out the video after the break by iDB to see LockLauncher in action.

This app can be downloaded from the Big Boss repo in Cydia for a very worth price of $0.99. You can place up to 5 apps and this will work best with iOS 4.2 and above. Do give it a try, and let us know what you think of it.

Live Locker for Android is a Better Lockscreen

The only thing good about the stock Android lockscreen is the ability to add that cool join-the-dots-to-enter security lock. Other than it’s pretty boring to slide away all the time, just like the iOS lockscreen. If you’re looking for some app to change the way you unlock your phone, then Live Locker should make things more beautiful for your phone. Live Locker is an Android Lockscreen app that adds some beautiful widgets and gives you access to four most important apps on your phone, Messages, Phone, Contacts and unlock.

Live Locker Unlock

A while ago, we wrote about WidgetLocker, another such app that can be customized to add sliders based on your requirements. This is not the same, as Live Locker doesn’t have any options to customize anything because you won’t need to. The application will definitely make your Android lockscreen stand out and also provide you access to some of the basic functions like messages, phone and favorite contacts apart from the unlock option. To unlock or enter into any of these apps, you’ll need to move a bubble around in 4 directional ways.


The lockscreen will show you unread messages and missed calls too, making the lockscreen quite useful as well. That’s not it, there are more widgets, just two more to be frank. On both the sides of the clock widget, you’ll see a Camera icon and a Volume icon. The camera shortcut will take you to the camera or to the gallery, whereas the Volume button will let you change the ringer modes to vibrate, loud and silent.

Live Locker Widgets

What I found really attractive was that bubble, which looks like an orb that was probably used to hold some prophecy about how Android is going to reach great heights. Another thing that attracted me was the price as Live Locker will let you make your lockscreen look better for only $0. Yup, it’s free and requires Android 2.0 or above, so expect it to work with entry level Android phones as well.

Download Live Locker from the Android Market.

Do try this out and let us know if you liked it.

[Image from: Addictive Tips]