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Top 3 Live News Streams That you can Watch Online for Free

In this multimedia age, keeping yourself upto-dated with the latest happenings in the world is a very simple thing. We have loads of news sites and TV channels that dish out latest news and happenings from around the world to us. Keeping in mind the user trends, a large number of broadcasters are also scooping up audiences by putting live feeds of their channels on internet. Here is a list of live News Streams that you can watch on the internet without ever paying a penny:

Al Jazeera


Not such a favorite among Arab dictators but really a News channel worth watching. Plainly speaking it’s a very hard hitting form of Journalism coming directly from Middle East covering global issues. You can watch Al Jazeera’s live news stream on your desktop either with either the LiveStation app or you can also view the channel’s live feed by visiting their website.



Basically it’s an international broadcast that is partially funded by Russian government, it offers documentaries and latest news from around the world. This particular live news stream is tagged as a bit blatant as compared to the other Live channels available. So If you are looking to find a place where you can get the news from an entirely different perspective then RT Live news stream is the right place to tune-in.



C-SPAN is by far one of the best news channel for political junkies having an inkling for the latest happenings around the globe. The live streaming link of C-SPAN provides viewers an upto-date coverage of the latest news covering things like latest from Washington DC and power lobbies.

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The News streaming services that I have highlighted here are having pretty good quality. If you happen to know of some other free streaming news services then feel free to share with us in comments.

Mundu TV: Watch Free Online Live Indian TV

Mundu TV is a service which offers many Indian channels to view online for free. Mundu TV serves TV channels via its desktop application. Besides you can also download its software for many supported mobile phones. Mundu TV is excellent in quality and offers online live TV at average resolution. Those days are gone, when you wanted to watch free TV on your computer. With this desktop application, watching free online TV is really easy.

mundu tv

Is Mundu TV Really free?

Mundu TV is offering one month trial of all available channels free and you can avail its service free for one month, but after that you’ll have to buy its subscription. This free online TV service is also available on mobile phones and tablet devices. Since, the present generation is more dependent on their mobile devices, watching TV on it could be fun.

Mundu TV Pricing

After using the trial you can subscribe to it at very cheap price. You have to pay only Rs. 250 for 4 month or Rs.99 for one month. That’s quite reasonable, because with that subscription you can watch TV on your desktop as well as on your mobile/tablet device.

Available channels by Mundu


However, free TV doesn’t mean that you can watch all the channels available in the world. There are limited channels that one can watch on mundu TV. Below is the list of available channels.

  • AajTak
  • NDTV India
  • CNBC TV18
  • CNBC Aawaz
  • Headlines Today
  • Zing
  • Zee TV
  • Ten Action Plus
  • TimesNow
  • NDTV Profit
  • Zee Classic
  • Zee News
  • ETC

How it works

Mundu TV serves channels using an easy to use and powerful desktop application. You can download it for free. Register a free account on mundu TV website and login to your account via Mundu TV software. It will be connected to server and you will be able to watch all available live channels.

  • Download Application for Windows
  • Download Application for Mac

Mundu TV application is also available for mobile phones

You can also enjoy live TV on your mobile phone too. It supports most of Nokia Symbian phones,Windows mobiles,iPhone and Android. To find out if your handset is supported by its mobile application see this page. To download mundu mobile application click here.

You can share any other online service, other than Mundu TV which offers live online Indian TV. Check related posts (below) for more option to watch free TV online.