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IntelliScreenX is the Best iOS 5 Jailbreak Tweak

It’s been almost over a week since Apple released the final version of iOS 5 to the public, and almost everyone has gone ahead and upgraded their devices. Not many have jailbroken their iOS devices yet, mainly because there is no untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 yet. But, no matter, this post about this amazingly awesome jailbreak app for iOS 5, will definitely make you go all tethered jailbreak on your iOS device.

Yes, I can guarantee you, that after watching the demo video for this new jailbreak tweak called IntelliScreenX, you will or will want to jailbreak. IntelliScreenX is a notification center Cydia tweak, that adds a ton of new widgets on to your Notification tray from Twitter to RSS feeds and much much more. When I say ‘much more’, I actually mean about 15 widgets in this single tweak. Yes, it’s pretty impressive, but it has another amazing features as well, that all the iOS 5 users are really going to like.

IntelliScreenX can be accessed from the iOS lockscreen! That is awesome and also one major missing feature in iOS 5, because every time you want to check your Notification Center widgets, you have to unlock and then view them. This Cydia tweak fits perfectly in your Notification Center and adds various widgets such as an in-depth weather reporter, RSS feed reader, Twitter widget, Email widget, Facebook widget, System utilities, Power buttons and much more.

You can do many things from sending a tweet from the Twitter widget, updating your Facebook status to opening and reading email directly from the notifications. There’s also small little feature that lets you collapse a list of notifications. For example, you can collapse a list of 17 emails so that you’ll have space to see the rest of the notifications. Check out the complete demonstration by the developers after the break.

This tweak is not yet available on Cydia, but they have promised us that it will be in the coming week. So what do you think of this jailbreak tweak. I believe it’s a must have iOS 5 jailbreak tweak and this should give you enough reason to perform that jailbreak. We will update this post when the tweak goes live on Cydia.

Send Music and Videos via Mail with iPodMail [Jailbreak Tweak]

Recently we told you about a jailbreak tweak that can be used to delete music from iPod app directly, instead of heading over to iTunes. Now, the same developer has created another new jailbreak tweak that adds another useful functionality to the iPod app.

iPodMail for jailbroken iOS devices is a free Cydia app that adds a Mail Songs option to the iPod app, using which you can email music to your friends/family. You can also use it send videos. The jailbreak tweak adds the same functionality like the DeleTrack and a new option that says ‘Mail Songs’ will appear on your iPod app.

To install this amazing tweak, head over to Cydia and search for iPodMail and install it. Now open your iPod app and select More. You should be able to see a Mail Song option. Once you’re inside that option, you can just select any music or video and it’ll directly open the Mail app. Slap in an address and the song/video you selected will be shipped to the recipient. Easy as that.

The first tweak did receive some complaints from users stating it did not work on their iPod app. Well, maybe you did something wrong or your iOS version is to blame. Both these tweaks worked perfectly fine on my iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3.5 and I can guarantee you that both of them are really useful. Many a times, my friends have asked me to send songs to them over email and stuff, and now this tweak is going to make it real easy.

Oh, I almost forgot, you do need a jailbroken iOS device for this!

Do try this app out and let us know what you think of it.