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Rebel SIM Pro for iPhone Unlocking: Review

Those users who’re stuck with a locked iPhone 4, have resorted or are yet to try other methods such as the Rebel SIM. The Rebel SIM is the alternative to software unlocking, as it’s a hardware based unlock and doesn’t void your warranty, plus it doesn’t even require you to jailbreak your iPhone.

Rebel SIM

The iPhone dev team hasn’t yet managed to find a software unlock for the Baseband versions 2.10.1, 3.10.1 and 4.10.1, but the Rebel SIM is known to unlock the iPhone 4 on any carrier. Hence, we got hold of a Rebel SIM and tested it on our iPhone 4 to see if the unlock actually works and is actually an untethered one. There was the Gevey SIM before this that did the job, but that was like a tethered unlock as every single time you rebooted, you’d have to perform a trick to actually get access to a network.

The Rebel SIM on the other hand did not require any such trick, which involved connecting to the 112 emergency number and then turning on Airplane and then turning it off. Also, the Rebel SIM, because of this feature was priced a little bit higher than it’s counterpart. The only question that comes to a locked iPhone users mind is whether the Rebel SIM will actually work.

Here’s a complete review of the Rebel SIM Pro, how to make it work and proof that it does work.

So, below is how the package from Rebel SIM looks like, it contains the Rebel SIM Pro, a SIM trap and the SIM removal pin enclosed in a small box. We had to ship the product all the way from the United Kingdom. We encountered a little bit of a delay and hence were given a Rebel Micro SIM Lite free of cost.

Rebel SIM Container

The procedure to insert the Rebel SIM into the tray and into your iPhone isn’t very hard, but yes it does require carefulness. In the picture below you’ll see all the contents of the tiny little blue box from Rebel SIM. It includes all the promised items and also the free Rebel Micro SIM Lite that they promised.

Rebel SIM Contents

Here’s how to make it work:

  • Get your regular SIM cut into the required micro SIM dimensions. You’ll need to scrap off a little part from the top of the SIM as there is a chip bulging out from the Rebel SIM Pro.
  • Place it on the top of the Rebel SIM and place it on the SIM tray, then insert it into your iPhone.
  • Now there’s a little trick you’ll have to do to activate the network on your phone, even though the Rebel SIM team promised that you don’t have to do any trick. That’s a lie.
  • You’ll have to dial 112, but unlike the Gevey SIM, don’t have to wait for it to connect. As soon as you dial 112, hit the End Call button, then go to Settings and switch on Airplane Mode.
  • Now the phone will tell you that there is No SIM, press OK and then Switch off Airplane Mode. It’ll now tell that you have an Invalid SIM/SIM error. Don’t worry, it’ll disappear in a few seconds and begin searching for your network.
  • It’ll soon load your network and your ready to go.
  • To switch on GPRS or 3G, Go to General>Network and switch on Cellular Data and also Data Roaming for it to work flawlessly. You can also use 3G, although I haven’t been successfully in getting the FaceTime to work.

Rebel SIM working

That’s it, this is how it worked with me, I’m not sure if you’ll need to dial 112, as sometimes it automatically searches for the network and connects you to it. You can see in the above picture how the connection has been successful and working on my iPhone 4. Hence, proof that it works, but yes there are some drawbacks.

Once connected, be sure not to switch off your iPhone, because sometimes it takes a lot of time to connect and sometimes it automatically connects. Hence it’s not as promising as the Rebel Team mentioned it would be, but then again this is India and most of the things do not work here. You can buy the Rebel SIM Pro to unlock iPhone 4 on BB 1.59.00, 03.10.01, 02.10.04, 04.10.01 from here. It works well on iOS 4.3.3 as well, but I can’t guarantee you on that as I tested it on 4.2.1. The Rebel SIM Pro is priced at 40 Pounds and the Rebel SIM Lite is priced at 30 Pounds.

If you’re using the Rebel SIM and are facing any problems, do let us know!!

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