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Color: A $41 Million Dollar iPhone App Now released on App Store

There are some mobile applications that totally revamp a particular phenomenon and Color is just that kind of an app that will eventually change the location-based photography thing. One of the most hyped and talked about iPhone app has formally been launched and is named as Color. The app is supported and backed by a staggering $41 million in venture capital and above all, it is supported by an entire website, Color.com that has cost the creator of this app an additional $350,000 bucks. But the question that the people in the industry are asking is that whether this app is good for such a huge price tag.

Color App Features


Color app is basically designed for location-based sharing of photos and it works on a simple picture sharing procedure. If you are taking pictures of objects around you using Color app and others are also taking pictures using the same Color app within 150 feets of your location then a photos mesh is created that is automatically posted within the app.

The developers of Color app have commented on their website that this entire process of creating a photo mesh and posting it in the app happens automatically and users don’t have to go through the process of attaching, friending or uploading the photos.

The concept behind Color app is very innovative assuming that the users buy it. The app will indeed work wonders at events like concerts, weddings or family functions where lot of people get together and do their photography eventually creating a huge photo collage.

Drawbacks and Concerns

But unfortunately this concept of Color app also have some immediate apprehensions, the most evident is that this app will work only if other people are using it nearby. Although the app is also available for Android devices as well but the probability of a group of people taking pictures at the same instant of time, using Color app in a same event is pretty less.

Well I think it will take sometime before this concept will take-off and till then Color app will be at stake of bigger players in the market like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that might implement this concept as well.

Color app is available as a free download in the Apple App store.