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How to Transfer music Songs from iTunes to iPhone?

In this tutorial I will be helping you with transfer of music collection from your iTunes library to iPhone. There are few methods using that you can transfer music collection from your iTunes library to iPhone but in this method I will be taking help of playlist method which will also help you to organize your music library in iPhone.

Create a playlist in iTunes:


The idea is to create a playlist in iTunes and add all songs into that playlist.  You can press Cntrl+N to create a playlist and give it a name. In my case I have given it iPhone songs name.

Add Songs into your playlist:

Now add all songs which you wants to transfer into your iPhone, add those songs into your iPhone songs playlist.

Set sync between iPhone and iTunes for playlist:

Connect your iPhone to your iTunes and go to songs settings and put a check mark in front of the playlist which you want to sync with your iPhone.

sync Now simple sync your iPhone and iTunes and all the songs which is a part of that  playlist will get transferred into your iPhone.  If you use Cydia or Installous to download iPhone application on your Jailbroken iPhone, don’t forget to read my earlier tutorial before starts transferring music from iTunes to iPhone: How to transfer applications from iPhone to iTunes.

Also read: how to create ringtone for iPhone using iTunes.

In case you find any  issue transferring songs to your iPhone, ask us on our iPhone support forum.

How to Transfer iPhone Application from iPhone to iTunes?

Syncing your iTunes and iPhone is quote easy process and those who are using iPhone and iTunes are aware of this simple method. All you need to do is connect your iPhone and iTunes and click on sync to automatically sync your iPhone and iTunes.

But if you have a jailbroken iPhone and you downloaded lots of iPhone application using cydia or installous .

Now when you will try to sync your iPhone with iTunes, it will prompt with  you saying that it will delete this much application from iPhone which I believe no one will accept. To get rid of this issue, you need to transfer all downloaded iPhone applications into your iTunes and here is a quick step which you can follow to do so.

Connect your iPhone to iTunes and  right click on your iPhone name on left sidebar and click on transfer purchases. This will transfer all installed iPhone application to your iTunes.


Just a quick work around and you will have all application in your iTunes. Make sure to subscribe to our Email updates to keep receiving more iPhone handy tips.