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Apple Releases Two New ‘If You Don’t Have an iPhone’ Ads

Apple advertisements are always aimed at people who don’t have their products and mostly mocks them of all the features their phones don’t have. However, that’s not always true, but I’m not going to talk about it anyways because it would be in-appropriate. Apple has gone ahead and launched two new iPhone advertisements, featuring AirPlay and FaceTime and the usual ‘If you don’t have an iPhone’ phrase.

The following advertisements talk about the features AirPlay and FaceTime. Now, if you’re a regular iPhone user, you must be knowing what those two features are. AirPlay lets you wirelessly share pictures, videos and music on other Apple AirPlay compatible devices making things much easier to share when in a room full of people. AirPlay lets you share a photo on your TV so that more number of people can watch it, the same goes with videos. It will also let you stream music on other devices wirelessly so that everyone can listen to your favorite tune.

FaceTime, is Apple’s video calling service, which is free and works over Wi-Fi or 3G. Of course, it can only be conducted between two iOS users only. You can FaceTime another iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod Touch or even a Mac. It’s a truly remarkable feature, that you can only experience if you have an iPhone 4. Watch the following ads after the break, in which the same voice with the same background music explains about the things you’re missing if you don’t have an iPhone.

Apple AirPlay Ad:

Apple FaceTime ad:

Hope you enjoyed watching the new episodes of Apple’s ‘If you Don’t have an iPhone’ ads!!