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New Gevey Ultra S Turbo SIM to Unlock iPhone 4S

Apple announce the new iPhone 4S last year in the month of October and till date and it took everyone by storm. With all the Siri magic and the new amazing 8 megapixel camera, dual core processor etc was bound to do that. However, if you’re stuck with a locked iPhone 4S and want to desperately use it, then we have some really good news for you. Gevey is now selling a Gevey Ultra S Turbo SIM that can unlock iPhone 4S on baseband 1.0.11, 1.0.13 and 1.0.14.

Unlock iPhone 4S with Gevey Ultra S

unlock iphone 4S

The latest turbo SIM to come from the Gevey stable, the same company that provided an unlock solution for the iPhone 4 locked basebands. Gevey is a name that people trust as they’ve been around a long time. So, if they say that their new Gevey Ultra S turbo SIM can unlock the iPhone 4S, then it probably is true. This is not the first turbo SIM unlock available for the new iPhone, there have be few others. But, those ones couldn’t be trusted as they aren’t well known and are pretty new names in the business.

The new Gevey Ultra S can unlock iPhone 4S running iOS 5, iOS 5.0.1 and on baseband 1.0.11, 1.0.13 and 1.0.14. According to the description on their official website, the Ultra S SIM doesn’t require any jailbreak and is untethered. That means that you don’t have to dial 112 every time you lose network.

Earlier versions of the Gevey SIM usually required the user to dial 112 and hang up, which is regarded as a felony in many countries. So it’s a relief to know that the Ultra S doesn’t require any such methods. Since there is no other way to unlock iPhone 4S at the moment, this seems the best way to go. Even the iPhone dev team hasn’t given us any update on the state of the iPhone 4S unlock, so it’s probably going to take some time for a software unlock to surface. Watch the demonstration video of the SIM after the break:

Gevey Ultra S Turbo SIM Availability and Price

You can pre-order the Gevey Ultra S Turbo SIM from ApplenBerry and expect it to be delivered by the end of March. The price of Gevey Ultra S is $54.99, which is the price you’ll have to pay to unlock iPhone 4S. I would place my bets on Gevey, because I’ve used their products before and they work pretty well. So, anyone who’s got a locked iPhone 4S should definitely give Gevey Ultra S a shot! I know you can’t wait to talk to Siri!

Download the Siri Ebook and Learn the ways of Siri

We love Siri, even though we haven’t used it, we are in love with it. It’s like the love you have for a Ferrari, well, not so much, but it’s close. Since the iPhone 4S hasn’t embraced me yet, I haven’t got a chance to use and ask Siri silly things. But, we’ve already shared with you a whole list of all the things that you can say and ask Siri. We also shared one big list for all the Siri Dictation commands that you’d require to write a text message, email etc.

Siri was brought in to this world to make things like typing and looking for information, setting reminders, alarms etc easier and faster. It was also to turn your iPhone 4S in to a friend to keep you company when you’re alone and stranded on an island. If you already have purchased an iPhone 4S, then you certainly must be trying out different things to ask and tell Siri to do. There are a lot of things to be honest, so that’s why you should probably get yourself the “Talking to Siri: Learning the Language of Apple’s Intelligent Assistant” Ebook right away.

This ebook for Amazon Kindle is written by Steven Sande and Erica Sadun of The Unofficial Apple Weblog and is currently available on the Amazon store for $4.99. You can also read this on your Kindle app for iPhone and work on improving your Siri speaking skills. Here’s what this ebook will teach you;

Tutorials show you how to set up Siri in your preferences, and how to manage the interactive conversations you have with your voice assistant. You’ll learn how to perform tasks by topic: such as checking the weather, doing math, or looking up information on the web.

  • Creating notes
  • Searching for contacts
  • Going shopping with Siri
  • Creating reminders and checking your calendar
  • Replying to text messages and sending mail to groups
  • Searching Wikipedia
  • Monitoring the Stock Market
  • Performing dictation
  • The lighter side of Siri
  • Siri security
Thus, you can learn the ways of Siri and become the master! We definitely suggest that you should get this book if you can’t figure out what to or how to talk to Siri.
Download Talking to Siri Ebook from Amazon.

Complete List of Siri Dictation Commands

I’m sure you’ve heard and watched a lot of videos of Siri, the personal assistant for the iPhone 4S. It is amazing and like no other voice recognition software out there. I’ve already shared almost all the things that you can ask Siri and now, here’s a post on what commands can be used for Siri dictation.

Siri also has the ability to convert everything you speak into text, and it is very accurate depending on your accent. You can dictate a message, write notes, emails or anything without even using the keyboard. To help the task of Siri dictation easier for you, Jim Rhoades of Crush Apps has come up with a complete list of commands that you can use.

To activate Siri dictation, just hold the Mic button on the keyboard and start speaking. Using the list below, you can add a lot more to your text than just words and letters. Hopefully, we’ll have a working port of Siri on iPhone 4 or iOS 5 devices and try this too.

Say this …

… to do this

new linemove to the next line (like pressing “Return” on a keyboard)
new paragraphto start a new paragraph
capto capitalize the next wordFor example, saying:
I named my pet pig cap bacon

produces the text:
I named my pet pig Bacon

(interestingly, if you say “Kevin Bacon”, Bacon is automatically capitalized for you)

caps on … caps offto capitalize a section of textFor example, saying:
caps on twenty five ways to eat bacon caps off

produces the text:
25 Ways to Eat Bacon

all capsto make the next word all uppercaseFor example, saying:
I am hungry feed me all caps now please

produces the text:
I am hungry feed me NOW please

all caps on … all caps offto make part of what you say uppercaseFor example, saying:
I am hungry all caps on feed me now all caps off please

produces the text:
I am hungry FEED ME NOW please

no capsto make the next word lowercaseFor example, saying:
I like no caps Mike

produces the text:
I like mike

no caps on … no caps offto make sure part of what you say is all lowercaseFor example, saying:
Our friends no caps on Steve and Tina no caps off live in California

produces the text:
Our friends steve and tina live in California

space barto prevent a hyphen from appearing in a normally hyphenated wordFor example, saying:
This restaurant is first space bar class

prevents first-class from being hyphenated, and produces the text:
This restaurant is first class

no spaceto prevent a space between wordsFor example, saying:
This is the best no space tasting bacon ever

produces the text:
This is the besttasting bacon ever

no space on … no space offto prevent a section of text from having spaces between wordsFor example, saying:
This is no space on the best tasting bacon no space off ever

produces the text:
This is thebesttastingbacon ever

“period” or “full stop”to place a “.” at the end of a sentence
dot.For example, saying:
The dot number pi is three dot one four

produces the text:
The.number pi is 3.14

(note the subtle difference between saying point and dot… dotworks between words)

point.For example, saying:
The point number pi is three point one four

produces the text:
The point number pi 3.14

(note the subtle difference between saying point and dot… dotworks between words)

“ellipsis” or “dot dot dot”
double comma,,
“quote” or “quotation mark””(although, if you need to place some text within quotation marks, using the “quote … end quote” commands may be more accurate)
quote … end quoteto place quotes around a section of textFor example, saying:
She said quote see you next week end quote

produces the text:
She said “see you next week”

apostrophe‘(although in many cases, apostrophes are automatically inserted, like when saying Sam’s new iPhone)
exclamation point!
inverted exclamation point¡
question mark?
inverted question mark¿
open parenthesis(
close parenthesis)
open bracket[
close bracket]
open brace{
close brace}
dash-For example, saying:
This dash is dash my dash cheese

produces the text:
This – is – my – cheese

(note the difference in spacing between this and when sayinghyphen)

hyphen-For example, saying:
This hyphen is hyphen my hyphen cheese

produces the text:

(note the difference in spacing between this and when sayingdash)

em dash
percent sign%
copyright sign©
registered sign®
section sign§
dollar sign$
cent sign¢
euro sign
yen sign¥
degree sign°
at sign@
pound sterling sign£
pound sign#
greater than sign>
less than sign<
forward slash/
back slash\
vertical bar|
“smiley” or “smiley face” or “smile face”🙂
“frowny” or “frowny face” or “frown face”🙁
“winky” or “winky face” or “wink face”😉
e.g. (pronounced as “e g”)e.g.For example, saying:
e g when you learn to ride a bike

produces the text:
E.g. when you learn to ride a bike

i.e. (pronounced as “i e”)i.e.For example, saying:
i e when you learn to ride a bike

produces the text:
I.e. when you learn to ride a bike

Have you tried Siri yet? What do you think of its speech to text capabilities? 

iPhone 4S vs Canon EOS 5D Mark II: 1080p Shootout

I know it’s pretty pointless to stack a mobile phone next to the mighty Canon EOS 5D, but even crazier things have happened. Apple stated on their iPhone 4S event that this is best camera currently available on any mobile device, you know, with video stabilization and 5 lenses and stuff. So, to find out how awesome the new iPhone 4S camera actually is, Robino Films, mounted it next to the EOS 5D Mark II and started filming.

The Canon 5D Mark II costs about $3000, whereas the iPhone 4S costs much much lesser. I don’t know if it’s right to perform such a test because both of them are in a completely different league, but the end results of this test made my jaws drop. There is some difference between the videos recorded by both these cameras, but it’s nothing much. Apart from warmer colors, slight blur and some scrolling black lines on the billboard, the iPhone 4S will certainly amaze you.

This test was conducted in a proper way, with both the cameras on similar settings. Well, sort of, because the iPhone 4S doesn’t really have that many settings as compared to the F-22 cockpit on the Canon.  Now, of course the 5D won, why won’t it? It’s got 21 Megapixels and some crazy optics, but it only beat the iPhone 4S by few frames. If you’re a wannabe movie director or a hard working filmmaker with limited funds, then you should try your hands on the iPhone 4S. But watch the videos below to clear all your doubts;

iPhone 4S / Canon 5d MKII Side by Side Comparison from Robino Films on Vimeo
Now, this one is not a comparison. It’s just a short film shot by the professional film editor Benjamin Dowie and it is AMAZING.

A video shot on the iPhone 4S from Benjamin Dowie on Vimeo.

So, what do you think?