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Dummies Guide to Facetime on iPhone and iPod Touch

facetime1.png Facetime is one of the best free feature of iOS device. The best thing about Facetime free video calling service is, it’s available on all Apple devices. Be it, Mac, iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device with camera on it. First time user might get confused with how to use FaceTime, and in this guide I will exactly be talking about the same. This guide will answer all your queries regarding Facetime on iOS devices, right from activation to making calls.

Facetime is one of the most talked about features of iPhone 4. Yesterday, we posted some pictures from our first impressions of Facetime on iPhone 4 as Harsh and I tried a Facetime conversation. We were totally amazed by the quality of audio and video.

Facetime is also very intuitive and easy to use. In fact we are Facetime Ninjas now, in less than thirty minutes of video calling. Here’s how you can get started and most of other related queries answered.

How to Activate Facetime on your iPhone:

Though this guide is written for iPhone4, but if you are using any other version of iPhone/iPad, Facetime activation method remains the same.

Go to Settings > Phone > Facetime > On. The iPhone  will automatically send an SMS(international for non US users) and within 10 seconds your Facetime will be active.

facetime-iphone4-25.jpg Facetime activation

This only needs to be done once per sim card, and that too is automatic. No registration or user id required. Like Apple says, Facetime works out of the box.

Once the “Waiting for Activation” message goes away you are good to go. Please note that you will not be able to see the SMS sent for activation through your Messages app. If you have trouble activating Facetime, wait for our post which talks about activation issues for unofficial carriers.

iPod Touch users go to Settings > Facetime to confirm and verify your email address that will be used to receive calls. If unverified, follow instructions sent to email to get started.

Charges for using Fcaetime

No. We were not charged for our Facetime calls. It’s free for video calls between iPhone 4 and iPod touch devices. Both devices need to be connected to a wifi network with internet access(not necessarily same network).

How to start a Facetime video call

There has been a lot of doubt as to how the Facetime call is authenticated. Harsh and I tried the email address method yesterday but that failed and here’s why.
Facetime uses two ways to identify people – Phone number or email address. And the the type of device determines which one will be used.
  • When calling an iPhone 4: Use the phone number of the person you are calling.
  • When calling an iPod touch (4th generation): Use the email address designated for FaceTime of the person you are calling.

Please note that you need iOS 4.1 to make calls or receive them from users on iPod Touch.

How to Make a Facetime Call

There are two ways of initiating a Facetime call. You could make a phone call just the way you normally do and then once you are there on the call click on Facetime. If your friend accepts the Facetime request call, voice call will end and you will no more be charged for voice.

facetime-iphone4-83.jpg facetime-iphone4-86.jpg

Another way is directly making a Facetime call. Go to your contacts page and tap Facetime. Choose a method of identification(phone or email). Your friend will receive a notification if he’s on wifi. If he accepts you are good to go.

On iPod touch, there is an additional Facetime app. You can use it to call any of your contacts or through the contacts app like mentioned above.

Can I switch Cameras


The Facetime call starts with your front camera. You can switch to the rear camera and back by clicking on the button in lower right corner.

Some other features of Facetime you might want to know:

Muting Facetime

The Mute button will only prevent your audio from going through. Your video will still be visible to the other person.

Landscape Support

Just rotate the iPhone to switch to this mode.

Moving the preview window

The small window which shows your own Face can be moved around by dragging if it obstructs your view in the default position.

Do something else and get back to Facetime again?

If you need to check another app while you are on Facetime, no problem. Just hit home button and do your work. Your video will freeze on last frame and audio chat can still be continued. Once you click on the green bar similar to the one you get with voice calls, your video chat will be resumed.

Last Tip for Facetime Users:

You can also add Facetime to your Favorites list and start a Facetime call right from there. Facetime calls will also feature in your Recent Calls history.


So, that’s all we have gathered so far about Facetime. It’s been a great experience so far for us. Rumors are afloat that Facetime might soon come to iPads, Macs and Windows PCs too. We are really looking forward to that.

I hope this detailed Facetime usage guide will help you to start using this useful free service. In upcoming article, we will also be talking about iMessage, but for now why don’t you go ahead and try making a Facetime call to other iOS user in your contact list.

Apple Releases Two New ‘If You Don’t Have an iPhone’ Ads

Apple advertisements are always aimed at people who don’t have their products and mostly mocks them of all the features their phones don’t have. However, that’s not always true, but I’m not going to talk about it anyways because it would be in-appropriate. Apple has gone ahead and launched two new iPhone advertisements, featuring AirPlay and FaceTime and the usual ‘If you don’t have an iPhone’ phrase.

The following advertisements talk about the features AirPlay and FaceTime. Now, if you’re a regular iPhone user, you must be knowing what those two features are. AirPlay lets you wirelessly share pictures, videos and music on other Apple AirPlay compatible devices making things much easier to share when in a room full of people. AirPlay lets you share a photo on your TV so that more number of people can watch it, the same goes with videos. It will also let you stream music on other devices wirelessly so that everyone can listen to your favorite tune.

FaceTime, is Apple’s video calling service, which is free and works over Wi-Fi or 3G. Of course, it can only be conducted between two iOS users only. You can FaceTime another iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod Touch or even a Mac. It’s a truly remarkable feature, that you can only experience if you have an iPhone 4. Watch the following ads after the break, in which the same voice with the same background music explains about the things you’re missing if you don’t have an iPhone.

Apple AirPlay Ad:

Apple FaceTime ad:

Hope you enjoyed watching the new episodes of Apple’s ‘If you Don’t have an iPhone’ ads!!

iPhone 4 is Now the Most Used Camera in The World

It was only some months ago that we told you that the most used camera in the world comes from the iPhone. The usage has grown a lot since then, and now iPhone 4 has taken the crown. The Apple iPhone 4 is being called the most used and most popular camera in the world according to Flickr upload data.

Of course, we all know that the iPhone 4 camera quality is nothing when compared to a SLR camera, yet it’s one of the most popular. Why? Well, because  when people take pictures they like their friends and family to see it right away. Now that’s not possible with those SLR cameras, no internet access, damn!! This is where the iPhone has always been a step ahead, with instant web access so users can upload images taken right away.

It was predicted that the iPhone 4 will hit the top in just about a months time, but that wasn’t an accurate prediction. It certainly took the iPhone 4 more than a month to take the No.1 spot by dethroning the Nikon D90, Canon 5D Mark II, Canon Digital Rebel XSi and Canon REBEL T1i. That’s all the best cameras right there, following the iPhone 4 camera. No need to worry, you professional photographer, this is only the result of a photo upload comparison between all the cameras on Flickr. We know all about the secret photos stored in your external hard disk that you’d never want to upload.

It’s all about the convenience factor here, as the SLR cameras in the list have incredibly better lenses. Whereas the iPhone 4 costs less than all those cameras and is one of the most widely used cameras, not the best, but the most popular. There are better mobile cameras as well, but no one of them are being used as much as that of the iPhone 4.

All we have to do now(iPhone 4 users) is wait for the iPhone 5, hopefully with a better camera and keep the Flickr upload rate high.

FlashLock: Use Flash from Your iPhone Lockscreen

There’s a new feature in iOS 5 that lets you use your camera without entering the Menu. When you double tap the home button, the camera button appears next to Slide to unlock, using which you can directly access your camera without using your Lock code. Useful feature, don’t you think? So, how about you being able to also access your Flash from your lockscreen when it is much required.


FlashLock for iPhone lets you access the flash of your iPhone 4 directly from your lockscreen, in the same exact manner as iOS 5 gives you access to the camera. You can turn on your flash from the lockscreen and save the day by giving some light. Of course, there are thousands of other flash applications that can control the flash, make it dance and more, but isn’t this is the easiest and simplest.

It works exactly the same way as the new camera shortcut on iOS 5. Double tap the Home button and you should see FlashLock next to Slide to Unlock. The flash will stay on until until you tap the icon again. It’s as simple as that! Also, this is a Cydia application, hence you’ll require to carry a jailbroken iPhone to install this free app. FlashLock is the idea of iPhone Download Blog writer Sebastian and was developed by Filippo Bigarella.

You can download FlashLock from Cydia by adding the repo http://filippobiga.me/repo.

Tell us what you’re favorite iPhone 4 Flash is. I’ve been using Tactical Flash. What have you been using and what do you think of FlashLock?

ColorWare: Custom Paint for iPad 2, iPhone 4 and More

There are many websites out there that say that they’ll modify your mobile device and make it look unique, but not all of them do a good job. To help all those people customize their mobile device, specially the very delicate Apple iPhone 4 and the iPad 2, ColorWare has come out with a custom paint job service that will really make you happy. I’m not saying that because I’ve used their service, but many people have and the come has even been featured on Engadget and few other websites.


ColorWare, the website, has a very easy to set-up interface wherein you can right away choose the colors you want you iPhone 4 or iPad 2 to be painted and then hit order. The combinations are really good and really give that unique feel to your Apple product. If you’re tired of that same old boring White or Black look, then go ahead and try out ColorWare.

I must however tell you that the variety of products that ColorWare will do a custom paint job on is huge. There are iPads, iPhone 4’s, MacBook Pro, Air, iMac’s, Alienware’s, few BlackBerry Phones and more. So do check them out if you want a unique looking Apple device or BlackBerry or an Alienware laptop.

ColorWare Custom Paint

After looking at the above pictures of the MacBook Air, the Alienware M15x, iPad 2 and the iPhone 4 most of you must have already started customizing your device, ordered and then seen the pricing. Yes, the pricing is pretty high, which you’ll realize once you choose what colors to paint your beloved iPhone 4 or MacBook Pro. You can also buy some products directly from ColorWare, instead of you sending your device for a new coat of paint.

Did you recently happen to buy an Apple iPad 2 or an iPhone 4? Do you want to get yourself a custom one? What do you think of this service?

White iPhone 4 Has Modified Lens and New Proximity Sensor

The White iPhone 4 has been finally launched and is available at Apple Stores online and many other iStores in many locations across the world. The White iPhone 4 has taken a long time to arrive after the launch of the iPhone 4 and recent reports tell us why it has taken so long.

White iPhone 4

According to a complete teardown the White iPhone 4 conducted by an unknown source shows us that the Lens of the camera has been modified and a new Proximity Sensor has been added. Why have these changes been made? Well, evidently the White iPhone 4 had leaking issues when in testing due to the slightly translucent state of the white material used in the manufacture.

The Modified Camera Lens

White iPhone 4 Modified Lens

Don’t worry, your White iPhone 4 counterparts do not have a different camera, only the lens has been changed to correct the magnitude of the incident light on the white surface. You see, the material is made of glass and hence it used to cause blurriness in the photos taken using the camera. Thus, the lens had to be modified, and as you can see in the image above, the sensor has been moved back a little to stop any leak or light issues. The material used also had problems with UV rays, hence more time has gone into getting rid of all the problems with the White iPhone 4 parts.

New Proximity Sensor

White iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor

The Proximity Sensor on the White iPhone 4 has been completely changed and Apple have even done modifications to how it is placed on the front face of the phone. As you can see in the picture of the White iPhone 4 in the beginning of this post, a new slit above the earpiece is clearly visible. This was specially made to accommodate the new Proximity sensor that helps in eliminating screen use during calls.

These are the most noticeable changes in the White iPhone 4 apart from it being 0.2mm thicker than the Black iPhone 4 and the slight increase in price. The White iPhone 4 had a very good impact on iPhone sales and boosted the overall sales of iPhones in many countries. That’s something really good for Apple.

Do you prefer the White iPhone 4 or the Black one? Has anyone purchased a White one?

[ via Apple Insider Images: MacTakora ]

IMEI Based Remote Unlocking for iPhone 4 Restricted to Certain Carriers

Remember the IMEI based remote unlocking service that many websites, specially CutYourSim was practicing few weeks ago? Apparently even the one’s performing the unlock did not know how it all really happened and hence have limited to only few carriers now. From the looks of it, I wouldn’t expect it to return to all carriers either, because this whole process was based on utilizing direct unlock codes from the Apple servers and worked as a permanent unlock. Many users opted for this service and are now enjoying their unlocked iPhone 4’s, but at what cost, now that even the company who used to perform this service have completely stopped doing it.

24-04-2011 17-43-21

This is what the company stated;

The unlock will work with any iPhone version, and any baseband version, no need to worry about updating to the latest version anymore. The solution we offer is a permanent solution.   Jailbreaking, or unauthorized hacks are NOT required.  This unlock will carry on forever, you can now update your phone to the newest version without worrying about waiting for an unauthorized unlock to be released. The unlock will work with any iPhone version, and any baseband version, no need to worry pany.about updating to the latest version anymore, your phone will be unlocked forever!

Even though the unlock was being charged $170, many users stuck on currently locked basebands 2.10.1, 3.10.1 and 4.10.1 running on iOS 4.2.1 and above have used this and attained unlock. There were about 400 successful unlocks done, until CutYourSim decided to pull the plug off this service and cancel all pending orders. They claim that they have already refunded the complete amount to users whose iPhones weren’t unlocked. Recently, they again decided to get the service back up, but this time limiting to only certain carriers and not all. Below is the list of carriers that they claim can be unlocked:


  • Optus
  • Telstra
  • Virgin
  • Vodafone


  • Vivo


  • 3 Hutchinson
  • Telenor
  • Telia Hutchinson


  • Orange
  • Ireland
  • O2
  • Vodafone


  • Cellcom
  • Orange
  • Pelephone


  • T-Mobile


  • Netcom
  • Telenor


  • Movistar


  • Hallebop
  • Telia

United Kingdom

  • O2
  • Orange
  • T-Mobile
  • Tesco
  • Vodafone

We have no idea as to how long this service will remain active, as most of the iPhones aren’t carrier locked, but rather just locked. So we will have to wait and watch if they will bring the previous unlock service back so that anyone can unlock their iPhones. If you own an iPhone locked to one of the above carriers then place an unlock order by providing your IMEI over here.

Do you think the $170 price tag is worthy of this unlock or would you rather wait for the iPhone Dev team to come up with the software unlock.

[ via CutYourSim ]

How to Enable Video Mirroring on iPhone 4 and iPad 1

The iPad 2 has very advanced and capable graphics specifications since it is the latest member of iOS family. So Apple decided to allow video mirroring feature only on the iPad 2. This tutorial shows you how to enable video mirroring on any jailbroken iPhone 4 or iPad 1.

Apart from out of the box video mirroring support, the iPad 2 has a lot more differences than the previous iPad. Check out our full comparison of iPad 2 and iPad 1 for more.

Video mirroring ipad2

Just like the previous hack we shared, to enable Multitouch gestures on iPhone 4, this guide will require you to make a small change in one of the iPhone files. For this purpose you can either use SSH or apps like DiskAid or iPhone Explorer. These two apps help you transfer files over USB and are available for both Windows and Mac users.

Before we proceed, you need to have an jailbroken iOS device with iOS 4.3.1. In case you haven’t jailbroken your iOS device yet you can update it to iOS 4.3.1 and jailbreak using the following guides for both Mac and Windows users:

You should backup your device in iTunes before proceeding.

How to Enable Video Mirroring in iOS 4.3.1:

This guide can be used to enable mirroring on the iPad 1, iPod Touch 4G and iPhone 4. For devices older than this, it would be a hit and trial process.

Navigate to system > library > coreservices > springboard.app and copy the corresponding file for your iOS device, onto your computer. We will edit this file to enable mirroring.

Enable video mirroring on iphone4 or ipad1 2

Each iOS device stores settings in a different file. So, here’s the list to tell you which file you need to edit:

  • K48AP.plist (iPad)
  • K90AP.plist (iPhone 4)
  • N81AP.plist (iPod Touch 4g)

Now, open the file in Plist editor or TextWrangler and add a new entry. If you are using Plist editor you need to create a new key called display-mirroring and set type to boolean and Value to Yes. Refer to the screenshot below for more help.

Enable video mirroring on iphone4 or ipad1 3

If you are using a text-editor you can add it manually by adding the following two lines of code.


Enable display mirroring iphone 4

After your edited file looks like one of the screenshots shown above, save the changes and replace the file on your iOS device with this one. Reboot your iPhone for the changes to take effect.

You can now take full advantage of video mirroring using Apple’s VGA adapter or HDMI Digital AV adapter.

How to Safely Update iPhone 4 to iOS 4.3.1 Without Upgrading Baseband

This guide explains how to update your iPhone 4 to iOS 4.3.1 safely without upgrading baseband. You will also read why it is important to preserve iPhone 4 baseband if you want to unlock your iPhone 4. Ultrasn0w is yet to be updated to support unlocking on iOS 4.3.1 but the untethered jailbreak has already been released.

Continue reading How to Safely Update iPhone 4 to iOS 4.3.1 Without Upgrading Baseband

How to Untethered Jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 on iPhone 4/3GS using PwnageTool [Mac]

If you had been waiting to upgrade to iOS 4.3.1 due to the lack of a stable jailbreak solution, your wait is now over. We just informed you about Dev-team’s release of an untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1. This tutorial will show you how to jailbreak iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3.1 using PwnageTool on Mac.

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