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How to Make Phone Calls and Send SMS from iPad 3G using PhoneItiPad

Last month iPhoneIslam had showed us video proof of being able to make make phone calls from iPad 3G as well as sending and receiving SMS. The jailbreak tweak PhoneItiPad is finally live in Cydia for everyone to download at $19.99

iPhoneIslam is the same group on people who brought us FaceIt3GS, a jailbreak tweak to enable FaceTime on iPhone 3GS. Since this app is available via Cydia and requires a jailbreak it will only work on the iPad 1 and not the iPad 2 since there’s no jailbreak tool available yet for the latter.

Also, iPhoneItiPad does not work on iOS 5 beta yet. It will work perfectly on iOS 4 though. You just need a jailbroken iPad 1 running iOS 4.x.x. If you haven’t jailbroken your iPad yet, read our jailbreak guide for iOS 4.3.x before proceeding with this guide.

How to Make Calls from iPad 3G using PhoneItiPad:


Purchase PhoneItiPad from here using your iPad or Computer’s browser. It will cost you $19.99 or around Rs. 900 in Indian currency. Not a big price to pay to turn your iPad into an iPhone.

Purchase phoneitipad for ipad to make calls

After you have filled in your billing information you will also need to enter your iPad’s 11 digit serial number. To find out the iPad’s serial number go to Settings > General > About and scroll down to find it. Click continue on the webpage to finish the purchase.

Now launch Cydia on your iPad and add the PhoneItiPad repo http://apps.iphoneislam.com. Now search for PhoneitiPad and install it.

You should now have the phone and messages app on your iPad and already be able to make and receive calls. In case you aren’t able to, just make sure your sim has an active voice plan and not just the data plan which is usually the case for iPad sims. If the sim is able to make calls on an iPhone 4 it would work great on iPad too.

Here’s a video demo of the Phone and SMS features on iPad by iPhoneIslam,

As you can see it seems to work flawlessly. The question is would you be willing to pay a one time fee of $20 for turning your iPad into an iPhone? It is not yet clear if this tweak will continue to work in iOS 5. As of now it doesn’t.

2 Free Photo Editing Apps Designed for iPad

iPad is not a camera-centric device but if you happen to own kits that support camera connection then you will have access to applications like Photoshop on your tablet that will provide almost the same experience that you can have on a desktop version of a photo editing software.

Today I am highlighting 2 free apps that are a good source for editing photos on your Apple iPad, you can edit your photos as per your desire and upload them to your favorite social networking platforms. Using these apps you can do a substantial amount of photo editing without spending a penny. Get to know about these apps after a break:



FotoEditor is an amazing photo editing app for your iPad that allows you to instantly edit your photos by applying loads of effects and filters. First of all you have to select a photo from your photo album, once this is done then you can apply loads of effects such as negative, grayscale and sepia. Apart from these you can also adjust things like contrast, brightness, gamma correction and mirroring of the image.

FotoEditor Main page

You can share your edited photos with your friends on Twitter or Facebook. The app also facilitates you in looking up the properties of your image including dimensions and size. FotoEditor can be downloaded from App store.

Effects HD

EffectsHD Picture add

This app is more specifically designed for Apple iPad2 users, the app allows you to take image directly from your iPad and takes you straight away to the editing interface. Effects HD is an easy and a swift way for editing photos directly on your tablet device. You can either take an image directly from iPad by hitting the Camera button or you can open an image from your photo library by tapping on the photo icon.

Effects HD

By default, Effects HD comes with 12 pre-loaded filters including cross-processing and black and white filters. You can also purchase additional effects and filter packages with numerous in-app purchases options. If you want to revert to original state after editing a particular photo then you can tap on refresh button and your photo will return to its original state. After doing all the editing you can save it or email it or you can also share it on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.

What apps you use to edit photos on your iPad? Do let us know in comments.

Top 3 iPad Apps for Parents

Apple’s iPad is no doubt an amazing gadget that has totally transformed the way we interact with digital domains around us. Apart from loads of other notable feature that iPad has to offer, the most commendable and useful feature is that Parents can use it as an educational gadget for their young children. Apple has undoubtedly created an awesome product whose touch screen capability and gesture detection makes it’s easy for parents to educate their kids. So keeping in mind the Parents, I have ranked the apps listed below accordingly:

Kindle for iPad app

Kindle iPad

Kindle is undoubtedly a very famous iPad application that offers loads of features, basically with this app you can make your tablet device compatible with all the popular Amazon books. With iPad’s bigger screen and a wider viewing area, reading books via kindle is simply amazing and it feels like you are reading a real paper book. You can download hundreds of books from Kindle for iPad app and can have them on your finger tips in an instant.

You can download Kindle for iPad free from App store.

Food Additives

I think this is a perfect iPad app for parents who are very much concerned with their kid’s diet and health. The app offers information about almost 450 additives that you can find in any kind of a food and based it ranks these additives in terms of safety. It offers stuff like which additives are harmful for your kids and how they affect the health of your children.

You can download Food Additives for iPad from iTunes app store.

Scribble for iPad

Scribble for iPad

Simply stating, this application allows you to use your fingers to scribble on your tablet device, the best thing about this app is that apart from being a fun outlet for parents it is also a great tool for them to keep their child occupied in doing some fun stuff. This is a great fun-filled app for both kids and parents. Scribble can be downloaded for free from App store.

Flashmath for iPad

Apps like Flashmath and Jott are also purely designed for parents to aid them in keeping their children entertained and also as a tool for parents to teach their kids.

Do let us know in comments if you happen to know about some useful apps for Parents.

HitPad: A Graphically-rich Trendy News App for Your iPad

There are various free News apps for iPad that provides multitude of user-generated and in some instances personalized contents on your iDevice, apps like Pulse and Flipboard exactly fit the above description. But if you are an iPad freak who want to use this amazing tablet device as a way of keeping up with latest tweets, news and videos then HitPad is an app that you should definitely have.

HitPad takes a totally different approach for providing news to users, it provides contents that are popular on the internet and are making headlines. The app aggregates contents from multitude of news sources and then displays these contents in a graphic-rich format.


HitPad features

Launching the app for the first time prompt users to turn ON/OFF the push notifications. HitPad basically takes a nod from Twitter offering the trendiest topics in all of the available categories. Users can also refresh the topics that HitPad shows by a pull down menu. All the available information is further divided into formats like News, Videos, Web, Tweets and Photos.


Users can also integrate their Twitter, Facebook and Instapaper accounts with HitPad under the settings tab. After you have connected your social networking accounts, you can share the links of every item you view regardless of its category. Moreover, users can also copy links to clipboard or open them in Safari browser of their iPad. The app allow users to open YouTube videos directly within the main interface.

All the news stories or web results are shown with a brief introduction, so if anyone wants to view or read the full item then they can click Read more option and a full story will open up in Safari’s pop-up.

HitPad will definitely be a popular app for iPad users in the future because it delivers news and stories in a more refreshing manner with a minimum of clutter. Moreover, users can depend on app to provide them with the popular stories instead of searching for news themselves. You can download HitPad for free from Apple app store.

Pushme.to HD: First Real-time Messaging App for iPad Users

Developed by Treebune s.r.l Pushme.to HD is an amazing and first ever messaging service for Apple’s iPad. Like its predecessor Pushme.to HD for iPhone, this particular new version allows pictures and text messages to be sent between two browser windows or iDevices(iPad in this case). All users need is an account (if using this app on an iDevice) and an internet connection.

Pushme.to HD Features


Once you start the application, the app automatically prompts you to sign-in for a new account. The registration process is quite easy and quick because all you need is an email ID. Every created account has a webpage using which non-iDevice users can chat like http://pushme.to/username. This particular Pushme.to webpage allow users to communicate with anyone in the world.

When you first open the application on your iPad, it will ask you that whether you want to enable push notifications or not, it’s better that you enable it because if you choose not to then all the new messages will not be updated real-time. The push notifications will update the messages in the same manner as if SMS are being received.


Unlike the previous Pushme.to version, this latest iPad version has one main page that makes it very user-friendly. The interface is free of clutter and viewing conversations threads, composing and creating new conversations is pretty easy. Users can also add their friends to the contact list from the app.

Well I think Pushme.to HD is indeed a revolutionary messaging system and its browser-iDevice integration is pretty amazing because it provides loophole for iPad users to get rid of expensive messaging plans. The best thing that I liked about this app is that users do not have to open it like other IM services to view messages. The app can be downloaded from Apple App store for $2.99.


How to View Flash Content on your Apple Devices?

Apple devices have been suffering with no flash support since long time from now, but this never affected the company’s sales or the market domination at all. But it does trouble the users a bit, with the missing Adobe flash plug-ins.

But do you still wish to watch Flash video on your iPad, iPod touch and iPhone? Then here is the solution. There are a couple of apps to enable flash support on your Apple devices, thanks to some server-side Flash-to-H.264 transcoding, though you won’t get Flash games or Flash apps.

Check out some of the web browser apps to enable flash videos on ur iPad and iPhone.



SkyFire is available with its new version 3.0 and its support for Flash has been improving with every release. The app boasts about smoother video playback and because they proxy the content it could save your time and bandwidth (especially for those using low 3G data caps). It’s not a universal app so you’ll have to buy it twice if you want it on both iPhone/iPod touch and the optimized version for iPad. The app also provides other features like social integration and private browsing modes.





iSwifter has been around for the past few months in the form of an app that could play a few flash based games. But the new version of the application gets support for streaming flash videos as well from sites like Ted Talks, MUZU, JamboTV Sports, Green.TV, Aol Games.com, Facebook, Kongregate and more.

iSwifter is available for only iPad with some games available for purchase inside the app.

Source: TiPb

Become an iPad DJ Using Algoriddim’s Djay App

Apple App store is stacked up with DJ’ing apps for iDevices may it be an iPad, iPod Touch or an iPhone. So recently I was sifting through iTunes to get hold of a Djay app for my iPhone and I came across an amazing app called as Djay that was initially released for iPad. As per the reviews that this app raked in, Djay for iPad was the perfect turntable app for iOS powered devices offering some really cool features. With its low-latency turntable like realistic interface, pre-cueing, beat-synchronized scrubbing and cue point trigger options it is indeed one of the best music centric App released on iPad.Djay-for-iphone-user-interface

With Djay for iPad, users were even able to replace their entire DJ system including loads of CD piles and rack of components with just a sleek and a trendy tablet device. Now developers after a lot of demand from users have released this amazing app for iPhone and iPod Touch as well housing all the different set of controls.

Djay for iPhone/iPod Touch features

Well developers of Djay app have optimized it for multitasking and background operations as well. The app supports live mixing and recording as well alongwith the features like Automix mode, iPod library access and AirPlay support as well. Here is a list of features that this app offers:

  • Landscape and Portrait modes
  • Double-tap slider reset
  • Options to manually fade
  • Graphical and visual cue points
  • Scratching
  • Multiband equalizer

Users can download Djay for iPhone and iPod Touch from Apple App store for $10.

Do let us know which is your favorite iPhone Dj application?

Watch Free TV on Your Apple iPad via BBC iPlayer

The Apple iPad is truly a wonderful device, and thanks to all those free applications out there, it can do almost everything that you would do on a normal computer/laptop. You can watch movies, play games, read your favorite books and do lots more with your iPad. Now though, you can also watch free TV on your iPad thanks to BBC’s new iPlayer App. The British Broadcasting Corporation recently announced that they’ll be officially launching the iPlayer App for the iPad. An Android version is also in the making.

With the BBC iPlayer App you can watch those popular most watched programmes and also enjoy live radio tunes on your iPad. You can also browse through the program schedules and decide what you’d like to watch. The App has been optimized and designed for the iPad and has a very simple user interface.

The iPlayer App is now available for download via the App Store. The App is free, but once it brings international programmes then you may have to subscribe and shell out some money. Right now only programmes from BBC network are available.

GetGlue: A Social Networking Based iPhone/iPad App

GetGlue for iDevices is basically a social networking based App where users can tell their friends about what they are reading, watching, playing or in some instances thinking about.

Just like Foursquare and Gowalla, GetGlue enable users to check that what their Friend’s are upto anytime, moreover users can also leave any kind of a review on any activity that a friend has mentioned and resultantly people can like your comments and status updates.

Signing-up Process

While you are signing up for GetGlue, you can opt for two ways. One is that you can simply create a Get Glue account in a normal way and the other is that you can connect via Facebook. Once you are over with this, then you can start checking in and subscribing to the Feeds of other GetGlue users.

Good news for iPad users as GetGlue has recently launched an iPad and an iPod Touch app and they are also planning to launch an Android based GetGlue App as well. Overall, GetGlue general looks and feel somewhat conforms to Netflix where you can rate things and you will get suggestions based on your ratings.

Rating the stuff

Virtual Stickers

What I find interesting about this App is that as you rate stuff like Movies, TV shows and games and you will be getting virtual stickers based on these ratings. Similarly based on these rating you will also get recommendations that will be ideally tailored according to your taste.

GetGlue is a free app and can be downloaded from the Apple App store. If you want to get some information about this amazing thing that do check GetGlue.com.

Rovio Releases Free Version of Angry Birds HD with 12 Levels

I don’t think anyone needs an introduction to Angry Birds any more. It has quickly made its way up as the most popular game on all platforms. Rovio has just released free Angry Birds HD game for iPad owners with 12 levels. I don’t think any other iPad game is as addictive as this. Continue reading Rovio Releases Free Version of Angry Birds HD with 12 Levels