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The Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover Security Flaw

Security is an issue everywhere, on the internet, on your mobile device, on your tablet, on your computer and even in your personal lives. Well, at least on mobile devices and such, there is something called as Password. But, even those passwords aren’t very protective and can be bypassed with hacks such as the one I’m about to share with you. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Smart Cover that Apple made famous with their iPad 2, well, it turns out that they can let a user bypass the Passcode lock and enter the homescreen.

Sounds scary doesn’t it? As 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman discovered, the iPad 2 Smart Cover has a loop in the security and can let users access their Passcode locked devices without needing to entering any code. How bad is that? However, this method will not let you use or open any of the applications once inside the iPad, but imagine if you left an important email or personal file open. People do normally keep their apps open, such as emails, messages, photos or something else. It happens all the time, I’ve experienced it myself. I’ve left apps open and forgotten about it. Once you leave the iPad idle for 30 seconds, it locks itself. Now that’s an opportunity.

There is a simple method on how to do this, and lets find out how you can do it. Be advised, that this is not something cool. It’s literally like breaking in to another’s personal data and can lead to gruesome battles or even death. Here’s how to do it. Remember this will only work if you have a Smart Cover.

  • Lock your device, then hold the iPad’s Power button until the “slide to power off” switch appears
  • Close the iPad’s Smart Cover. This will lock the device again.
  • Open the Smart Cover and select  ‘Cancel’. Baam!! You have successfully bypassed the lock screen.
Check out the video after the break:

What do you think? Hope Apple addresses this issue real soon.

MTNL 3G settings for iPad2 [How to]

I bought a 3G iPad2 3 weeks back and I can’t get enough of it. I have stopped using my iPhone for any other purpose apart from Calling and SMS. iPad2 is seriously addictive and if you have installed right iPad apps, you might not look for another digital entertainment source for couple of days or may be weeks.

Anyways, one reason why I bought a 3G iPad2 is because I travel a lot and I can use 3G service from any service provider on my iPad. Of all the popular 3G service provider, I opted for MTNL because they are offering unlimited 3G for 6 months for just 4500. Which I believe is a good deal considering Unlimited data download without any FUP. (Yah Airtel sucks when it comes to FUP).

Anyways, here is a quick starter guide for configuring MTNL 3G on your iPad device. Just for info, MTNL doesn’t offer Micro-sim like BSNL Micro-sim but you can either buy a SIM-Cutter or if you good with DIY stuff, you can convert normal SIM into Micro-sim. In our head-quarter, we enjoy manual work and @droidsid took the pain of cutting down normal SIM into Micro-sim.

Step by Step guide to configure MTNL 3G Jadoo SIM on iPad2:

Put the Micro-sim into your iPad and go to Settings >Cellular Data > APN setting

iPad2-MTNL-APN-Setting Click on APN settings and enter following details :


  • APN: pps3g
  • Username: mtnl
  • password: mtnl123

Now once you have added MTNL 3G APN settings, now restart your iPad and your 3G will start working on iPad. It’s been more than 2 hours that I’m trying out MTNL 3G and so far I’m impressed with the speed. Though speed fluctuates a lot, but for 750/month (4500 INR for 6 months), I can’t expect more than this.

Do let us know if you are using 3G SIM on your iPad? Which network provider are you using and how’s the performance? If you face any issue setting up 3G on your iPad, do let us know via comment.

iPad Video App not working [Solution]

Couple of days back I jailbroke my iPad2 and I have been enjoying the power of jailbroken iOS device. Anyways, this is not about Jailbreaking but a small issue which I faced yesterday and I’m sure many other iPad users are facing the same issue.

I was playing some video on iPad video app and suddenly video apps froze and since then, when ever I open iPad video app, it was showing blank page. I can’t go back to video library. I tried hard resetting my iPad and restoring to earlier version but it didn’t helped.

Here is one quick work around which worked for me to fix frozen iPad video apps issue and I believe it might work for you too.


Go to spotlight search and search for any existing video by typing the name. Click on video and it will start playing again and your frozen iPad video app issue will be solved within seconds.

Do let us know if this helped you to fix your iPad video app problem or you still facing the same issue?

2 Places to Download Free Books for Your iPad

A lot of people would not agree to the fact that eBook is a phenomenon that is bound to stay and grow in the digital world. We have seen the influx of various kinds of e-readers in the consumer electronics world offering varying option base to users. But my personal favorite alternative for reading e-books is iPad, mainly because it provide users an easy way of reading scores of e-books without having to buy a dedicated device.

So if you are trying to find eBooks for your iPad on the internet then do read this post because I will be mentioning several websites from where you can find loads of free iPad eBooks. You ought to have eBooks apps like iBooks to read these digital books. All you have to do is find .epub files and add them up in your iTunes library and later on sync them with your iPad. Get to know about these eBooks archives websites after a break!


ManyBooks offers loads of free books and you can download these books in various formats that the site offers. You will find the Interface of the website a bit confusing but availability of large amount of contents make it a definite site to visit if you are an eager eBook reader. Browsing through the books titles and authors is a bit cumbersome but search feature is quite powerful. Overall, ManyBooks is a good place to lookout for some useful books online for your iPad.

Project Gutenberg

This might not be the perfect website to look out for eBooks for your e-reader but the thing that I liked the most about them is the variety of books available. Browsing and search options are pretty comprehensive and best part is a Top 100 list that dish out some really cool titles.

Project Gutenberg offers eBooks in 7 formats including ePub and PDF, the filename will be a bit changed when you will download a title but that’s not such a big deal. A bit boring thing is that the book you will download from the site will not be having a cover page or an artwork. Project Gutenberg unlike other sites also offer an offline catalogue of eBooks that you can browser through while not connected to the internet. It supports almost 14 languages and boasts score of books.

Do you use your iPad as an e-book reader, then do read the post and let us know in comments about your views.

Invisibility App for the iPad 2

The interest in the subject of invisibility has always been in our head, being able to be not visible is truly awesome. But, we also know that this is something that cannot be achieved, as far as I know. Well, in case you own an Apple iPad 2 then you could probably check out what this Invisibility app is all about. Invisibility App for iPad 2 will not turn your iPad invisible, as this will only create an illusion of invisibility.

Invisibility App for iPad 2 is only for when you’re super duper bored and want to show them some iPad Magic.

Give your iPad 2 the stunning illusion of invisibility. Its screen can behave like transparent glass. As you move your iPad, you and your friends will swear you’re seeing through it to a table top or floor underneath, or even into a fanciful virtual world.

After reading that, I’m sure you’d want to try this app out. This app makes use of your iPad 2 camera and then using it’s gyroscopes and what not makes the display look like a see-through surface. Just take a picture of a colored table, bed, the nature and any other interesting surface using the Invisibility app. Once done, you’ll need to place your iPad on that surface and pinch, zoom and adjust the image to the surface so that it looks like the image taken is just a continuity of the surface. Now go over to your homescreen and start rubbing it away using your fingers, you’ll gradually start seeing the image appear behind. When you move the iPad, the image stays stationary and makes it look like you’re actually seeing through the display.

Of course, you may realize after some time that there is going to be a lot of difference between the two images since the iPad 2 camera isn’t that great. This new technology is known as Pantomime technology and as mentioned before uses the Gyroscope and accelerometers to make all of that happen. If you’re still confused by what the heck all this is about then you should check the video after the break;

This here is one of those technologies that are still under development, like the head-tracking app we told you about. Hence, you may not experience the best when using this on your iPad, don’t blame me, because it’s your fault you’re not good at taking pictures. You’ll need to upgrade your iPad 2 to iOS 4.3.3 for the Invisibility shield to be working properly.

Yahoo Messenger for iPad 2 Now Available

Yahoo messenger is a great tool for voice and video chatting, a software that everyone has installed on their desktop, laptop and mobile devices. Yahoo Messenger was already available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, but now it’s also available for the iPad 2.

Yahoo Messenger iOS App

The iPad with its larger screen is a good tablet for video chatting, but the first generation iPad did not support video chatting because it did not have a front camera. Now there is the iPad 2, with a front camera and support for FaceTime. There are many other alternatives to FaceTime and one of them is the Yahoo Messenger App for the iPad 2.

The Yahoo Messenger App was updated earlier yesterday and can now be installed on an iPad 2 to utilize its front camera for video chatting. Although, I’m not sure how good the quality of the video call will be, it’ll still be useful as you can also make video calls and voice calls. Yahoo Messenger on the iPhone is a very useful app, just as it will be on the iPad 2 as many users have an Yahoo account.

Yahoo Messenger iPad 2

The new version is also optimized for the iPad 2, for it’s large screen and for multi-tasking to make the whole Yahoo experience faster and easier.

You can download Yahoo Messenger App for iPad 2 over at the Apple App Store for free. It weighs about 22mb and is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 4 and above.

Do you use Yahoo Messenger on your iOS device for voice or video chatting?What chat application do you normally use?

ColorWare: Custom Paint for iPad 2, iPhone 4 and More

There are many websites out there that say that they’ll modify your mobile device and make it look unique, but not all of them do a good job. To help all those people customize their mobile device, specially the very delicate Apple iPhone 4 and the iPad 2, ColorWare has come out with a custom paint job service that will really make you happy. I’m not saying that because I’ve used their service, but many people have and the come has even been featured on Engadget and few other websites.


ColorWare, the website, has a very easy to set-up interface wherein you can right away choose the colors you want you iPhone 4 or iPad 2 to be painted and then hit order. The combinations are really good and really give that unique feel to your Apple product. If you’re tired of that same old boring White or Black look, then go ahead and try out ColorWare.

I must however tell you that the variety of products that ColorWare will do a custom paint job on is huge. There are iPads, iPhone 4’s, MacBook Pro, Air, iMac’s, Alienware’s, few BlackBerry Phones and more. So do check them out if you want a unique looking Apple device or BlackBerry or an Alienware laptop.

ColorWare Custom Paint

After looking at the above pictures of the MacBook Air, the Alienware M15x, iPad 2 and the iPhone 4 most of you must have already started customizing your device, ordered and then seen the pricing. Yes, the pricing is pretty high, which you’ll realize once you choose what colors to paint your beloved iPhone 4 or MacBook Pro. You can also buy some products directly from ColorWare, instead of you sending your device for a new coat of paint.

Did you recently happen to buy an Apple iPad 2 or an iPhone 4? Do you want to get yourself a custom one? What do you think of this service?

FindOne: iPhone App to Search for iPad 2 Availability

Who knew it would come to this. The iPad 2 has been in so much demand in the US that it is very difficult to find iPad 2 stock in stores all over the country. Here’s a free iPhone app called FindOne to the rescue. It searches store database to find which stores near you have iPad 2 availability.

Continue reading FindOne: iPhone App to Search for iPad 2 Availability

Video: iPad2 Flex Test

iPhone Repair Experts from iFixyouri have made a video showcasing the durability and strength of iPad 2’s glass which as per 9to5Mac is thinner by 27% over it’s predecessor iPad 1. They flex the glass on both iPad to test strenght of the glass. iPad 2 holds up very well and doesn’t break under stress, unless really pushed too far. Check the video and see for yourself.

Before you watch it, iPad users please don’t try this with your precious iPads.

The iPad 2 seems to be as strong as the iPad but has much higher flexing tolerances. But real world situations would involve lower chances of being damaged from flexing and chances of it from being dropped on it’s corners and breaking are much higher. A series of tests where the iPad 2 is dropped from a height with different loads may have yielded more realistic results.

This tests really puts “thinner is weaker” theory to rest. With the quality of Apple products being nothing short of ‘top notch’ one can expect nothing less than an ‘awesome quality product’ from Apple every time. It would’ve been wiser to conduct a series of tests where items of varying sizes and weights were dropped on the iPad 2. No one generally, accidentally bends their iPads and damages it. Therefore we still feel that this test is half baked. It could’ve been done in a better way.

This time around, the glass on the new iPads are not manufactured by Corning, it’s made by a Japanese company – Asahi Glass. This new glass is apparently stronger than the ones found on the original iPad.

Suffice to say iPad 2 owners can rest easy, considering iPad 2 glass is indeed stronger and durable and apparently ‘iFixyouri’ conducted multiple drop tests at their office in Boston and there wasn’t a instance where the iPad 2’s glass broke under impact.

via [9to5Mac]

New Twitter App Update let You Utilize iPad 2 Dual Camera

You know that the iPad 2 has two cameras, and to make use of both the camera’s Twitter has come out with an update that supports both cameras. The update hasn’t made it to the older iPads or the iPhone 4, but iPad 2 users can update to the latest version and enjoy some direct picture/video uploading.

The update was released yesterday, and with this update, you can take pictures or shoot videos directly from within the Twitter app. Once you’re done taking pictures of things you like, you can then directly upload it to Twitter and share it with the world. Of course, to do this you’ll need to be a proud owner of the new iPad 2, which at the moment is the only iDevice that gets this support. Now we all know that the iPad 2 will definitely sell a lot, and the update will definitely come in handy when you have to share something very quickly with the world.

<Image Credit>

Apart from the iPad 2 being able to utilize it’s camera’s, the new Twitter update also fixes some bugs. A certain bug that caused the compass to pop-up occasionally when monitoring change in location has been disabled and some other minor crash issues are now gone.

Download the latest update from the Apple App Store. You’ll be notified of the same on your iOS device.