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Mobile Mouse Pro : Use iOS device as a Wireless Mouse

There are lots of applications out there that turn your iOS device into things that normal devices will find impossible to even think of, and yet another application joins the army. It’s called the Mobile Mouse Pro, is compatible with both Mac and Windows PCs and unlike other Mobile remote applications can control a lot more things than just the keyboard and mouse.

Mobile Mouse Pro

Mobile Mouse not only acts as a wireless keyboard and mouse, but also can be used as a remote to control a huge army of applications compatible with the device. Thus, it also acts as an application launcher for media apps and provides media controls too. What you get is a wireless keyboard, an accelerometer based mouse, and medial controls. Mobile Mouse is available for free, but you’ll have to shell out $1.99 for the Mobile Mouse Pro to enjoy all it’s features.

This app is also available for Android device and latest version is 2.6 at the time of writing which is compatible with iOS5.

Mobile Mouse Pro tutorial

Here is a quick video tutorial which explain shows complete features and how to use Mobile mouse pro.

Have you use any other app like mobile mouse to use your iOS device as mouse?

Jailbreak iOS 4.1 on iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G, RedSn0w [Mac]

Now you can Jailbreak iOS 4.1 on your iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G running iOS 4.1 or 4.0 using Redsn0w on Mac. The SHAtter exploit by pod2g is not included and RedSn0w uses the same old method to Jailbreak iOS 4.1. If you want Ultrasn0w unlock too, you should wait for now.

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iWebcamera turns your iPhone into a Webcam [Review]

I laid my hands upon the iWebcamera Application for iPhone yesterday and was totally amazed. This is one of those applications that not everyone needed, but they will still appreciate it. Let’s take a detailed look at it.

What does it do?

This application will allow iPhone users to use the mobile device as a wireless webcam with their computers. Works both on Windows and Mac computers. Drivers have been released for Windows(XP, Vista & Win 7) and Snow Leopard.

How to get started?

You will first need to purchase the iPhone app from the App Store. It cost me $4.99. Once you have purchased and installed the application on the iPhone, you will need to download the drivers for your operating system from here.

Post installation, connect your computer and iPhone to the same wi-fi network. I connected my iPhone and Macbook to the home router. Did not check it with an Ad-hoc connection, but that shouldn’t produce a hiccup either. The iPhone app will switch its status from “Waiting” to “Connected” once an app on your computer starts receiving the video stream.

As the developer specified, iWebcamera won’t work with Apple’s iChat and Photo Booth for some reasons. This is not this app’s fault. It should work with most other video chat applications. Just head to your chat client’s preferences > Video Settings > Under Camera Sources select “drahtwerk’s iWebcamera.” Once you reach this step you should already be able to see through the eyes of your iPhone.

Streaming video from iPhone to Skype on Macbook

The iPhone app has a very minimal interface and is very much user-friendly. There’s isn’t much to choose from, which falls in place with the habits of an Apple user. A tap on the green button will pause video stream and status light turns amber. A tap again and you’ll be streaming again. You can choose from two video qualities, high-res and lo-res. Anyone can get it to work, be it a ten year old or your mom.

While laptop users won’t largely benefit from this as our macbooks and laptops usually ship with in built webcams. However, those with no in built webcams or desktop users will surely like it. It’s just great to have the ability to move your webcam freely around yourself. I was able to use my iPhone to show people around my room while on Skype, without moving the computer. Like I said, this is a very practical application and I am totally enthralled with its ability.

The best part I liked and which I keep mentioning again and again is the seamless connectivity. You just need to connect to same networks and the app does the rest. Usually, connecting phone cameras to computers is a tedious hack. But here you are, with a webcamera for one-fifth the normal price. You have two advantages. Firstly, you save some money and secondly you get to put your iPhone’s small but efficient lens to more work. Next in our to-do list is look for some nice iPhone stands to keep the cam stable as we video chat. 🙂


It’s a recommended buy. The app does what it promises. The updated version for iPhone 4 and iOS4 has been sent to Apple and should land in the App Store soon. I tested it on an iPhone 3G running iOS 4.0 and it worked perfectly.

Before you make the purchase, please note that this app will only stream video to your computer and not any audio. While, you’re chatting you will still have to use your computer’s microphone for voice inputs.

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Let us know how you like the idea of being able to use your iPhone as a wireless web camera and if you are curious too to lay your hands upon the app.

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iMac Touch and Macbook Tablet Revealed

If you are the one who is waiting for a new touchscreen iMac then you would be glad to know that Patently Apple revealed some applications made by Apple in Europe that gives a hint that what we can expect in future iMac.

According to the patent, it seems that iMac will run on both iOS and OS X. The switching between the two OS will be interesting according to the direction of screen. When you will use your iMac in upright direction, it will run OS X and while keeping the iMac horizontal it will switch to iOS. Thus you can use it according to your requirement.



Another way is to use touchscreen that is when you want to switch from OS X to iOS then you will need to grab iMAC to 505 left and right as soon in patent figure. These points have advanced touch sensors which sends signals to processor and thus you can easily switch between the two OS.

iMac touch

Apart from this the pantent also revealed about a touch-based MacBook that can be converted into “Tablet Mode”. According to Patent:

The display could also be oriented for touch input. For example, the display 1130 may be rotated and laid flat against the keyboard 1134, with the backside of the display facing down against the keyboard so that the display screen is facing up, in an orientation for touch input.

The new revealed iMac touch seems to be interesting, you can read more about it on Patently Apple.

Jailbreak any iOS 4 Device with Jailbreakme.com

The great folks at iPhone Dev-Team and our current iOS superstar Comex have made available to us a Jailbreak solution for iOS 4 devices. It works for all devices from iPod Touch to iPad including the iPhone of course. You don’t even need a computer to perform the process. Jailbreaking couldn’t get any simpler. Continue reading Jailbreak any iOS 4 Device with Jailbreakme.com