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How to Get Refund for iPhone App Purchased Accidentally

In case you purchased an iPhone app by mistake or it does not work properly you can claim a refund from Apple by using this tutorial. Apple cares a lot about its customers and if you have a genuine reason then you will be able to return the iPhone app and get refund. This approach will also work for apps purchased using iPad or iPod Touch – any iOS device in general.

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How to Redownload Purchased Apps from the App Store [iOS]

Unlike the iTunes Store content (music/video), the App Store purchases can be downloaded an unlimited number of times. This guide will show you how to redownload purchased apps from the App Store on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac/PC. This will work for both free and paid apps alike.

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How to Resume Interrupted iTunes Store Downloads on iPhone or Computer

You might be aware that songs and videos purchased from the iTunes store can be downloaded only once. However, if the download is interrupted for any reason then you can resume them on your iOS device or iTunes on your Mac or PC by following these steps.

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Celeste Will Bring Bluetooth File Sharing to iPhone [iOS 4]

CocoaNut Apps will be releasing Celeste for iOS soon. Hate it or not, Apple has still not released Bluetooth file sharing on iPhone or other iOS devices. Last year this time we tried iBluenova which did a pretty good job as this but did not work with iOS 4. Scheduled for a release this month, Celeste promises this feature for iOS 4.

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VLC Streamer: Stream and Watch Videos on Your iPhone/iPad

Apple removed the very helpful VLC Player from the App Store last month due to copyright infringement. So there wasn’t any way to download VLC Player for iPhone, unless you already had the app installed when it was released. Soon after, another VLC App was developed for download from the Cydia Store on a Jailbroken iOS device. Now what if you don’t want to Jailbreak your device, but still want to be able to watch all those movies on your hard drive? You can do so with the help of an app known as VLC Streamer.

Although it’s not an official VLC App, developed by Hobbyist Software, it’s as good as having the original VLC Player on your iOS device. VLC Streamer doesn’t require you to store any movies, videos or music on your device as it streams the movie over an active Wi-Fi connection. A really good option if you don’t like to load your iPhone or iPad with too many movies. To make this work you’ll need to download a desktop software from Hobbyist Software that helps create a network between your desktop and your iOS device to stream movies seamlessly. You can use VLC Streamer to watch movies in almost all the formats that VLC can play. The Desktop helper is a simple tool and installs itself, after that the VLC Streamer app will automatically connect to your desktop and you can start watching movies right away.

There are two versions of the VLC Streamer App, a Free version with ads and another one without ads that will cost you just $0.99 to download from the app store.

The VLC Streamer helper is available for download on Windows, Mac and also Linux.

Download the VLC Streamer Free from Apple iTunes and the VLC Streamer from Apple iTunes. The App is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, requires iOS 4.0 and above.

Make Free VOIP Calls to Facebook Friends with Facebook Messenger for iOS Devices

With App store getting flooded by Skype like Apps it is sometimes very hard to choose an app that will fulfill your need for VOIP based calling. If you are a Facebook fan and wondering that how can you call your Facebook friends over VOIP then Facebook Messenger is the right app for you.


Facebook Messenger is a brand new iOS based application that allows you to call your Facebook friends free of cost. The application allow users to send instant messages to your Facebook friends through Facebook chat or send pictures or view their walls.

Facebook Messenger main features are:

  • Chat with your Facebook friends from your iDevice
  • A very easy to use and Friendly features
  • Apple Push notifications updated regularly
  • Easily send photos from your iPhone camera roll
  • Message history of all the Facebook chats
  • Ability to view friends wall without ever leaving the app


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Facebook Messenger uses a third party website to make video calls to any of your friends. On the whole, app is well designed and even looks great in the use. For more information you can visit the developers website, Facebook Messenger app can be downloaded from Apple App store for $2.99.

How to Put iPhone or iPod Touch into DFU Mode

This tutorial will show you how to put your iPhone into DFU Mode. Use DFU Mode to downgrade firmware to older version. DFU mode is not the same as Recovery Mode. You should always try Recovery mode first to solve your iPhone issues because its easier. You can read our previous post How to Put iPhone into Recovery Mode? In case you were wondering about the difference between these two modes refer to iPhone Tip: Difference Between Recovery Mode and DFU Mode.

If your iPhone is dead and doesn’t startup at all you can put your iPhone into DFU mode by following the tutorial and then restore it using Apple’s Firmware Files(.ipsw)

 iPhone into DFU Mode

How to put your iPhone into DFU Mode?

Follow these steps carefully.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer.

Step 2: Turn your iPhone off. You have to do this after connecting since iPhone automatically turns on every time you connect it to the computer.

To turn off press and hold the power button till you see the “Slide to Power off” screen. Now slide the button to turn it off. In case your iPhone is stuck in an infinite loop and the previous option is unavailable, press and hold the Power and Home button till the screen goes off.

Step 3: Hold Power & Home Button together for 10 seconds. Release Power button but continue holding Home button till your iPhone starts and iTunes detects it. The iPhone screen will remain black and no logo or image should appear.



In case you see the Connect to iTunes screen(2nd Screenshot shown above) on your iPhone you are in Recovery Mode and not DFU. People who are used to jailbreaking their iPhones should be able to do it one attempt. Novice users might take three or four attempts before they get it right. Don’t worry you won’t spoil your iPhone so it’s okay to try.

How to Exit DFU Mode?

If you somehow find yourself stuck and need to exit DFU Mode just hold both Home and Power buttons for five seconds or till the iPhone restarts(Apple logo appears).

Apart from iPhones, you can also use this tutorial to put iPod Touch into DFU Mode or an iPad too. If you need more help, feel free to ask us via comments.

Microsoft Releases OneNote Mobile App for iOS

Microsoft has just released a new version or rather a new OS version of their famous and easy to use note taking application called OneNote for Apple’s iOS devices. Certainly Microsoft is trying to get a share in Apple’s mobile market leadership with the help of this new release.

OneNote mobile is a very useful application that can be used by anyone and has been around for a very long time bringing along some new features with the new iOS release.

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Now you’ll be able to use this amazing little tool on your iPhone and other iOS devices and make the task of taking any kinds of notes, including audio, video and images, pretty easy. The Microsoft OneNote is a tool that can be used on the iOS devices, and the application comes with a modified keyboard for Apple devices, and also there is the ability to save information(upload) to the Windows SkyDrive, a cloud service.

You can now download this tool from the Apple Store for free, but soon enough Microsoft will be charging for the OneNote App. The App is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad and requires iOS 4.2 and later.

What do you think of this move by Microsoft? And what application do you use for taking notes on your iPhone?