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Swype for iPhone and iPad Now Available in Cydia

You’d all be familiar with Swype if you’ve ever used an Android phone, or a Symbian v3 phone for that matter. It’s the easy alternative to text input on a mobile device that involves tracing a path on the on-screen keyboard to create a word. Like you’re drawing something and then it turns in to a word. Now, Swype is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, courtesy of Cydia and works exactly as how it works on Android.

Swype is definitely much easier than traditional text input method and faster too, but to get used to it will take some time. If you’re a new user, then you’ll probably need a day or two to get used to Swype and start swyping. A developer was successful in porting Swype to iOS and although it’s still in beta version, it works great. Of course you’ll need a jailbroken iPhone or iPad to install this and you’ll need to add a new repo too.

This Swype jailbreak app will not work with other SMS apps such as BiteSMS or others and will only function with the stock apps like Messages, Notes, Spotlight et cetera. It’s pretty easy to install and use and if you’ve not jailbroken your iOS device yet, why don’t you follow this JailbreakMe 3.0 tutorial.

Alright, so let’s get started.

  • Open Cydia on your iOS device.
  • Go to Manage>Sources and then select Edit and Add till a dialog box opens asking for input.
  • The Swype repo is http://wynd.x10.mx/repo. Once it’s loaded, go back to the list of all your repos and select the one that you just added.
  • There are only three apps, the last one is Swype. The current version available is 0.2.0, select it and install. Once installed it’ll ask to Restart Springboard.
  • After the restart, you should be able to use the Swype text input method on your iOS device and treated to those blue tracing lines.

Remember this is still in beta stage, and may not work sometimes, but you can always use the normal text input method. I really enjoyed using Swype, now it’s your turn to try it out and not be the one who’s left out while among Android users.

Do let us know if you prefer Swype to the regular text input method.

Charlie Sheen Releases iPhone App, Puts His Mind In Your Pocket

Charlie Sheen is the well known TV entertainer/actor who got most of his fame from the television show Two and a Half Men. I bet most have you have enjoyed watching the show and laughed your ass off listening to ‘Uncle Charlie’ go on about things that make little sense. Charlie Sheen recently unveiled his very own designed iPhone App whose purpose I clearly don’t seem to understand. He has named it as ‘The MaSheen’ and it will literally put Mr. Charlie Sheen’s mind in your pocket. Isn’t that what a Charlie Sheen fan always wants? To think like him, probably not be like him, but the fans will understand better. I’m a big fan too, so I will play around with this app and try to think like him.

The MaSheen

The MaSheen app doesn’t do much, other than play some of his videos where he talks about various topics. The app also has a fortune teller, wherein you’ll have to ask a question and then shake your iDevice to receive the reply shown on the mouth of the Tiger. Charlie Sheen say’s that he’s got tiger blood, and this app in a way lets you share some of his tiger blood with you. This isn’t a really useful app for non-fans, but for everyone else it will be quite interesting as it has lots to do with his mind. The App also features sections like the Mind Torpedo, The Magik Tiger and  The Fastballs of Truth all of which give you more insights into his brain. The Mind Torpedo actually shows up quotations by Mr. Sheen with the Tiger in the background, such as ‘I have a different constitution, I have a different brain, a different heart. I’ve got Tiger blood man.’

The MaSheen Screenshot

The app isn’t free though, actually it’s quite expensive for such an app. The MaSheen app will cost you $2.99 and already there are complaints flooding that the app is overpriced, however the sales are increasing and Mr. Sheen is making money. Two and a half men went into hiatus after Charlie Sheen went to rehab for drug addiction, he is recovering now and has found selling apps as an alternative to making money.

You can download the MaSheen App from the App Store for $ 2.99 and is currently compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad running on iOS 4.2 and above. An Android version is also in the making, and Mr. Sheen may keep updating some aspects of this app as time passes by.

Fans will definitely buy this app, but will you?

How to Enable Video Mirroring on iPhone 4 and iPad 1

The iPad 2 has very advanced and capable graphics specifications since it is the latest member of iOS family. So Apple decided to allow video mirroring feature only on the iPad 2. This tutorial shows you how to enable video mirroring on any jailbroken iPhone 4 or iPad 1.

Apart from out of the box video mirroring support, the iPad 2 has a lot more differences than the previous iPad. Check out our full comparison of iPad 2 and iPad 1 for more.

Video mirroring ipad2

Just like the previous hack we shared, to enable Multitouch gestures on iPhone 4, this guide will require you to make a small change in one of the iPhone files. For this purpose you can either use SSH or apps like DiskAid or iPhone Explorer. These two apps help you transfer files over USB and are available for both Windows and Mac users.

Before we proceed, you need to have an jailbroken iOS device with iOS 4.3.1. In case you haven’t jailbroken your iOS device yet you can update it to iOS 4.3.1 and jailbreak using the following guides for both Mac and Windows users:

You should backup your device in iTunes before proceeding.

How to Enable Video Mirroring in iOS 4.3.1:

This guide can be used to enable mirroring on the iPad 1, iPod Touch 4G and iPhone 4. For devices older than this, it would be a hit and trial process.

Navigate to system > library > coreservices > springboard.app and copy the corresponding file for your iOS device, onto your computer. We will edit this file to enable mirroring.

Enable video mirroring on iphone4 or ipad1 2

Each iOS device stores settings in a different file. So, here’s the list to tell you which file you need to edit:

  • K48AP.plist (iPad)
  • K90AP.plist (iPhone 4)
  • N81AP.plist (iPod Touch 4g)

Now, open the file in Plist editor or TextWrangler and add a new entry. If you are using Plist editor you need to create a new key called display-mirroring and set type to boolean and Value to Yes. Refer to the screenshot below for more help.

Enable video mirroring on iphone4 or ipad1 3

If you are using a text-editor you can add it manually by adding the following two lines of code.


Enable display mirroring iphone 4

After your edited file looks like one of the screenshots shown above, save the changes and replace the file on your iOS device with this one. Reboot your iPhone for the changes to take effect.

You can now take full advantage of video mirroring using Apple’s VGA adapter or HDMI Digital AV adapter.

Squabble for iPhone Released: Addictive Online Word Game

A brand new word game has been released in the App Store today. Squabble for iPhone has been designed by the Retired Astronaut Collective. This is a two player game that can be played online or offline. The goal is to create the longest words you can with the given set of letters. As a free game, this is going to be an instant hit.

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3 Free Calculator Apps for iOS Devices

In school and colleges math was not favorite subject of many of the students. But we need to do many calculations in our daily life and sometimes its too tacky to carry calculator everywhere specially when you have a smartphone with you. Few of the smartphones don’t provide you all solutions to your calculus problem but iDevices are way smart to provide solutions to your calculus problems quickly and easily. Here I am listing 3 calculator apps for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad which you can grab for free.

Pcalc Lite Calculator:

This app is for everyone who want to solution for small or large calculations. This is an scientific calculator which gives you options like unit conversions, RPN mode and lots more. I like the neat interface of app. Worth trying out.

[ Link ]


Tutor.com to go:

As the name says, It’s helps you to solve lots of different calculus problems. It is useful app for job seeker and students as it provides lots of notes, homework and test prep and videos which will help you to understand and get solutions to your problems easily.

[ Link ]

Tutor com


This is again a simple, user-friendly calculator app which have few scientific features and can display both equation and solution simultaneously.  It have redo and undo option and also supports handwriting.

[ Link ]


Check out more useful apps:

For all the above iOS apps you don’t have to pay a single penny and students can use it as education app as well as businessmen can keep track of their accounts on go. If you are using any calculator app for iPhone then do share with us.

New Vimeo App for iPhone with Video Editing and Sharing Released

Vimeo is another alternative to Youtube, a video sharing website to let your imagination flow and be creative. They have been known to provide very good video editing tools and options when it comes to online video editing.

If you prefer using Vimeo to edit and upload your videos online, you now have the choice to do it on your iOS device. Vimeo recently launched their very first official app on the App Store for all those video enthusiasts. Using this app, you can turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a video editing tool for free, whereas Apple’s iMovie will cost you $4.99 to enjoy similar and less features.

What the Vimeo App for your iOS device can do:

  • Download and manage all your videos on Vimeo and view/edit them on your device
  • Upload videos taken/edited in either SD or HD formats
  • Pause/resume uploads and get reminded when a video is paused
  • Replace existing videos
  • Edit title, description, tags, privacy and credits
  • Share with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, Email or SMS
  • Add your clips to your Groups, Channels and Albums
  • Stats on daily plays, likes and comments

The editing that you can get done with the help of this app include adding transitions, effects, titles, music and your own recordings. You can also use this app to record video with focus control and grid alignment and continue editing the same right away. According to the press release, this seems to be just the begining and that the company plans to bring more features such as search, AirPlay support and more. An Android version is also in the making and the iPad will soon get an iPad only version too.

You can download this app from the App Store without fiddling through your pocket and that’s a huge plus point. A free video editing app is good news for video editors on the move. You’ll require iOS 4.0.1 and above, will function best with iPhone, iPod touch (4th gen), iPad 2 Wi-Fi/ Wi-Fi + 3G.

[ Via iDB ]

How to Open Password Protected PDF Files on iPhone or iPad

If you have ever tried to view a password protected PDF file on your iOS device, in the Mail app or Dropbox you might have noticed that your iPhone displays a blank image and fails to open password protected PDFs. This tutorial will show you how to open such files by using the free iPhone application iBooks or other paid applications that you might already own.


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How to Copy Music and Videos from iPhone to iTunes on Windows or Mac

This tutorial will show you how to transfer music from iPhone to your Computer using a free software. No need to purchase any premium app for this. Works on Windows as well as Mac. This comes handy when you want to sync your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to a new computer without losing all the previous sync data.

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3 FaceTime Alternatives for Video Chatting on iPhone or iPod Touch

In case you are upset with the lack of FaceTime calling over 3G or if FaceTime is not working at all, it does not mean you cannot video chat using your iOS device. Today we are listing three great FaceTime alternatives for video calling from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Agreed, FaceTime is great. Maybe even “Magical” like Apple suggests. However, it does have certain shortcomings. One great shortcoming is that it does not work over 3G. Also, certain users are unable to activate FaceTime on their wireless networks.

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