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Create Diagrams Using Sentences with Diagrammer

Are you working on any project and want to find an easier way to create diagrams to improve the presentation of your project? Now, we all know that it is not easy to create diagrams in Microsoft Word and can be a time consuming task if you use other software like Paint, Photoshop and simply any software. To help you save time and create good looking diagrams for your projects, you should give Diagrammer a try.


Diagrammer is a useful online tool which helps users create diagrams by writing sentences. It might be a little tricky to get used to this service but once you know how to properly use it, it can be a really helpful tools. Click on Start diagram button on the homepage and it will redirect you to a new page where you can create your diagram. All you have to do is type the sentences which you want to use in your diagrams and hit enter.


If you want, you can even change the layout of your diagram. Click on “Change Layout” button and you will notice small arrow icons appearing right next to your sentences along with the change in the diagram layout as shown below. Using those buttons you can change the placement of the text you used in you diagrams.


Once you are finished, you can embed the image to any webpage using the embed code, share it with you friends or save the image to your computer by right clicking on the image.

Do try Diagrammer and let us know what you think.

Visit Diagrammer

Easily Expand Short URLs with KnowURL

Internet is not a safe place any more. Before opening any URL from a person, one must make sure that it will not take him to some malicious or unsafe site. If it does, there is a high probability that your PC will be infected with loads of viruses and Trojans. And many people these days shorten URLs for easy access and sharing. What I normally do when someone shares a shortened URL is check where this URL will redirect me. To do that, there are many useful websites available on the internet and one of them is, KnowURL.

KnowURL is a useful online service which helps users expand the short URL and find out where it will lead them. To make long story short, it unshorten the link and you can be sure whether the link you are opening is safe or not.


To use the service, all you have to do is paste the short URL in the field provided and click on Expand Me button. Within seconds, it will display the full URL and you can check whether the website you are opening is authentic or not.


KnowURL is a really useful service for those who want to be on the safe side and make sure that they do not open something which can harm their computer. If you like KnowURL, you can even install its extension which is available on Google Chrome. The service currently support all the major URL shortening services including bit.ly, tinyURL and few others.

Visit KnowURL

LaunchItNow: Create Attractive Launch Page for Your Website

launchitnow-1Creating an attractive launch page can drive many regular readers for any website. The reason behind that is if you are working on a new project and you have an attractive launch page, it will make the visitors check out how the site or blog will be and will definitely wait for the official launch. But many people fail to create attractive launch pages either because they don’t have advance coding knowledge or do not pay that much attention to the importance of launch pages. To solve this problem, you should check out a web application named Launch It Now.

Launch It Now is a useful website which helps users create launch pages for different websites without advanced coding knowledge. To get start, go to LaunchItNow website and click on “Create Your Launch Page” button.


In order to use the service, you must sign up for a free account. It will ask you to select your username, password and email address. After filling out all the required details, click on Submit button and you are good to go. It will redirect you to the dashboard of LaunchItNow.


Now, select create your page and it will take you to modify the settings of your launch page. Fill in the site navigation details, setup front page, add social media icons, email notifications to tell readers about the launch date and much more. You can even track the number of people who visited your launch page by inserting Google Analytics code in it, just like any other website you track. Once you are satisfied with all the details, click on “Save and Publish” button. If you want to check out how the page looks, you can preview it as well before adding the code to your website’s template.


Now, it will ask you to follow some simple steps, download the index file, grab the code and paste it in the index file. Follow 3 simples steps mentioned on Launch It Now to setup your launch page.


LaunchItNow is a useful website if you are looking for a simple and easy way to create launch page for your upcoming project.

Note: Keep this thing in mind that the website is still in Beta stage and free for time being. It might contains errors and bugs which you can report to the support of Launch It Now

Check out Launch It Now

ResizeImage: Resize and Crop Images Online in Few Simple Clicks

As a blogger, you should know how important it is for a website or blog to load as quickly as possible. One reason many people don’t notice is that while posting, we should make sure that the images we post are properly optimized and should be large in size otherwise, it will affect the loading time of the website. There are many tools available which can help users reduce image size but that may have a negative effect on the quality of the picture. To solve this issue, we came across an excellent utility, ResizeImage.


ResizeImage is a useful online utility which helps users reduce images size and edit them online. To get started, simply browse the picture you want to resize and click on Upload Image button.


Once the image is uploaded, it will present you with a number of editing options. If you are using Basic Resize option, you have 3 size options: Small, Medium and Large. Select any option you want and click on Save Changes button.


You can manually resize the image as well by going to Advanced resize option in the left sidebar. There you can make sure that the height and width are proportional and just use your mouse to resize the image.


If you just want to extract some portion of the image, you can do that by going to the crop option and select the area which you want to save.


Once you are done with the changes, you can save and download the image to you computer or share it on different social networking websites including Twitter and Facebook.


ResizeImage is an easy to use online tool to resize images without installing any third party software.

Checkout ResizeImage

Twtrland: Easily Decide Whether to Follow Different Twitter Users or Not

Twitter is one of the largest social networks on the internet right now. You can follow people, get to know them, share stuff and much more. One good thing about Twitter is that you cannot only follow people you know but also those who you don’t know. But the problem arises whether following them will benefit you or not? Do they share useful stuff? How active they are on Twitter? Questions like these arise and to answer them, you should give Twtrland a try.


Twtrland is a free online website which helps users analyze and decide whether to follow different twitter users or not. To get started, simple type the username of the person you wish get statistics for and hit enter. It will quickly analyze the twitter profile and in seconds will display different statistics about his/her tweets. For any new username, it might take 2-5 minutes to analyze the account. Once its complete, it will show you information like account stats, top followers, tweets, famous words tweeted by that user, pictures uploaded and much more. It will also show you how many tweets the person does, how many retweets he gets/does, his favourites, how many tweets contains links and much more.


Twtrland is useful online tool which can help users decide whether to follow a specific user or not. You should give this simple and easy to use service a try.

Check out Twtrland

Recognize Fonts on Web Pages with Fount

Many times we come across fonts on different websites which we don’t know about but do want to use them on our site or design. To help you recognize fonts used on different web pages, we came across a useful online utility, Fount.


Fount is an excellent online tool which helps users recognize fonts used on different websites. Normally, you may find different software for your operating system which can help you recognize fonts, but these days, many people prefer to use online tools rather than installing third party applications on their computers.

Using the service is really easy and straight forward. All you have to do is drag Fount bookmarklet in your browser, go to any web page and click on the Fount bookmarklet. After that, click on the text anywhere on the web page and it will display which font is used along with the font size and weight as show in the screenshot below. After identifying, if you want to disable Fount, click on the bookmarklet again and it will disable Fount.


Fount is a user friendly tool which comes in form of a bookmarklet and is compatible with all the browsers. The best thing about Fount is that you don’t have to install any software or go through long registration forms to use the service.

Check out Fount

Easily Create Icons from Image Files With Converticon

There are thousands of software available on the internet which can help users convert different image formats into icons. But these days, people are reluctant to install third party applications to perform small conversion tasks as there are risks involved. This problem can be solved by a service known as “Converticons”.

Converticon is a useful online utility which can help users image formats into high quality ICO files. To start the conversion process, click on Get Started button on the homepage and browse the file you want to convert into ICO file.


Once the uploading is complete, click on the Export button and it will show you all the possible sizes in which you can convert your images. Select the size in which you want to convert your image and click on Save As button. The size of the icon usually depends on where you want to use the icon file. For example, if you want to use the icon for your website or blog, the recommended size would be 24×24 or 16×16. But if you want to use it for any of your drive or folder, bigger size would be better.


And you are done. Now, save the file anywhere you want and use it. Just go to properties of any folder and go to Customize > Change Icon and select your newly created icon.


Converticon is a nifty online tool which can help you create ICO files in few simple clicks without installing any software.

Checkout Converticon

3 Amazing Word Sites for Wannabe Writers & Bloggers

For Bloggers and writers, words is everything, it’s their entire universe and realm. Well if you happen to be in the bloggers clan then discovering new words and finding about meanings of unknown words holds a lot of significance. You will find scores of word sites on internet that will make your blogging and writing thing a fun filled job. So my love for words and vocabulary made me to carry-out an extensive search for some really cool word sites and here are some that you should definitely explore:

Tag Galaxy

tag galaxy

Words with visual tags, this particular site is about visually representing words realm rather then displaying them in a textual format. You can interact with Tag Galaxy in a multitude of ways because any word you are gonna enter will become a keyword that will be surrounded with multitude of related words. Wait! Best part is that all of this is represented in a sort of a photo-globe with pictures collected from Flickr. The word in the center transforms into a Sun and the rest turn into planets. Give the globe a spin by rotating it with your mouse, plus you will see photos associated with that word flinging to the globe. I find Tag Galaxy a perfect way to associate words with pictures.


WordSift Visualize Text

You will find this service to be immensely useful mainly because of the features it offers. What WordSift does is that it helps users to visualize their text excerpts by dynamically creating a tag cloud of all the important word in your text piece. Words can be moved around and can be sorted easily. You can use WordSift service to create words association that will eventually help you in your writing assignments.

What Does that Means

English Idioms whatDoesThatMean

It’s a Q&A based website that is dedicated to help you find out the meanings of words. Confused about a word, just post your word query on WDTM and wait for an reply from the online community. Earn ‘Karma points’ on the website and you can move up the chain on it.

These websites will definitely let you improve your vocabulary and it will let you play around with them in a positive manner.

Eye ooo: View Multiple Webpages in Same Browser Tab

Often for comparisons, viewing multiple webpages simultaneously can be extremely helpful. With a large enough monitor, an appropriate screen resolution, and a bit of window resizing you can easily view the webpages simultaneously in 2 separate browser windows. But the case is not as simple when you have a smaller monitor. Here to help you accomplish the same effect with a smaller display is a web service called “Eye ooo.”


Eye ooo is a wonderful website completely free to use. It lets its people simultaneously view multiple webpage under the same browser tab. This can be a great help in viewing multiple pages simultaneously for comparison or keeping in view the notifications area of a certain website. When you visit the homepage of Eye ooo, you find the options of Google Translate and Twitter Hashtag.


These options provide you with 2 simultaneous version of the said service in the same browser tag.


If there are other sites you would like to view, you can enter the site URLs and the site template. The first 2 templates correspond to 2 websites whereas the third template helps viewing 3 websites simultaneously.


All you have to do is click on a template style and enter the site’s URL. Click on the “GO” button located below and view those URLs you entered simultaneously.


The sites appear next to one another with default positions of separators. These separators can be easily repositioned using your mouse. You can have the separators adjusted that that it shows only a small region of a website; this can be helpful if you only want a certain area of a site – such as the notification area – to be visible.

Overall, Eye ooo offers a definitely useful web service that can help all those wanting to view 2 or 3 webpage simultaneously.

You can visit this helpful website @ http://www.eyeooo.com/

PrintFriendly: Create Printer Friendly Version of Any Web Page

printfriendly-1These days, websites and blogs are using so many advertisements that it becomes difficult to locate and read the content or even print it for offline reading. There are many tools available which can help you get the printer friendly image of any web page but most of them requires you install third party software or pay to use the service.

Today, we came across an excellent online tool, PrintFriendly which can help users generate a printer friendly version of a web page, without any advertisements or sponsorship links. Using the service is really simple and straightforward. All you have to do is type the link you want to convert and click on Print Preview button.


The time it takes to convert the web page depends on the length of the content and other things (e.g ads, scripts etc) that are running on the website. Once converted, it will give you option either to save it as a PDF file on your PC so that you can read it offline or print it right away. Users can even share it with other people as well via email.


If you want, you can even reduce the font size and prevent images from loading as well so that you can read the articles without any distraction.


In conclusion, I must say that PrintFriendly is a must try if you want to read online content without any ads or distractions.

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