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Now Play Angry Birds on Your Window OS Laptop

If you always wanted to play Angry Birds but can’t play because you are not an Android,Symbian or iPhone user? Now you can play most popular and addictive game “Angry Birds” on your PC.


Rovia team released Angry Birds for PC into the Intel AppUp store. So, now you can enjoy the Angry Birds on your system having Windows XP or Windows 7 system. Here is what Rovia team introduced about Angry Birds in their blog:

The game initially includes 195 levels packed with hours and hours of gameplay. Customers can expect free updates and additional levels to the game. In addition to this, there will be unique enhancements not found in the mobile version, free of charge.

More on Angry Birds:

You can download Angry Birds for your laptop or netbook from Appup. Angry Birds will cost $9.99/ £5.99/ €7.99 to download in the Intel AppUp center and you can get Angry Birds from Appup at special promotion price of $4.99 which is worth for any game lover.

So, what you are waiting for? Download it now and get addictive. Now you have one more reason for not working and reducing your productivity. Enjoy Angry Birds and do share with us that you enjoyed Angry Birds on PC or not?