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PicPick- Free Screen Capture and Image Editing App for Windows

Generally a blogger needs a screen capture and image editor handy application to create image tutorials. If we talk about this type of software then mainly two apps come in mind and these are Screen Hunter and Fast Stone Capture but none of these application is free.

What if I tell you about a free application which is far  better than both these paid software? PicPick is such a wonderful free software with which you can not only capture screen but also edit captured screen and can create interactive image tutorials without using any heavy drawing software.

PicPick Screen Capture Software

Features of PicPick Editor

  • Screen Capture

PicPick is a powerful screen capture application with which you can capture entire screen,a part of screen,scrolling window,active window or freehand capture. You can set keyboard shortcuts for every type of screen capture.

  • Efficient Instant Image Editor

You can edit your captured screen image in built-in image editor of PicPick and use all essential tools to create instant image tutorials. You can use drawing tools,typing tools,brush tools,fill tool etc. You can save your edited image in different image formats such as jpg,png etc.

  • Built-in Color Picker

PicPick has built-in color picker tool with which you can pick color of any spot of desktop. It provides RGB,HSV and HTML color values and you can apply it anywhere.

  • Magnifier

With its magnifier tool you can see any desktop area magnified in its magnification glass.

  • Pixel Ruler

With its Pixel Ruler tool you can measure length of any desktop object in pixels easily.

  • Protractor

You can measure any angle on desktop using its protractor tool.

Thus PicPick is not only an image editor and screen capture application and it can be used for various desktop works.

Get PicPick For Free

Prntscr: Edit Your Images Anywhere Online

We know that Photshop is the best way of photo editing and literally it is more than a photo editor due to availability of a number of its extensions. But Photoshop or any other Windows based image editor can’t be with us every where and some time our PC is not with us. In this condition online photo editor can fulfill our most of photo editing requirements and I really mean it. Prntscr is one of the best online tool to make this dream true.

Have fun with your photos with:


What we can do with Prntscr online photo editor

When you will load the Prntscr it will look like Photoshop i.e its user interface matches with Photoshop very much.

  • Selection Tools

Like Photoshop you will find lasso and polygonal lasso tools in with which you can make fine selections and can also apply proper value of feather to make edges smooth. You can also make edges anti aliased.

  • Crop Tool

You can crop any area of image easily.

  • Blur,Sharpen,dodge,burn and Smudge tools

Prntscr has all these three essential tools for photo retouching.

  • Clone stamp and Spot Healing tool

These tools are used to remove unwanted spots or objects from an image.

  • Photo adjustment

With Prntscr we can adjust brightness and contrast,hue and saturation and auto level the image. We can also apply ready-made color effects.

  • A lot of filters

This online tool has many filters for photo enhancement such as pastels,art poster,glamour glow etc.

  • Support layers

We can create as many layers as we want in this tool and this gives us better control over editing.

  • Advanced color filling

We can use advanced color fill options such as linear and radial gradient. Besides it, we can also use transparency in color gradient.

Overall it is really a lovely online photo editing tool and may be very useful if we do not have a good photo editing tool in our computer or we are unable to use our PC i.e during working on anybody else computer or in Cyber Cafe.

Go to Prtntscr Photo Editor

Imgur: Fantastic Way to Upload and Share Multiple Images

We need instant image sharing many times specially when we have to share screenshots. There is a lot of websites to share images online but there are many restrictions in most of the image sharing websites. Suppose we want to upload an image on TinyPic, we have to enter CAPTCHA code every time we upload an image. Besides most of the websites do not support multiple image upload and we have to upload images one by one. There are only few websites offer free and multiple image upload and they do not delete your images.


Make Your Images Attractive:

Imgur Easy and Lovely service for image sharing

Imgur is a website with which you can upload multiple file either from your computer or from specified internet URL. The upload is fine and never been interrupted. We can also resize uploaded image according to our needs. The user interface of this website is attractive and it uses flash version as default which shows the upload progress bar. You can also switch to HTML version if your browser does not support flash version.

Top Features of Imgur Image Sharing service

  • Upload image file without any hassle such as CAPTCHA
  • Upload multiple image files
  • Upload image from image file URL
  • Allows you to use direct link of image for website layout
  • Nice flash interface
  • Image custom resize option
  • Meet the large community of Imgur by browsing uploaded images
  • Direct image bookmarking options such as Twitter,Digg,Facebook,Reddit etc.

Website Homepage

So if you use image sharing, don’t forget to give a chance to Imgur and share your experience.

Retouch & Edit Your Photos With an Ease Using Amazifier

There are loads of Photo editing tools available on the internet that offer users multitude of features to edit and retouch the photos easily. But recently I came across an amazing photo editing utility that I thought I must share with the readers.

Amazifier Lite is the name of this photo editing tool and developers of this software claim it to be an easy to use image editor with various features to re-touch or edit photos of any format.Using Amazifier Lite, users can directly import their pictures from Flickr, Facebook and Picassa, edit them using simple tools and upload them again to any of the supported online services from within the software. The interface of Amazifier is kept simple and self explanatory, you will be able to explore various kind of basic photo editing and re-touching tools that you might need while tweaking your photos.

Amazifier Lite User Interface



On the main interface of Amazifier users can find their images either by initiating a web search, import pictures from Picassa or Flickr or login to Facebook to get pictures from image gallery. Once all the photos are selected from any of the above mentioned sources a separate window will open that will display the current image that you can edit.

All the various kind of image effects and editing tools are grouped into various categories like Frames, Effects, Stickers, Text & Seals and Drawing on the left side of user interface. Furthermore, each of the categories contains its own inherent set of features that enables you to edit selected picture as per your requirement.Below the Photo that is opened for editing, basic publishing and image manipulation tools are shown, these tools include categories like upload image to Picassa-Flickr-Facebook, Zoom In/Out, Crop Resize, Print, Rotate and Exposure.

Amazifier also provides some cool printing options, you can use your edited images to print calendars and event cards.

Amazifier Image TouchUp tools

Image Touchup

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The TouchUp category offers numerous face touching effects like remove red eye, face Whitening and changing of hair color etc. Well do keep in mind that some of the editing tools require an upgrade to Premium version of the software. But I think that tools and features available in Lite version are pretty sufficient to do basic editing. Amazifier Lite supports all the versions of Windows including XP/Vista/7.

Convert Latex and Other File Formats using Sci2ools

Latex is a program used by mathematicians and engineers to write complex equations that cannot be expressed using the regular keys on the computer keyboard. Normally to handle and view Latex files you need a program that supports the file format. But now with Sci2ools, you can easily perform file conversions between Latext and other popular file formats including PDF and image formats.


Sci2ools is a project of SciWeavers, a website that offers various scientific tools. With Sci2ools, not only do Latex files get converted by so do other files formats.


On the site’s homepage you can view the tools divided into 6 tabs. Starting from the left these tabs let you perform the following functions:

  1. Detecting text from images through OCR technology. You can select almost any image file on your computer or on the web and have the contained text put in a text file for easy editing.
  2. Convert Latex files to image files. You can enter the text contained within Latex files and have it converted to popular image formats.
  3. Convert PDF files to other useful file formats such as individual PDF pages, image thumbnails, and text files.
  4. Convert various files to the PDF format. These files include PS, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, and various image formats.
  5. Convert images from one format to another.
  6. Convert Latex files in TEX or ZIP format into RTF files that can be opened in text editors such as MS Word.

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By reading the above mentioned functions of the web tool you now know that Sci2ools will be greatly beneficial for all computer users and not just scientists and engineers.


The user interface of Sci2ools is extremely user-friendly and for most conversion tools you can specify URLs of online files as well as files that are stored on your computer.

Visit Sci2ools.

Google Image Slideshow :Create slideshow from Google Image search

Google image slideshow is a useful service for those who would like to create image slideshow from Google image search results.
If you want to create a slideshow of the images you searched online, then you have to follow a number of steps. First you perform the search, then save the images on your hard drive, then create a slideshow through PowerPoint or a similar application.

But this entire process is reduced to a single convenient step thanks to a site called “Google Image Slideshow.”

Google Image Slideshow

Google Image Slideshow is a free to use website that displays results from Google Image search as a slideshow. The slideshow is played within the browser and require minimal control. You can set the browser to full screen mode to expand the slideshow to the entire screen.

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How to use Google Image Slideshow :

Using Google Image Slideshow is quite easy. You enter your search query and press the Enter key on the keyboard. The slideshow commences. For each image you get buttons in the top right that can take you to the original URL of the image currently being seen. And through buttons at the bottom of the image you can control the speed of the slideshow. These buttons are set to auto-hide and appear only when you move your mouse pointer.


Another way to set the slideshow from the website is through the “Advanced” tab at the site’s homepage. In this tab you can greatly control the various parameters of the slideshow. You can specify the site to take the image results from, the image size, the file type, colorization of the images, and various other control factors.


In its simple interface, Google Image Slideshow offers a valuable service that its users will surely appreciate.

Visit Google Image Slideshow.

3 Best Websites to Download Royalty Free Images

Download Royalty Free Images

Whether you are a Graphic Designer, Media professional, Health expert, catering to Advertising sector, whatever may be the field you are working in, if you are in search of a good relevant image, definitely Google Image Search is of great help to you.

Millions of users are getting the benefit of this technology for free. But you need to be sure that you have the rights to use the images that you obtain from Google/Yahoo image search. And thus in order to make sure that you face no copyright problems in future, here are 3 websites that you can surf in order to download royalty free images that are available for you to use.

Websites to download Royalty free Images



Gettyimages, which caters to digital media throughout the world, is filled with royalty-free stock photography, editorial images, footage, music and multimedia, so that the communicators would be able to get their required pieces without any hassle.


Corbisimages is loaded with images mostly from health, nature, sports sector and it is also helpful for them who search for images from current subjects.


It has compiled millions of secured, royalty-free images, vector illustrations, visuals, audio tracks and Flash files in Istockphoto.

The site is rich with collection of over 4.5 million images, vector illustrations, flash files, visuals and audio of over 75,000 performers.


You can use images of PhotoXpress both for personal and professional purpose. Whether it’s meat for web site design, brochure illustrations, advertisements, editorial illustrations or anything else you can download 10 high quality images a day for free.


Enviable options of royalty-free photos and illustrations for websites, newspapers, magazines, video and television productions, iPhone applications, PowerPoint presentations, forums, blogs and school works are awaiting you in Freedigitalphotos. And yes, if you want an image of high resolution to be used for printing or graphic designing purpose, you have to buy it. The site also has a bright opportunity for photographers to share and sell their photos.

So, I guess these sites should be more than enough to cater all your needs for downloading royalty free images If you do use any of the other websites that we haven’t listed here, but find it pretty useful then please consider sharing it with us!

5 Excellent Free Websites to Make Animated GIFs

All of us love to have animated GIF images as your display pictures on our Instant Messengers, social network profiles and what not. However, very few can actually create their own GIF images according to their own liking. Today we present to you five of the easiest online tools which you can use to create your own GIF images and then use them wherever you like:

Free Websites to make GIF’s:


Probably the easiest tool to get hold of in order to make animated GIF images, Imator just does that and more. The great thing is that there seems to be no limit to how many images you can upload and convert them to GIFs. Also, you can create animated banners and avatars for use on blogging websites and forums to let everyone see your creativity. Images can be uploaded from your PC and/or any URL. The simple drag and drop interface easily lets you work and animation speeds of your images can be selected from a pre-defined drop down list. <Link>




Another great website which allows for creation of animated GIF images, Loogix helps you create your own animated GIF in just three steps. First you need to upload an image (PC or URL). Next, you are required to select the size and speed of the animation you want to apply and finally generate the desired animation and that’s it. Your GIF animated image is ready. Maximum pixel size which can be set is 400 pixels using Loogix. <link>



The great thing about Gickr is that it allows you to upload images from YouTube as well, making it easy for you to make animated images out of video clips. Simply Specify a YouTube video URL and you’re on the go. There is a limit of 10 pictures maximum for Gickr which might be a turn off for many. Also a YouTube video converted will only contain a maximum of 45 frames. However, the ability to make animated images from YouTube videos is just amazing. Created GIF Images are downloadable to PC as well. <link>



Picasion gives you the ability to resize your images before you actually turn them into animations and also lets you upload pictures from many services like Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, MySpace, Flickr etc. Moreover, you can also rotate the pictures and add color effects to them while turning them into cool animations. <link>


Make A GIF

The best thing about Make a GIF is that you can add multiple images at the same time up to a maximum number of 12 with each image not being more than 1MB in size. Also, you can edit and resize the image before applying the animation and animation time can be set even in milliseconds for some more precision. However, one bad thing about Make a GIF is that it doesn’t provide the user with the ability to one-click download the created GIF and you have to manually save it from your browser. <link>


Do share more such online free tools which will help us create animated GIF images?