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iPhone/iPod Touch App Review: Search Latest Music Albums Using iCrates

iTunes App store is full of Music apps offering multitude of features but mostly these apps lack in the search features. So if you are a huge music fan eager to collect some amazing and awesome records then you must try iCrates for iPhone and iPod Touch.

iCrates App by iCrates is an app for iPod Touch and iPhone that helps users to search for CDs, tapes and Vinyl Records. Plus it also facilitates users to search for latest music releases from their favorite artists and singers.

iCrates User Interface


Once you open up the app you can start off with the music search instantly. Enter in the name of album, artist or the catalog number and start off with your search instantly. Furthermore, to facilitate you in your music search quest there is barcode scanner as well using which you can search for rare vinyls at a record store.

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When iCrates App brings you the search results back it will be divided into three portions namely Artists, Releases and Label. All of these portions are further divided into categories and lists. For the Release Tab you will see information like EPs, singles and Albums tagged with the information such as Label, Artist, Ca#.


If you want to view more details about any of the main portions, tapping them will pop-up more details. Moreover, if any of the three portions(Release, Artist, Label) have a website, that particular information will also be displayed. You can add your search history to Favs list as well and later on can share this Fav list with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

I think iCrates for iPhone and iPod Touch is a pretty useful and handy tool for music fans. The search feature that this app offers is very comprehensive although Bar code scanner sometimes is unable to search for a particular CD. You can download iCrates from App store for $1.99.