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2 Effective Ways to Download Free Google Books

There are lots of free books available on Google Books and if you want to download these free eBooks then it is 100% legal. But if you have no idea how to download these eBooks, it will be disappointing for you. Here are two awesome tools with which you can download free Google Books easily.

Google Books Downloader


Google Books Downloader is a fantastic tool to download Google free books. This Windows application can download a free Google Book automatically. You can download free it from Softpedia [link] or from many other download websites. To use Google Books Downloader you must have service pack 1 installed with .net framework 3.5.

  • After installing Google Books Downloader go to option “file” and select option “add book”
  • Then paste the Google Book link and press search and this downloader starts showing book pages to download

Greasemonkey and Google Book downloader script


It is another very effective way to download Free Google Books. This method adds a download button above every Google Book.

  • Open you Mozilla Firefox browser and Install Greasemonkey add-on
  • Restart Firefox and  enable Greasemonkey by clicking Greasemonkey icon at the bottom right corner
  • Then use this link to install Google Book downloader userscript and install script using Greasemonkey
  • Open the Google Book page you want to download and you will see the download button above E-book image
  • Press this download button and it will show the available book’s png images to download

Now do let us know, if you have any other effective idea to download free Google Books?