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Download Paid Android apps for Free using GetJar

Ever wished to have premium Android apps on your latest SmartPhone, but do not wish to shed dollars for it. GetJar have a solution for you. Now you can download paid apps of android app store like Age of zombies, Paper glider, SwiftKey and many other from GetJar in app APP STORE. Currently GetJar is giving 50 android apps for free and looking to expand the app store further.


You can download app whose total worth is $60 for free. Another good feature about the app that we like is they all are  ad free version of the premium apps. Now you might be wondering how developers are earning through Get Jar, actually GetJar is Paying developers on per install basis which is it is getting from sponsored listings.

GetJar sponser listings is actually very similar to Google Adsense Program where devolopers list there app and have to pay money to GetJar  from 1cent to 2$ per install higher the price paid by the developers higher the listing in GetJar gold search results. This model works because users are ready to download free apps 20 times more likely than premium apps and it gives developers more exposure as explained by GetJar
Get Jar is a nice alternative to Amazon’s free app a day program for those who doesn’t have Amazon stores in there country.

Download your free GetJar app from here : GetJar