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Canon X Mark I Mouse Lite Adds a Calculater to Mouse

Imagine a mouse, a computer one, with the ability to add and subtract while you’re clicking away on a website. The Canon X Mark I, as weird as it sounds, is a real world mouse that has a fully fledged calculator attached to it. Crazy, isn’t it? The mouse was actually displayed at the Photokina 2010, but is now available for purchase.

Canon, just today, made it available to all those living in the US of A for a price of $59.99. The interesting thing about this mouse, as you may have guessed by now, is the calculator. Instead of the normal open space that you’d usually find in a mouse, a calculator has been mushed in. It may come in quite handy if you’re a person who likes to use the calculator a lot while at work. With the Canon X Mark I, you don’t need to have another calculator lying around, just using the one that you’re holding. The mouse has two buttons, a scroll wheel, Bluetooth and has laser sensors. So obviously, it’s going to be smooth and fast.

However, since it runs on two AA batteries, it may be a little bulky, if you do not notice the already huge size. Yes, the mouse is quite large compared to a normal mouse, the calculator you see, and is not the comfortable companion. Due to it’s design, the mouse lacks any ergonomics and regular users may find it difficult to get accustomed to it. Why the Bluetooth? Well, for that extra keypad that is also provided along with the package, so you could connect it to your Mac or PC.

All in all, a really interesting piece of hardware that would certainly be useful to that select some. Would you like to own this Calculator mouse?

10 Weird Keyboards for Extraordinary Geeks

If you love to do ordinary things in an extra-ordinary way then you would love to see the strange looking keyboards. We spent maximum time on our system and if you love to work in bit weird way then you must check out these strange keyboards and mouse and it was kind of fun for me to list such kind of keyboards.

Here are 10 weird keyboards:

  • Safetype

Safe Keyboard

[ Link ]

  • Fully Ergonomic PS/2 Keyboard


[ Link ]

  • DX1 input system


[ Link ]

  • Flexible keyboard


[ Link ]

  • Wii Keyboard


[ Link ]

  • Orbitouch Keyless Keyboard


[ Link ]

  • Frogpad


[ Link ]

  • Combimouse


[ Link ]

  • The abKey Revolution


[ Link ]

  • Gold Plated

HHKB-Gold-plated-keyboard- [ Link ]

When I saw these keyboards, I thought that these might be some geeky imagination and not for sell but when I saw the price tag and the uses of these keyboards that too with warranty, I was forced to believe that there are geeks who prefer to use such strange keyboards.

If you are not interested in such kind of keyboards, you might prefer to check out:

  • Razer Tron Legacy gaming accessories will take you to a whole new world of gaming
  • Enjoy Games with Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110

What you think about such crazy keyboards? Would you prefer to have one?