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5 Must Have Free Applications For Mac Users

Free Apps for Mac OSThis post is specifically aimed at first time Mac users and at others who have been looking for some free and open source softwares to make their daily tasks easier. Not only do the softwares listed here come free of cost, they also do their work as well as their paid counterparts.

Here I’m listing down free apps for Mac, which will help you to get more done in less time.

Few must have apps for Mac:

Adium – for IM/Chat



A free instant messaging App, Adium will let you connect to AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, Gtalk among various others. This is the best IM client I have ever used on any platform. Adium sets a great example of how good open source products can get.

Cyberduck – for FTP/SFTP


Cyberduck is the perfect tool for all your FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Cloud Files, Google Docs, Amazon S3 file browsing needs. In fact I even use it for SSHing into the iPhone when I need access to its file system. It supports Bonjour service and makes tasks easier. And the magical OS X integration doesn’t stop just there. It extends to Spotlight and Keychain as well.

Handbrake – for Video Conversion

Handbrake Free video converter

Handbrake is the must have tool for all video converting needs. This is one tool which provides for both first time users as well as custom settings for advanced users. It makes use of your Mac’s resources pretty well and provides for very fast and good quality videos. I use it very frequently for converting Videos for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Transmission – Torrent Downloader

Transmission Torrent client

Who can live without a torrent downloader. Before I came across this, I had very bad experiences with the other applications. uTorrent on Mac, as most of you know, isn’t up to the mark yet. So, here’s the very simple yet powerful torrent downloader, Transmission for you. It has a scheduler which actually works to keep a control over bandwidth consumed during peak hours. Lastly, its very lightweight and comes free.

Colloquy – Best IRC client


Here’s a very advanced IRC, SILC & ILB client for Mac OS X. It is very intuitive and provides for all the necessary features one would ask from an IRC client. The interface is clean and along with the iPhone app you can stay connected on the go by setting bouncers for yourself. Download Colloquy here.

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For the five needs specified above, these are not only the free solutions but also one of the best available. If you like them do leave us word and subscribe to our feeds. Also, if you wanted to know about other applications for a specific purpose you can ask us via comments.

Create Google Chrome Themes with CRX Theme Creator

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers because it makes browsing fun and easy with lots of useful and entertaining extension. Apart from useful extensions and plugins there are various themes available for Google chrome but if you don’t those theme then you can create your own Google Chrome theme with CRX theme creator.  You can personalize your theme, or if you are a brand owner, you can use it for your branding purpose. If you are a geek, you might not want a miss to learn something new.

CRX Theme Creator is free software and it provides you various features to create a customized Google Chrome theme of your choice that to very easily. Here are few simple steps to create your own Google Chrome Theme:

How to create Chrome Theme using CRX Theme creator:

  • Download CRX Theme Creator from Official Website.
  • Once Downloaded you will require a PNG format image which can be used as Google Chrome theme image.
  • Now run the program CRX, you will see the preview of the image selected.

Google Chrome Theme Creator

  • You can now customize the image, color, tab, toolbar etc.


  • Once customized, you can click on “View Theme” to check out the preview of created theme.
  • Now click on “Pack Theme” and you are done.

Google Chrome utilities:

  • Game Button: Play Tons of Free Games on Google Chrome
  • Google Chrome Browser Gets Voice Search

Now you can enjoy your customized theme on Google Chrome. So, even if you are not creative, CRX theme creator will help you to create amazing and attractive Google Chrome themes for free and it’s true fun to create themes in CRX Theme Creator. Give it a try and don’t forget to share your creative feedback with us.

5 Free & Best Alternatives to WinZip and WinRAR

It’s very important to have software to compress files so that you can share the files easily with others. Whenever we think of compressing files first name comes in mind is Winrar. Winrar is a not a complete free software. We have many winrar alternative softwares which you can grab for free and are also very effective.

Here are 5 freeware alternatives to Winrar:


This is the most popular free compressing software for creating .zip and .rar files. 7zip is user-friendly and compatiable with Windows 98 and higher version and also provide port for command line version for Linux/Unix. It supports multiple languages as well as 23 archive formats.


[ Link ]


It helps you to create, extract and open RAR, ISO, Zip, TAR, GZip and 7Zip files. jZip is based on 7Zip technology and thus it is easy to use and fast to compress software. It supports multiple languages like Chinese, English,Portugese etc.


[ Link ]


IZArc supports more than 45 archive formats that it almost all the popular formats. You can easily open CD image files like ISO, BIN, CDI and NRG. IZArc also supports encryption to secure data as well as can be configured to run anti-virus scanner.


[ Link ]


QuickZip supports around 21 types of archives and 36 extensions. It also provides features like icons, context menus, tool tips, drag and drop, cut and paste etc. Apart from this quickzip also provides encryption, batch zipping, zip repair, bookmarks and can also convert archives from one format to another and rename large number of files.


[ Link ]


ZipGenius supports more than 20 compressions formats, including 7Zip, Zip64 etc. It provides features like drag and drop, 5 compression levels, backup, scanner support, download time calculator, full customization and intergration in Windows explorer. Another good thing is that it has built in FTP client that allows to download and upload files.


[ Link ]

With all above free software you don’t have to worry about the licenses . Do let us know if you know any Winzip alternative or Winrar alternatives?

iWebcamera for iPhone Updated to 2.0, Promo Code Giveaway

Back in August, we reviewed the iWebcamera App which will turn your iPhone into a webcam that can be used with your computer running Windows or Mac OS X. The latest update brings iOS 4.0 support, iPhone 4 dual camera support and loads more. To top that, we are giving out some promotional codes to our fans. Continue reading iWebcamera for iPhone Updated to 2.0, Promo Code Giveaway

10 Best Free Download Managers for Windows & Mac

As a blogger we need to download many softwares/ applications to try before writing insight about that application. Thus it is necessary that we must use download manager to manage all downloads effectively and you can be more organized while downloading stuffs. Download manager download files and maintain categories so that you won’t find difficulties while searching the files. They also resume downloads even it gets stopped due to loss of internet connection.

List of 10 download managers to download files:

Free Download Manager

This is one of my favorite download managers. I am kind of addicted with free download manager. Free download manager have lots of features like easy upload, sharing with friends, allows you to complete download remotely, adjusting traffic usage and many more.


[ Link ]

GetGo Download Manager

Get Go Download is also a good software to resume, play, stop or manage your downloads easily. It can easily download YouTube or any websites with embedded FLV flash videos without any hassle. The layout of Get Go is user-friendly and the features of Get Go Download manager keep on updating.


[ Link ]

FlashJet Download Manager

Flashjet has highest number of users online. The best part about Flash jet is it automatically calls antivirus software while downloading files. It also allows you to create unlimited categories and you can manage categories easily with just drag and drop feature.


[ Link ]

Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader is a good option if you want to download videos, music or any file from YouTube, MySpace, Imeem, Pandora, Rapidshare etc. It also allows you to tag your files so that you can manage files easily.


[ Link ]

V Downloader

V Downloader is similar to Orbit downloader it also helps you to you to watch your favorite videos from YouTube, Facebook, Blip.tv, Google Video, Yahoo Video, MegaVideo, Veoh, Vimeo, Metacafe, DailyMotion, Break or other online streaming websites.


[ Link ]

J Downloader

J Downloader is for large download with multiple files. It gives you facilities like resuming, canceling or managing downloads. It also auto-compress large files easily.


[ Link ]

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is one of the fastest download managers. It also performs the entire task for managing your downloads. Internet Download manager also allows you to dial your modem and set the time to download your files and you can even set time to shut down your system once done.

Internet Download Manager

[ Link ]


LeechJet is also loaded with lots of features like scheduling downloads, checking history of downloads and traffic counters. Like other download managers LeechJet is also allows drag and drop feature to manage files easily.


[ Link ]

Download Accelerator Plus

As name says, Download Accelerator has fast downloading speed. Like FlashJet, it also have an integrated anti-virus software for safe downloading and you can also schedule your downloads easily.


[ Link ]

Aktiv Download

Aktiv Download is a user-friendly download manager with all features like scheduling downloads, managing them with drag and drop facility and you can easily set the maximum number of segments and downloads up to 99.

Aktiv download

[ Link ]

Hope you will find these download managers useful. If you are using any other download manager then don’t forget to share with us.