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Yahoo’s MoviePlex Intends to Challenge YouTube Box-Office

YouTube introduced the Box Office some time back, which lets you stream free Bollywood movies. Although there aren’t many new ones that you can stream, but at least there are some. The service attracted a huge audience from India, since it’s tough to come by free bollywood movies online. Now, Yahoo wants to get in the game and challenge YouTube with their introduction of MoviePlex.

Yahoo MoviePlex is similar to YouTube Box Office and streams free Bollywood movies in India. This is started by Yahoo India, so it’s definitely going to be bigger than YouTube, since they don’t have many licences that’ll help them stream lots of content. At the moment, there aren’t many movies uploaded that you can watch, but soon enough there will be pages of them. The idea of watching a movie by streaming is pretty awesome, since there aren’t many legit sites that do so. Specially for the people in India, this is going to be something.

There is a question however. Is a normal broadband connection adequate to stream these movies? Well, as far as the quality of the movie is concerned, I found YouTube to be better. In terms of newer titles, Yahoo emerged as a winner.YouTube, even though it has lots of titles, most of them are pretty old movies.

Only time will tell which service is going to be used more and it all depends on what movies and how many movies are added to the list. It’s not clear how Yahoo will make a profit from this, because if they don’t the service may have to be shut down. It’s certainly going to take some time, since broadband speeds in India is only catching up with the world and a huge part of the population still hasn’t got broadband.

You can visit Yahoo MoviePlex and start watching some movies right away.

What do you think of this new service? Do you like to stream and watch movies online?

3 Remarkable Websites to Discover & Know About Movies

Apart from other domains, digital world is speedingly becoming a hub of online movies. Just punch in online Movie sites query in Google and you will see hundreds of results corresponding to that. You will find varying nature of online movie sites and covering each one of them is not at all possible. That’s why today I will be reviewing 3 amazing free movie websites that will fill you movies appetite for good:


Your Social TV Guide   Matcha


Though there are loads of movie recommendation platforms you are gonna find on the internet like Jinni, but my first pick is Matcha. The web-based service is in its beta phase and right now you can only sign-up with an invite-only. The service is designed to pull your video subscriptions from online movies and videos places like YouTube and Netflix. It automatically gauges the users taste in movies and those that are their in social networking circle, based on it Matcha tells you about the links from where you can download these movies for free.

Fast Rewind

The 80s Movies Rewind    Home of  80s Retro Movies


Want to relive some of your movies memories from the wonder years, then visit Fast Rewind to view popular flicks from the 80s and 70s. The website is all about transforming retro and houses an archive of almost 578 movies from that period. Fast Rewind also offers stuff like bloopers and movie trivia’s.

Imp Awards

IMP Awards   All the Latest Movie Posters


This website is a bit off the hook as compared to the other two I have mentioned above, Imp Awards offer movie lovers a collection of movie posters that you wont find on the other websites. Impawards.com houses a large collection of posters that you can transform into DVD covers for your collection. You can search posters either by design artists, actors, alphatic names or year.

If you are a movie lover in-and-out then do visit these websites, though you can always watch movies in a theatre or on your TV, but these websites will give you something more than just watching a movie.