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Top 3 Apps To Learn About How to Play Guitars [iOS]

Apple App store is filled with loads of guitar apps that provide users not only guitar playing experience but also provide them with the requisite information about this instrument. So if you happen to be an enthusiastic guitarist owning an iDevice that is iPad or an iPhone then this post is a must read for you. I will be lining up 3 free of cost apps that will help out wannabe guitarists to improve their skill level without taking into consideration the music ability you have.



Simple yet a very useful app, Chords is by far the simplest guitar app you will find on iTunes app store. There is no flashy interface no complex diagrams, just chords that are represented in a black-on-white format. The app includes 28 different types of chords each representing a separate note. You just have to choose a note and a variation and you are all set to go.

Guitar Free with Songs

Guiatar Free with Songs

It is a full fledge virtual guitar app and I found this app to be an amazing virtual alternative to a real guitar. It is a very easy to play virtual guitar and anything you will learn on it can be straight-forwardly applied to your real life guitar. So if you are in a mood to strum away while traveling or you want to learn few songs on the go then Guitar Free with Songs is the perfect app for you. You can upgrade the app with 500 songs but even without this upgrade this app is a wonder.

Epic Chromatic Tuner

Epic Chromatic Tuner

Tuning your guitar or learning how to tune your guitar is an essential ingredient of guitar playing thing. Like other chromatic tuners available, Epic Chromatic Tuner scans for tones directly from your iDevice’s microphone and then checks back with essential notes and other fine tuning options. App has a built-in array of tuning styles and I must say that it does a pretty decent job of tuning up your instrument. The interface is clutter free and is overall app is quite fast. You can download Epic chromatic tuner for free from iTunes app store.

So guys I am sure that if you are looking to learn guitar on your iDevice then above reviewed apps are a must download.

5 Free iPhone Photo Editing Applications

If you have iPhone I am sure you would love to click pictures and do share that with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or any other social networking websites. But again just clicking the pictures and sending across is not happening, it’s always cool to try few photo editing tricks and make pictures more attractive and funny before sharing.

There are many paid as well as free applications available for iPhone which makes editing your pictures easy and fun too. Here are 5 free photo editing application for iPhone.

SP photo fix lite:

SP photo fix lite is a simple and easy app which will help you to fix brightness, contrast, sharpness, hue, saturation etc to make your picture perfect. After editing the picture you can easily share it across Facebook or via email. It is overall a useful photo retouching tool.


[ Link ]


iRetouch is again a retouching and editing app. The navigation is very good and using different editing features is also easy. There are many tools available such as Smudge, Brighten, Hue, Eraser, Pencil, Color etc. and you can also save image with resolution up to 1024×786.


[ Link ]

Photonasis 4.0

If you want to lots of tools apart from just retouch to the images then this one is for you. This application provide you around 33 different tools to edit your images such as emboss, oil paint, gray scale, negative, swirl, edge detection and many more. The good part about this app is that it allows you to save unlimited images.


[ Link ]

iFunto Lite

As the name says ifunto lite is an application for iPhone which adds fun to your images. You can choose the background and then add your image in that background to give it a different look. There are different backgrounds available and if you choose the paid version you can get more backgrounds for adding images.


[ Link ]

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Bill Atkinson PhotoCard Lite

This app is useful for creating beautiful postcards with your images as well as you can use images from the app. There are cute stickers are also available to enhance your images and make postcards. You can edit the images as well as write the text and share them with your friends.

Bill Aktinson

[ Link ]

Be creative and enhance your images on your iPhone with above apps. If you are using any such free photo editing app do share with us.