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5 Websites to Play Online Game for Free

We have already talked about Mario which is one game that you can play on your browser online and offline and here we are adding more into our list of Online gaming. There are many Websites which let you play interesting flash online game for example miniclip and  there are many more such Websites in the market.

We have shared few browser based games with you to enjoy your break and you can play those games easily in your office too. But if you don’t want to bind yourself with browser games then here I am sharing few cool websites where you can play lots and lots of online games of your choice.

Few PC Games:

Play Online Games with These Interesting free sites:

There are endless such websites but before you use any of these online flash game sites, I suggest you to make sure the site is clean and free of spyware. Specially. avoid installing toolbar and spyware these sites offered, as most of them are bundled with some stock app, which will slow down your computer. Simply, go to any of these online game site and start playing game, without installing anything. You also don’t need to have a gaming PC to play these games, as such online game could be played on any computer with minimum configuration. For better experience, I suggest you to download Chrome browser, which will give you better game play experience.


It’s one of my favorite website to play games online because it provides me lots of different category which includes sports, racing, Broad, puzzels and lots more.

Play Online Game

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Here you can see the ratings of all the games by players. You can also discuss about games in community and search different games through categories.


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Are you a Mario lover, I am one and if you are too then MarioFlash is for you. MarioFlash is dedicated for Mario games. There are links to other different types of games too, which you can play according to your wish.

Mario games

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CandyStand is another website for gaming addicts and it allows you to save your favorite games, scores and win exciting prices.


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Bored gives you a brief introduction about the games with rating and number of times a game is played. I like the neat and clean interface of bored.com which makes it easy to select the game.


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If you know more such sites which let us play online game, do let us know via comment. Also let us know your most addictive online game, that you are addicted to right now.

3 Fun iPad Games You will Definitely Love

I always grade iPad as a gadget that apart from being a useful tech is also a very useful tool to kill time. Keeping this aspect of iPad in view, today I will be lining up 3 cool gaming gems for your iPad that will let you have a fun time while lying on your couch. Have a look at these gaming gems after a break!

Shoot To Kill

Shoot to Kill

 First up is the Shoot To Kill(Free as Hell), it is basically a point-to-click shooting game that allow players to shoot wildly at demons that attack from all sides. Though there is no technique involved and difficulty factor is also not that high. But it surely is an amusement package giving trigger happy gamers a real treat for sometime.

Roads of Rome HD

Roads of Rome HD

This game can be classified as a strategy game with a very different touch to it. The game has various levels and each level has a different task, you have to complete the challenge in a certain time slot to advance to next levels. Players basically have to build a road ordered by Caesar and in the course of buildings you have to complete tasks like building different structures or even harvesting materials. The game will start with a slow pace but as you keep on advancing the game will pick up its pace from level 3. The demo version of the game has only 5 levels, meaning you have to purchase the full version of Roads of Rome app ($2.99) to play more levels.

Pee Pee Boy

Pee Pee Boy

As the name suggests, this game is truly one of its kind having a bizarre touch to it. You must be thinking that I am joking but guys this is a game for real. In Pee Pee Boy you have to help a boy pee without letting him get it down on himself or avoiding the spill when the toilet seat slams shut. I found this game to be really amusing and the graphics are cool aswell.

Well that’s all for it this time, try out these games in your leisure time and I can bet you will love them.

Top 3 Free Online Multiplayer Games You should Definitely Play

Guys if you are looking for some quality time wasters then today’s post is definitely for you because today I am highlighting some awesome and action packed online games that will quench your gaming thirst. One word of advice is that do check out the minimum system requirements before downloading any of the below listed games. The free multiplayer games that I have compiled are simply download and play but in some instances you will see pop-ups asking you for in-game purchases. Get to know about these cool and awesome Multiplayer games after the break!



This is basically a MMORPG that is Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game and trust me this game packs some real heavy duty game-play. The game runs on the Valve’s incredible source engine and it is a visually stunning game with some real pleasing looks that will definitely attract you to play more. You can freely interact with in-game objects, every object can be destroyed and can also be picked up as a weapon.

By default, you have to choose from 3 classes (developer’s initially planned 5 classes), teamwork is a must regardless of whatever class you have chosen. If you want to advance in the game then you have to pass through Vindictus’s 6 episodes that are all story-based.


MapleStory -Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game

This game is not as meaty as the one mentioned above but it is a perfect game for casual online gamers and young audience. Basically it is a side-scrolling Multiplayer role playing game housing pretty simple controls and you will notice plenty of bright colors.

The moment you start playing game you will notice that it follows a typical role playing game scenario, your character endeavor into dungeons and fight monsters. In-order to increase your score you have to collect in-game currency called as “Mesos”. The game also has a SIM’s City touch to it, apart from converting your player into warrior you can also engage in activities like forming families and getting married. MapleStory is huge in regions like South Korea where it was initially released back in 2010.

Combat Arms

Combat Arms - Online FPS Action

The game takes its basics from classics like Call of Duty Franchise and Counter Strike, it is a FPS game packed with loads of action. The game has a leveling system and players earn Gamer points that they can spend on weapon customization and buying. The game has various modes including missions like co-op play and captures the flag missions. Combat Arms also supports a built-in gaming league and an integrated clan system making it a unique and must-play online game.

If you know about any Multiplayer online games that are worth playing then do let us know in comments.

5 Fun iPhone Games That Shouldn’t Be Free


Have you spent a little too much money on iPhone games? With thousands of games in the iTunes App store it’s almost impossible not to spend your hard earned cash on the latest games. For some of us thrifty users, even spending $.99 on a game is too much. Here is a list of some of the hottest iPhone games being offered for free. However, grab them quickly as they are only free for a limited time!



Sliding Heroes [Link]:

Square Enix is one of the most prolific game development companies to date. They have just recently made their hit RTS game for the iPhone for free! This game is packed with 130 levels, 30 maps, diverse unit classes and two separate modes to keep you occupied for hours.


More iPhone Games:

Special Force Gun Battle [Link]:

An addictive game in which you must race against the clock to assemble different guns or risk being killed. The game effectively makes you tense and nervous like the real act!  There are 24 different kind of guns such as pistols, machine guns, and more. In addition, you can earn military ranks (up to 21) and compete against other Players in online multiplayer game play.



Splitter Pals [Link] :

A unique game in which you must cut different objects to get Splitter and his friends home safely. You must strategize and carefully plan as each level will have a limited number of cuts allowed. There are a total of 60 levels to keep you puzzled for a while.



Atomic Ball [Link]:

This game is a serious upgrade to the classic brick breaker-style games we used to play only a few years ago. This game is packed with 60 levels, explosive power-ups and different themes to keep your eyes and fingers dazzled for hours.



Crazy Bikers [Link]:

For those who ever liked the iPhone game Mad Skills Motocross, this game is definitely for you. In Crazy Bikers, you are tasked to perform as many stunts and tricks as possible. This game includes 16 tracks spread across four locations and get’s you started on becoming the next big thing on ESPN’s X-Games.

Try these free games on your iPhone and tell us which one you like most?

4 Fantastic Free iPad Games You Should Definitely Try

Apple App store is packed with some really exciting games for your iPad, but the problem is that majority of these games are paid. So if you are in a mood to sit back and play some really cool games on your iPad without spending a dime then you should definitely read this post because we have shortlisted five amazing Free iPad games that are worth trying.

You Might Be Interested in:

The games in the list below have cool sound effects and awesome graphics that will keep you engrossed in these games for long hours. Although some of these games are ad supported and some require iOS up-gradation but all of these games are worth downloading. So here is a brief run down of these free games for your iPad:

Free iPad games for entertainment

Spades HD for iPad

Spades HD is an ideal four player card game that involves strategy and fun. The game takes full advantage of iPad’s big screen and showcases amazing graphics. The developers have also incorporated detail How To Play instructions in the game for the players that are not familiar with the game rules.


You can adjust the settings like Maximum Total score, difficulty and toggling ON/OFF the nil bids.

Air Hockey Gold Edition


Air Hockey was amongst the popular genre of games when Apple launched iTunes App store. Although this game is available for iPhone and iPod Touch as well but the iPad’s version is almost hundred times better. The Gold edition of Air Hockey is surprisingly free and it is the best version available on App store.

Cliffed: Norms World XL


It is an addictive and a very fast moving game that is very much popular among the iPad gamers. Although the free version of Cliffed: Norms World XL is limited having only one character and one speed. The aim of Cliffed: Norms World XL is to keep the main character Norm racing down cliffs while avoiding obstacles. To keep Norm moving along the cliffs, players have to use two large arrows that are displayed on the either side of the screen within the game interface.

NinJump HD


The moment I started playing this game I felt myself addictive to it because in this game you will find yourself constantly striving to achieve a better score. The game is equipped with cool sound effects and some impressive graphics. The aim of this game is pretty simple, you have to jump on a building by tapping the screen and also have to avoid obstacles. You can also eliminate obstacles by slashing them with your sword. You can download NinJump HD from Apple App store for free.

Do let me know if you know of other interesting free games for the new iPad?

5 Free and Addictive Games in Mac App Store

Mac App Store is having lots of applications which includes both paid and free apps. Few days back we have shared with you free productive apps for Mac and today I am sharing with you few free games from Mac App Store which you will love to play.
Here are 5 free games from Mac App Store:

Vroom Vroom:

If you like racing games then you will like Vroom Vroom too. It is a free and good racing game which can be played by anyone from beginners to expert. You need to cross the laps just like another racing game.

Vroom Vroom.jpg

More Mac Apps:


I like Hedgewars game. It is total fun and most additive of all. It is having a cute pink hedgehogs and lots of different weapons for battles. The new version is much more improved.


Medieval Battlefields:

As the name says its a battle game. It includes 40 different battle fields and it also allows online multiplayers which makes game more interesting.


Master of Gomuku:

Don’t like racing or battle game then try out interesting board game, Master of Gokumu. You need to row 5 stones given before any other player do. You can play with computer as well as with multiplayers.


Basket mania:

BasketMania is a true relaxing game. It is a basket ball game and you can select different mode. It also allows you to share your results on Twitter and Facebook with your friends.

Basket Mania.jpg

If you are a game lover than do share with us which game you prefer to play on Mac?

Play Super Mario on Google Chrome

It’s always recommend to take breaks while work but when you are in office it is tough to refresh yourself sitting at one place and in front of your computer. I came across a awesome and favorite game “Mario” which you can play with your Google Chrome. We all have played Mario in childhood and for me it’s still one of my favorite games.


For playing Mario in your Google Chrome you just need to follow these steps:

  • Install Super Mario Chrome Extension.<link>
  • Once installed, you can click on the extension icon to start playing Mario.


  • You can choose any level you want to play.


Here are the Keyboard instructions to play Mario:

  • To Move: Left/Right/Up/Down
  • Jump: A
  • Run/Pick: S (Hold for HighJump)
  • Pause/Resume: Space

Also Check out:

  • How to Play Nintendo 64 Games on Your Computer
  • Play Game On YouTube: Google Chrome Fastball

You can also customize the settings of game. The Flash version of Super Mario is total fun and you can kill your boring time easily. So, whenever you want to take break from your work and boss then don’t forget to try Super Mario.

Also check out infinite super mario bros here.

If you like to play games on Google Chrome, do share with us which one is your favorite game?

5 Best Free Classic Games for iPad

We all play lots of games on personal computer and laptops, and there are few classic games which we always enjoyed and loved to play at any point of time. Since the technology is changed and there are thousands of games available online but then also we always love some of the great classic games. I explored few classic games for iPad and thought of sharing it with you.

Tic Tac Toe:

We all played Tic Toe in our childhood, why not for iPad? Tic Tac Toe for iPad has few good features like human vs human, human vs iPhone. I like bright backgrounds of the game.


Rush Hour :

This is total fun game with sliding block traffic jam puzzle, it is having challenges for beginners as well as expert. So, if you never played rush hour give it a try on your iPad. A classic game packed with lots of new features.

Rush Hour

Spider Solitaire :

Spider solitaire is the best card game for time pass. If you are not good in playing game, iPad version of Spider Solitaire gives you option to do unlimited “undo”. If you don’t like the green color of game then you can change the background and cards color.


10 Pin Shuffle:

Like bowling then you will love to play blowing game with 3d effects in iPad. You can play with computer or just go for practice game. The best part is its realistic sound effects which capture every nudge, bump, and collision on the table.


Pac Man:

If you like to share your scores online, then this is perfect game. You can play classic Pac Man and share your score online. There are 15 different levels to have a perfect fun on your iPad.

Pac man

These all games are free , so download and start having fun. Do share Which classic game you would love to play on iPad?