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Download Paid Android apps for Free using GetJar

Ever wished to have premium Android apps on your latest SmartPhone, but do not wish to shed dollars for it. GetJar have a solution for you. Now you can download paid apps of android app store like Age of zombies, Paper glider, SwiftKey and many other from GetJar in app APP STORE. Currently GetJar is giving 50 android apps for free and looking to expand the app store further.


You can download app whose total worth is $60 for free. Another good feature about the app that we like is they all are  ad free version of the premium apps. Now you might be wondering how developers are earning through Get Jar, actually GetJar is Paying developers on per install basis which is it is getting from sponsored listings.

GetJar sponser listings is actually very similar to Google Adsense Program where devolopers list there app and have to pay money to GetJar  from 1cent to 2$ per install higher the price paid by the developers higher the listing in GetJar gold search results. This model works because users are ready to download free apps 20 times more likely than premium apps and it gives developers more exposure as explained by GetJar
Get Jar is a nice alternative to Amazon’s free app a day program for those who doesn’t have Amazon stores in there country.

Download your free GetJar app from here : GetJar

3 iPhone Games that Tell Legendary Stories

Some stories are timeless, and some of the best mobile games build their own storylines around the stuff of myths and legends.  Timeless stories capture the imagination; when translated into an interactive game, these stories come alive and allow players of all ages to immerse themselves in a classic tale.

Naked King” is a free game from ActOn that takes the iconic image of the emperor stripped of everything and builds a delightful castle defense strategy adventure around it.  Instead of a king duped by unscrupulous advisors, however, this Naked King has lost his clothes by force.  He needs to reclaim them—not to mention his crown—or he’ll be late for a very important date.  It’s not just any date, either. It’s a wedding date with a princess.  Don’t worry, warriors, this isn’t much of a romance.

“Naked King” is first and foremost about defending, improving, and fortifying one’s own castle while reducing the enemy castle to rubble in each progressive stage.  The enemies are pretty easy to spot, being a fantastic array of monsters, with some challenging extra-monstrous bosses thrown in.  To emerge victorious (and fully clothed), players start by producing food using worker units, increasing resources until they can build an army consisting of knights, snipers, heroes, wizards, and more.

Hero of Sparta II” is $4.99 and from Gameloft that tells a new tale in a legendary setting.  The dedication of the Greek city-state of Sparta to a culture of combat is historical fact, but it’s been raised to the status of legend.  “Hero of Sparta II” mixes history with myth by adding a liberal dose of Greek mythology, and then sets the player loose in this fantasty hack-n-slash as the warrior Argos returns from the Underworld.  The Spartan warrior faces a new set of challenges and ever-more imposing enemies, inviting players to unleash their own inner warrior in incredible combat scenes.

Ikaros” is a $1.99 and from Riverman Media LLC that takes the famous myth of a young man who builds his own wings in order to fly and transforms it into an addictive game experience.  Beautiful 2D animation complements the well-designed gameplay.  Ikaros, better known as Icarus to much of the world, must escape the island of Crete.  In order to do so, he takes flight—but it is a risky endeavor.  Limited flapping ability means that players must time their landings in order to progress.  Along the way, they’ll gather treasure in order to fill Ikaros’s Flight Meter.  In the myth, of course, Icarus does not succeed—but in the game, players have a chance to rewrite history.

Whether it’s one man against gravity, one man against the world, or one man and an army against a mob of pants-stealing monsters, these three games know how to entertain.  iOS mobile apps can be the perfect portal into a more magical, mythical world for players who want to exercise their imagination.

ipswDownloader for Mac Lets You Easily Download iOS Firmwares

When performing iPhone unlocks or when jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad it is always best to get the latest iOS firmware. Now, we would always recommend you to download the iOS firmwares from Apple’s official site, but in case you’re in a hurry and aren’t in a mood to search for the required firmware here is an alternative.

iOS firmwares are available for download in .ipsw format and are available from many sources, for your own security it is always advisable to use Apple’s website. ipswDownloader, developed by Vitaly Parovishnik, is a new application for Mac that does the job of searching legit IPSW firmwares for the respective iOS device.

ipswDownloader< Image Credit >

So, the next time you plan on unlocking or jailbreaking your iOS device you’ll know what to use to get your hands on the latest IPSW firmares. It can get quite messy if you’re not used to unlocking or jailbreaking, but ipswDownloader will save you all the trouble and handle the part of getting you the right firmware that you need.

ipswDownloader has a simple motive and it does that very well, along with some extra goodies. For example if you are looking for iOS 4.3 for your iPhone 4, the app will also tell you if your current baseband and firmware can be unlocked/jailbroken and also directs you to the softwares required to do so. Other than that it will also display the size of your download and download speeds.

As told before, this app is currently only available for Mac OS X, hopefully a Windows version will be out soon. If you’re wondering about the originality of these IPSW files then don’t, because these are directly downloaded via Apple’s servers. The app will not cost you anything at all and can be downloaded from here.

What do you think of this simple little app? Where do you normally download IPSW firmware files from?

[ via RedmondPie ]

3 Free Calculator Apps for iOS Devices

In school and colleges math was not favorite subject of many of the students. But we need to do many calculations in our daily life and sometimes its too tacky to carry calculator everywhere specially when you have a smartphone with you. Few of the smartphones don’t provide you all solutions to your calculus problem but iDevices are way smart to provide solutions to your calculus problems quickly and easily. Here I am listing 3 calculator apps for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad which you can grab for free.

Pcalc Lite Calculator:

This app is for everyone who want to solution for small or large calculations. This is an scientific calculator which gives you options like unit conversions, RPN mode and lots more. I like the neat interface of app. Worth trying out.

[ Link ]


Tutor.com to go:

As the name says, It’s helps you to solve lots of different calculus problems. It is useful app for job seeker and students as it provides lots of notes, homework and test prep and videos which will help you to understand and get solutions to your problems easily.

[ Link ]

Tutor com


This is again a simple, user-friendly calculator app which have few scientific features and can display both equation and solution simultaneously.  It have redo and undo option and also supports handwriting.

[ Link ]


Check out more useful apps:

For all the above iOS apps you don’t have to pay a single penny and students can use it as education app as well as businessmen can keep track of their accounts on go. If you are using any calculator app for iPhone then do share with us.

Jubler: Create and Edit Subtitle Files

clip_image002Subtitles to videos help the viewers in a variety of ways. The most obvious help is in understanding a foreign language movie. Another way subtitles are helpful is to help communicate with people whose hearing is impaired.

Often subtitle files come in SRT format or other formats that are viewable via Notepad or some other text editor. While viewing them in these editors is easy, editing them is not. To create or modify a subtitles file you need a software dedicated to this very function. Jubler is such a software and it will let you do the job perfectly.

Jubler is a freeware application with versions for Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. It also comes as a JAR file so you can simply run it as a Java application.

Useful Subtitles Resources:

Editing your subtitles through Jubler is quite easy. You start by dragging the files into the program’s window. All the subtitles are loaded up individually and displayed with their timings. Clicking on a subtitle highlights it presents its text in the bottom toolbar. This is where you can edit what the subtitle says.


Also displayed in the bottom toolbar are the exact start and finish times for the subtitle entry you click. You can edit and correct the timings of an out of sync subtitle from here.


Using the ‘pen’ button in the bottom right you can edit how the subtitle will look while being played. You can edit the font styles and size of the subtitles along with all its colors.


The Tools menu in the top will help you perform other neat functions such as giving all subtitles a uniform time shift, checking them for spelling errors, rounding off times, and splitting the subtitles file.


Overall, Jubler is an excellent subtitles editor that will be greatly helpful to all computer users. You can start creating new subtitles or modifying present ones by downloading the program from the link given below.

Download Jubler

Apple iPhone Gets Official Google Translate App

Did you always envy your Android friends when they showed off their in-built Google translate app and all you could do with your iPhone is go to a browser and the web version of translate? Well, you don’t have to do it anymore, because Google recently launched the official Google Translate App for the Apple iPhone. The new app has all the features that the Android app comes with and is just as easy to use.

The App can be used to translate up to 15 languages via Speak to translate feature and there are more than 50 languages if you want to translate a word or phrase. The Voice input works just as it works on the Android OS and is very responsive. Once you’ve translated what you wanted to, you then have the option to listen to the translated text or input in around 23 languages, and yes it speaks out loud. All the other features that are available in the web app, such as dictionary search for words, starred translations, translation history and support of text inputs like Pinyin and Romaji are all supported in the iPhone App as well.

More iPhone Apps:

You can download the Google Translate App from the iTunes App Store for free, supports iOS version 3 and above on iPhone/iPod Touch. Support for all iOS languages is a plus.

[ Via Google Blog ]

Track and Recover Your Lost Android Phone with iTag

Mobile phones are necessity for us and we use for lots of different tasks apart from just making and receiving calls. And If you are having an Android mobile phone then I am sure you would be using lots of  applications and  saving photos, important notes and many more.

If anyone lost their phone, apart from SIM and handset there are lots more important things which are lost. Thus in such situations it is important that we have a good lost mobile tracking service which can track our lost phone as well as we can recover our phone data too.


iTag is such a service which not only locate your Android phone but also recover data of your phone and gives you control to access your data. Here are few features of iTag:

  • Locate your Android mobile phone
  • Provide you the replaced SIM number, that is if someone change the SIM card.Allows you to make call to your lost mobile remotely.
  • Take backup of your data
  • Delete the data
  • Lock the keys
  • Force your phone to ring even if its in silent mode.

Check out the video to know more about iTag:

You get all these features and security for free. You just need to register to iTag website by entering your mobile number and you will get a download link to your mobile. After install the iTag app you need to verify your account and iTag will start its security service by tracking your mobile phone.

Worth Knowing:

I have used other tracking apps but this is something very useful because I am more concerned about my data rather than handset. Right now iTag is available for Android mobile phones only hope it starts the service for other OS also. Meanwhile, do share with us which security app you are using for your mobile phone.

5 Free and Addictive Games in Mac App Store

Mac App Store is having lots of applications which includes both paid and free apps. Few days back we have shared with you free productive apps for Mac and today I am sharing with you few free games from Mac App Store which you will love to play.
Here are 5 free games from Mac App Store:

Vroom Vroom:

If you like racing games then you will like Vroom Vroom too. It is a free and good racing game which can be played by anyone from beginners to expert. You need to cross the laps just like another racing game.

Vroom Vroom.jpg

More Mac Apps:


I like Hedgewars game. It is total fun and most additive of all. It is having a cute pink hedgehogs and lots of different weapons for battles. The new version is much more improved.


Medieval Battlefields:

As the name says its a battle game. It includes 40 different battle fields and it also allows online multiplayers which makes game more interesting.


Master of Gomuku:

Don’t like racing or battle game then try out interesting board game, Master of Gokumu. You need to row 5 stones given before any other player do. You can play with computer as well as with multiplayers.


Basket mania:

BasketMania is a true relaxing game. It is a basket ball game and you can select different mode. It also allows you to share your results on Twitter and Facebook with your friends.

Basket Mania.jpg

If you are a game lover than do share with us which game you prefer to play on Mac?

Download LastPass Browser for iPhone and iPad

Isn’t it hideous to always have to enter your Username and password when you have to log-in to your account on your iPhone or iPad. Safari Mobile browser doesn’t support the very helpful LastPass Extension which is available for the Mac. Of course you could make use of LastPass on your iPhone or iPad via certain bookmarklets, but even that is quite irritating.

Thus LastPass has gone all the way and developed an all new browser designed for the iPhone and the iPad. The LastPass browser is available via the App Store, but whereas the iPad App is free, the iPhone App will set you back by $12 per year. The browser for the iPad is known as LastPass Tab and does have the tabbed feature, but nothing that is really appealing. It is a really simple browser that helps you skip through the log-in process without any hassles. The LastPass Tab also has built in support for Multi-Touch in iOS 4.2.

Download LastPass Browser for iPhone/iPod Touch from iTunes, requires iOS 3.0 or later

Download LastPass Tab Browser for iPad from iTunes, requires iOS 3.2 or higher.

Adobe Photoshop Express for iPhone and iPad Updated

Adobe Photoshop Express is a great tool, which carries the prestige and editing powers of the original Adobe Photoshop and selectively embeds them into the iOS app. It lets you use simple hand gestures to edit and upload photos online using your iPhone and iPad.

It uses the storage facilities of Photoshop.com to save all your photos and use and edit them whenever you want. Now there’s a new version, the Photoshop Express App has been updated to version 1.5 and now requires iOS 4.2 and higher to run and utilize the operating systems multi-tasking and Retina display on the iPhone 4.

Adobe Photoshop Express provides a variety of editing tools such as one-touch effects, crop, rotate, flip, adjusting colors, contrast, adding filters like soft focus and sketch and let’s you undo, redo and also keep the original as it is and save a copy.

Must Check Out:

Also with the new update you can keep your photos for uploading to Photoshop.com, Facebook or other sites and then do other things on your device. It also has it’s own photo capturing tool and takes photos using your iPhone camera.

You can download this easy to use and reliable photo editing App from the App Store and it’s free.

Let us know what other photo editing tools do you use on your iOS device?