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Official Flickr App for Android Released, Offers Real-time Picture Sharing

Flickr applications for mobile platforms is not a new thing, developers in the past have been releasing loads of Flickr based apps for both the Apple and Google’s mobile operating system. But this time Yahoo Inc has jumped the Flickr mobile bandwagon by releasing its first official Flickr app for Android platform. This official app boasts some pretty cool features including the provision for users to quickly share the pictures in real-time with their family and friends.

The app was released during a press conference organized by Yahoo to chalk-out the salient’s of its mobile market strategy.

What’s new in Flickr for Android?

Well first of all users will be able to instantly access their entire photos, contacts and album collections via this app. Users can view activity streams and can also see photos uploaded by friends and family.

flickr app android

Flickr have also integrated a camera experience within the app, there is a built-in viewfinder that ultimately allows users to select photo ratios and also allow them to add metadata.

flickr app android2

Photograph taken via this new app can be instantly uploaded to social networking hubs like Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.

Photo Session Feature


Apart from this Android app, another notable feature that Flickr has released is Photo Sessions. Name it as a feature that somewhat replicates the way we show photos to our friends or family for real while sitting together. Photo Session means that users can show their photos in real-time to their relatives or pals regardless of their location. Working is simple, Photo Session generates a unique URL that is sharable with 10 faimly members or friends. Clicking on that URL will let you join group viewing of that photo or album.

URL generated by Photo Session will last for 24 hours and it works perfectly on iPads, computers and iPhone. This feature also enables group viewing participants to modify the photos they are viewing like drawing or writing on them, any modification done is seen in real-time by other session viewers.

So Android users, go on and hit the Marketplace and grab Flickr for your Android powered phone. Try it out and let us know about your experience.

iPhone 4 is Now the Most Used Camera in The World

It was only some months ago that we told you that the most used camera in the world comes from the iPhone. The usage has grown a lot since then, and now iPhone 4 has taken the crown. The Apple iPhone 4 is being called the most used and most popular camera in the world according to Flickr upload data.

Of course, we all know that the iPhone 4 camera quality is nothing when compared to a SLR camera, yet it’s one of the most popular. Why? Well, because  when people take pictures they like their friends and family to see it right away. Now that’s not possible with those SLR cameras, no internet access, damn!! This is where the iPhone has always been a step ahead, with instant web access so users can upload images taken right away.

It was predicted that the iPhone 4 will hit the top in just about a months time, but that wasn’t an accurate prediction. It certainly took the iPhone 4 more than a month to take the No.1 spot by dethroning the Nikon D90, Canon 5D Mark II, Canon Digital Rebel XSi and Canon REBEL T1i. That’s all the best cameras right there, following the iPhone 4 camera. No need to worry, you professional photographer, this is only the result of a photo upload comparison between all the cameras on Flickr. We know all about the secret photos stored in your external hard disk that you’d never want to upload.

It’s all about the convenience factor here, as the SLR cameras in the list have incredibly better lenses. Whereas the iPhone 4 costs less than all those cameras and is one of the most widely used cameras, not the best, but the most popular. There are better mobile cameras as well, but no one of them are being used as much as that of the iPhone 4.

All we have to do now(iPhone 4 users) is wait for the iPhone 5, hopefully with a better camera and keep the Flickr upload rate high.

Upload Foursquare Photos to Flickr Using Flicksquare

Foursquare is a famous location based social-networking website that lets you check-in to places and tell your friends and family your current location and whereabouts. It’s another alternative to Facebook Places or Google Places, but is more widely used as it’s main purpose involves location-based services unlike its counterparts.

The Foursquare app is available across almost all the mobile devices enabling users to interact more easily, update locations on the move and upload pictures of where they’ve been. If you like to take photos on the move, then it is more likely that you upload it to the internet too and use services like Flickr to save them on the cloud. If you have both Foursquare and a Flickr account, then this is the right web service for you. It’s easy to remember too, because it’s called Flicksquare and uploads your Foursquare images directly to your Flickr account.

FlickSquare helps you post your Foursquare checkin photos to your Flickr account automatically! Just follow the four steps below, checkin on Foursquare with a photo, and your photo should automatically appear on your Flickr account! And don’t worry, you can always turn FlickSquare off later.

All you have to do when you visit the website is register using your Foursquare credentials and sync your Flickr account to it. That’s it!! The next time you’re taking pictures using Foursquare it’ll get directly uploaded to Flickr, automatically. Isn’t that wonderful? No worry of losing your Foursquare photos again. If you are aware of any other tool which helps to upload Foursquare Photos to Flickr then do share with us.

[ via Lifehacker ]

Flickr Photo Lightbox for the Apple iPad, Easy Photo Viewing

Flickr has always been the favorite photo hosting and sharing website for many photographers and others alike. Bloggers also enjoy using this service very much, to host the images they use on their websites and blogs. Flickr has an official app for the iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry, but all other platforms have to use it’s web-based suite for image management.

If you’ve been using Flickr on your mobile device lately, you’ll surely have heard of the Light box feature that lets you easily swipe between photos, share them and view them as a slideshow. Yes, all that is now coming to the iPad.

With the new Light Box feature on the iPad, you can now view your favorite images by just tapping on it and as a slideshow. The image selected will zoom to fit the screen on a dark background that hides everything behind and focuses only on the photo you’re viewing. This feature is available on any photo page and is similar to the new filmstrip on Facebook. You can even swipe left/right to go through the images, add photos to your favorite collection and show-it off on your iPad’s large screen.

As there isn’t an official Flickr app for the Apple iPad,  you’ll have to visit the official Flickr website to enjoy this new feature. But there are other third-party Flickr apps available on the Apple Store.

[ Source: Flickr Blog ]

Flickriver: An interesting and Fun way to browse through Flickr

This is a guest post by Sharninder who blogs at Geekyninja. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, do check our guest posting guidelines.

Flickr has always been the go-to site for photographers. While most other photo sharing sites such as Facebook, Picasaweb etc are more about regular users sharing their photos with their friends and families, Flickr has always concentrated on the amateur or professional photographers.

The site offers excellent forums where one can learn a lot about the art of photography from professional who’ve been in this field for many years.

The only problem with Flickr is that it hasn’t really kept up with the times in terms of providing a nice way to browse the millions of excellent photographs that are uploaded to the website everyday. Flickriver solves that problem.

Flickriver uses the flickr API to display photographs in a “River of news” format. What that means is that the photographs are displayed in an endless scroll. As you keep scrolling through the page, more photographs are displayed at the bottom of the page and you never have to refresh the page for loading more pictures.

The default view is of the “Interesting Today” collection from flickr that is a curated set of interesting pictures of the day. If you’re just looking to browse through some nice photographs, this is what you want.

But, that is not the only view that you get, You can also search for specific pictures by users, tags other criterion and spend endless hours just browsing through the excellent photos.

Flickriver is an excellent way to see pictures and it really improves and puts the fun back in the otherwise boring view that flickr itself provides.

How to Connect Facebook Account with Your Flickr Account

Facebook is most popular social networking site and Flickr is most popular image uploading site. Few days back Flickr added an option to share your uploaded images on Flickr directly to Facebook. You can link your Facebook account and Flickr account by following this link.


How to Link your Flickr account with Facebook Account?

Follow the link given above and click on Connect button. Facebook Connect window will pop up and you need to login to your Facebook account to connect flickr and Facebook.

Facebook-Flickr-connectThat’s it , in 3 steps you will connect your Facebook and Flickr account. Do let us know if you are going to connect your Facebook and Flickr account.

You can connect with me on Flickr here. If you like this tip, do share it by sharing it on Facebook or Twitter.