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FlashLock: Use Flash from Your iPhone Lockscreen

There’s a new feature in iOS 5 that lets you use your camera without entering the Menu. When you double tap the home button, the camera button appears next to Slide to unlock, using which you can directly access your camera without using your Lock code. Useful feature, don’t you think? So, how about you being able to also access your Flash from your lockscreen when it is much required.


FlashLock for iPhone lets you access the flash of your iPhone 4 directly from your lockscreen, in the same exact manner as iOS 5 gives you access to the camera. You can turn on your flash from the lockscreen and save the day by giving some light. Of course, there are thousands of other flash applications that can control the flash, make it dance and more, but isn’t this is the easiest and simplest.

It works exactly the same way as the new camera shortcut on iOS 5. Double tap the Home button and you should see FlashLock next to Slide to Unlock. The flash will stay on until until you tap the icon again. It’s as simple as that! Also, this is a Cydia application, hence you’ll require to carry a jailbroken iPhone to install this free app. FlashLock is the idea of iPhone Download Blog writer Sebastian and was developed by Filippo Bigarella.

You can download FlashLock from Cydia by adding the repo http://filippobiga.me/repo.

Tell us what you’re favorite iPhone 4 Flash is. I’ve been using Tactical Flash. What have you been using and what do you think of FlashLock?

Turn your iPhone 4’s LED light into Flashlight with Free App

The iPhone 4 was the first iPhone to get the LED flash for its camera. Why not put it to some good use by downloading this free Flashlight App. Made by Surpax Technology, Flashlight ¤ has a very clean and simple interface allowing you to use iPhone 4 as a torch/flashlight. Also supports a variable strobe/blinking mode.

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How to View Flash Content on your Apple Devices?

Apple devices have been suffering with no flash support since long time from now, but this never affected the company’s sales or the market domination at all. But it does trouble the users a bit, with the missing Adobe flash plug-ins.

But do you still wish to watch Flash video on your iPad, iPod touch and iPhone? Then here is the solution. There are a couple of apps to enable flash support on your Apple devices, thanks to some server-side Flash-to-H.264 transcoding, though you won’t get Flash games or Flash apps.

Check out some of the web browser apps to enable flash videos on ur iPad and iPhone.



SkyFire is available with its new version 3.0 and its support for Flash has been improving with every release. The app boasts about smoother video playback and because they proxy the content it could save your time and bandwidth (especially for those using low 3G data caps). It’s not a universal app so you’ll have to buy it twice if you want it on both iPhone/iPod touch and the optimized version for iPad. The app also provides other features like social integration and private browsing modes.





iSwifter has been around for the past few months in the form of an app that could play a few flash based games. But the new version of the application gets support for streaming flash videos as well from sites like Ted Talks, MUZU, JamboTV Sports, Green.TV, Aol Games.com, Facebook, Kongregate and more.

iSwifter is available for only iPad with some games available for purchase inside the app.

Source: TiPb

Adobe Flash Player 10.2 with Stage Video Playback Released

Adobe has released a new version of it’s Flash Player, required for playing videos and flash contents on web pages, and it comes with a new feature known as the Stage Video Playback. The new version number is and this an upgrade from the old 10.1 version, which used to rely a lot on the processor performance for full HD 1080p playback of content on the web.

Adobe states that this new versions Stage Video Playback API will help reduce the load from the processor and try to handle the playback of HD videos more efficiently.

Using Flash Player 10.2 with Stage Video hardware acceleration, we’ve tested a Mac Mini released two years ago and a low-powered GPU-enabled Windows netbook playing smooth full HD 1080p video using less than 8% of the CPU; more powerful computers use even less.

Other features in Flash Player 10.2 include multi-tasking capabilities where-in you can view fullscreen videos on a single monitor and work on the other(multi-display setup), ability for designers and developers to add custom mouse cursors, sub-pixel text rendering enhancements for better readability and support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 web browser.

What are you waiting for? Go grab the Flash Player 10.2 from here. It’s available for all Windows, Mac and Linux based systems.

[ Via Engadget ]

Play Game On YouTube: Google Chrome Fastball

You might be surprised after reading the title of this article. Probably you had seen many games video on YouTube but playing games on YouTube is bit indigestible. But it is possible with latest Google creation, Google Chrome Fastball, a flash-based game for YouTube.

This game starts with a small ball moving from one place to another by taking various path. In the path various obstacles come in the form of questions and you have to answer them in minimum time. The game is integrated with various services like Google map, Twitter and Last.FM and the flashed questions are answered by using these services.


There are total 5 obstacles in the games and you’ll be asked one question in the each obstacle. Answer the question and clear the path. You can also skip the obstacles by clicking on the skip link but you will pay penalty for each skip.

Penalty comes in the form of time (in seconds) which is the prime factor for this game. You have to complete this game in minimum time. The current record by the Chrome team is 1 minute, 20 seconds. You can check the time at the top right of the video.

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Chrome recently rolled out with integrated Flash player. The main motive behind this game is to represent the Flash flash feature of Chrome. Along with Chrome it also runs on Firefox pretty well.

Check out Google Chrome Fastball, [via The Official Google Blog].