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Convert Latex and Other File Formats using Sci2ools

Latex is a program used by mathematicians and engineers to write complex equations that cannot be expressed using the regular keys on the computer keyboard. Normally to handle and view Latex files you need a program that supports the file format. But now with Sci2ools, you can easily perform file conversions between Latext and other popular file formats including PDF and image formats.


Sci2ools is a project of SciWeavers, a website that offers various scientific tools. With Sci2ools, not only do Latex files get converted by so do other files formats.


On the site’s homepage you can view the tools divided into 6 tabs. Starting from the left these tabs let you perform the following functions:

  1. Detecting text from images through OCR technology. You can select almost any image file on your computer or on the web and have the contained text put in a text file for easy editing.
  2. Convert Latex files to image files. You can enter the text contained within Latex files and have it converted to popular image formats.
  3. Convert PDF files to other useful file formats such as individual PDF pages, image thumbnails, and text files.
  4. Convert various files to the PDF format. These files include PS, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, and various image formats.
  5. Convert images from one format to another.
  6. Convert Latex files in TEX or ZIP format into RTF files that can be opened in text editors such as MS Word.

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By reading the above mentioned functions of the web tool you now know that Sci2ools will be greatly beneficial for all computer users and not just scientists and engineers.


The user interface of Sci2ools is extremely user-friendly and for most conversion tools you can specify URLs of online files as well as files that are stored on your computer.

Visit Sci2ools.

Picsel Smart Office: Edit Office Files on Android Mobile

We  get several emails with attachment of different types of office documents and PDF and when we view these emails on our mobile phone then we might have problem seeing or editing these documents. I have no doubt to say that Picsel Smart Office is a wonderful Android application to view and edit office documents easily on your Android device.

Picsel Smart Office

If you are out of station and unable to access your PC/Laptop and you get an email with an attachment of Excel file which requires immediate editing or viewing then what you will do? In this condition this Android software can be a great help for you.

Features of Picsel Smart Office

  • We can access live view of any office format
  • We can edit word files
  • We can edit PowerPoint files
  • We can edit Excel files
  • We can create new office document
  • We can view PDF
  • Localized to many other languages such as Japanese and Korean etc.
  • View 3D documents

License: Shareware

Price: £5.99

Version: 1.2.4

Download Link