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How To Share Files & Folders Instantly on Facebook

Sharing files on the internet is no more a big deal these days mainly because you will find multitude of methods that will help you to do the job easily. If you tend to share a simple document type of a file then you can use email to do this or you can also instant message it to your friends. But the problem comes when you want to share a file of considerably larger size with multiple friends who are not at all tech savvy to use cloud storage services like Dropbox. So in a case like this we normally have to resort to a universal platform that is easily understandable by all and for this purpose I have chosen Facebook.

Filefly Application

filefly on Facebook


The application I have chosen for sharing files is Filefly, it is a very easy and convenient way to share any kind of files with your friends on Facebook platform. The application enables you to create sharable folders of files with just few clicks and you can upload or download anything upto 2GBs.

How to Use Filefly?

To start sharing files with your friends using the app, go directly to the homepage of Filefly Facebook’s app. Now click on Use Filefly button and you will be prompted to give app permission to continue. Don’t be worry because it wont asks much from you as compared to other Facebook app’s available.

filefly on Facebook  1

On the main-screen directions will be given telling you that first create a New Folder, add files to it and then share the folder with your friends by inviting them. You can name the folder as per your choice and clicking on Add Files button will generate a window prompting you to select Files from your computer.

filefly on Facebook  files add

After selecting files from your computer just click on Invite Friends button and select the friends with whom you want to share the files. This sharing fact can also be published on your wall but this feature can be disabled. Your friends will automatically receive a notification on their Facebook page that a file has been shared with them on Filefly. Clicking on the notification will take your friends to the homepage of Filefly app and they can view the folder/files that have been shared with a single click.

I find this application quite useful, try it out and Do Let us know in comments that whether it was useful or not.

Enjoy Unlimited File Upload Storage with Drops Web App

Services providing file uploads and online storage are increasingly becoming popular on the web, just like we have DropBox. So today I will introduce a new kid in the block named as Drops.

What is Drops?

Drops User Interface

Basically it is a file sharing and uploading web application that allow users to upload any number of files. Unlike the other uploading apps available, Drop does not put a limit in terms of the space available for uploading. But it does have some restrictions in terms of the data limit for each uploaded file i.e. you can upload only 30MB of data for each file.

Good thing about this app is that you don’t have to configure for the cloud based storage settings, you can simply share your uploaded contents with friends and colleagues without much of a hassle.

How to Use Drops?


You just have to give-in your password and email ID and the app will be ready for use. For sharing the files you just have to Drag and Drop the files on its UI and files will start uploading automatically. Once the files are uploaded then the links will be generated automatically that can be accessed directly.

Coming over to the applications Online file viewing capability, Drops supports multitude of file formats including images, documents and even programming languages source codes. Users can also upload audio track or even watch videos from their web browsers. There is a built-in URL generator that generates all the sharable links in a file.

You have to install Adobe Air to use Drops and it works all the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. You can download Drops for free from their official website.

Pretty cool don’t you think? It’s surely going to help a lot in the present Cloud storage world!!

How to Share Files, Documents and Music on Twitter with Ease

Sharing stuff on Twitter is not as simple as we think it would be, although you can share links and images on this social networking platform with an ease. But if you are looking to share music, documents and files on Twitter then you have to make a little bit of effort to find out services that do so. If by luck you are already using services like Dropbox(like me!)then sharing contents on Twitter is a piece of cake because you can simply generate a shareable link and post it directly on Twitter.

So guys, today I am reviewing some free services that will ultimately enable you to share files on Twitter in a very secure manner and above all you wont be requiring to sign-up or granting access to your computer. Here is a brief run-down of some of these innovative services:


TinySong main interface

This particular service connects the power of Grooveshark and it allows users to simply share their favorite music on Twitter without having the need of signing-up for a separate account. First you have to search the song that you want to share, you can preview the song and then you can hit Share button and it will be on your Twitter profile. Basically when you hit Share button it generates a URL that you can copy on your clipboard for later sharing purposes.

TinySong artist

Moreover, when you hit Twitter button on TinySong’s URL generated window it automatically populates your tweet with the link and description. The TinySong link will take you directly to Grooveshark where you can listen to the song.


twi.tt anything and everything

Its an amazing file sharing platform for Twitter, you can share almost any kind and type of file whether its an audio, a document or a video through Twi.tt. First you have to authorize the website and select the kind of file that you want to share alongwith the text. For Photos, you can directly upload them from a webcam or a computer. similarly, videos can be uploaded or you can record them from your webcam and share it via Twitter using Twi.tt, same goes for the documents that is you can browse them from your computer or share a simple URL. For the time being, sharing audio is not possible with Twi.tt but I think developers will activate it very soon.

How do you share stuff on Twitter, Do Let us know in comments if you know about any such innovative service.

3 Useful File Sharing Websites for On-the-go file sharing

There are multitude of file sharing websites that allow users to send files to anyone without going through the hassle of creating an account. Moreover, in the world of web apps, internet users prefer file sharing services in which you can be over with the entire process in just few clicks.

So keeping these things in mind, here is a list of 3 useful web-based file sharing programs that don’t require any kind of registration, compatible with almost all the popular internet browsers and most importantly free of cost:


PipeBytes - Free and easy file transfers.

Pipebytes is a service that directly connects with the computer of a person who requires a given file. All you have to do is choose the file that you want to send and give URL corresponding to that file. Pipebytes is a useful service that is very easy to use in all aspects, you can access the service from their official website.


senduit   Share easily.

This file sharing website has a 100MB limit but apart from this limit it has various other advantages. Just like you see in spy films, you can set the files you have shared to self- destruct after specific amount of time. This particular feature is great if you are conscious about keeping your files for an extended time on the internet. Senduit is indeed a very easy-to-use web file sharing service that is free of cost.


JetBytes   free file exchange service

This particular file sharing client connects your computer directly with another computer at the remote end. Jetbytes has a user friendly interface having a more detailed option set included. Moreover, all the links generated by Jetbytes file sharing service are only for single-use means that you cannot send the generated URLs to more than one computer.

CloudApp: An Easy, Simple and Reliable File Sharing Web Client for Mac

Three words best describe this very very useful web client for sharing files, “Share. Files. Fast.” CloudApp is a web based client for Mac OS X that can be used to share files such as images, music, videos etc just by dragging the required file and dropping it on the Menubar. Once you select the file to upload and drag it to the menubar CloudApp will provide you with a short URL that will automatically be copied to the clipboard for later use.

And because this is a web client, you’ll have to register at GetCloudapp to make use of this free and fast file sharing service. You can also drag and drop files from Finder, access it from your iPhone through the web client and also make new shortcuts to upload files directly from various Mac Applications like iTunes, iPhoto and more. There are plug-ins available for such applications known as Raindrops, which enable the direct upload feature on applications. Soon there will also be an iPhone App to upload and share files, but until then you can use Cloudette to manage and view your shared files on your iPhone/iPod Touch and Cloud2Go(third-party app) to also upload images and other files.

CloudApp requires Mac OS X 10.5 and above and to download the Raindrop plug-ins you can visit this page.

Tell us what do you think of this file-sharing service. And to clear doubts, this is for users who like to share pictures, music, videos, screenshots etc of small sizes because the upload limit of a single file is 250mb and you can share up to 25 items in a day.

JustPaste.it: Easily Share Text and Images with Friends Online

The internet offers various ways of sharing your notes with friends. You can email your notes or blog about them. But both of these require you to first have an account through which you can email or blog. However by using “Just Paste It” you can easily start publishing notes online without registering for any accounts.


“Just Paste It” is a free to use website that lets you publish your notes. In its own words, the site lets you “share text and images the easy way.” Undoubtedly it lives up to this claim.

When you visit the homepage of the site you find an empty writing canvas with various formatting tools. These tools let you control numerous aspects of your notes such as font size, alignment, bullets, and color. You can also add images, hyperlinks, and text in simple as well as special formatting. Mistakes can be undone using the undo and redo buttons.


To the right of the editing canvas you will find tools that let you specify the URL of your published note. Using these controls you can also upload image from your computer and export notes stored in DOC, RTF, or ODT files.


With your note completed, you can click on the Publish button at the bottom to obtain the three different types of links for your note. These links correspond to a direct public URL, to a code to used in forums, and to an embeddable HTML code which you can use on your site or blog.


Either of these codes results in your note being viewable. The note is viewed exactly how you edit it in the canvas. Viewers can also download the note as a PDF file if they wish.


Throughout the process, you do not create any accounts with the website nor do the viewers of your note. This feature along with its overall simplicity of use and richness of features, makes “Just Paste It” a remarkable online note-sharing application.

Check out “Just Paste It” @ http://justpaste.it/

5 Free Sharing Apps for iPhone Users

iPhone is very useful especially for professionals who can keep track of work on go. iPhone apps provides you ease to maintain fianance, check emails, read feeds and more. There are few apps which many of the iPhone users ignore but they are very useful when it comes to share important files, documents via your iPhone.

Here are 5 free iPhone apps which will make sharing files easy on iPhone.


This is one of my favorite app to share files via iPhone.  DropBox allows you to share and share files via email or any other app. You can also check out pictures, videos, presentations and export files to other iPhone apps. You can also save the videos and images clicked via your iPhone to DropBox.


[ Download Link ]


This is an interesting way to share your music files, messages to your friends. When you want to share messages you just need to bump two phones together. You can also message to your friends who are away by adding them as a friend and sending message.


[ Download Link]


Box.net allows you to view and share files and folders easily with anyone. It supports word, Excel, PDF, images and Box web docs. It provides you option to save files on iPhone and iPad while you are offline and you can also add/reply to comments on files and folders.


[ Download Link ]

Files Lite:

Files Lite helps you to store and share files via email and PC easily. It supports file formats like Microsoft documents, PDF, RTf, HTML, Apple iWork and text documents, images, videos, audios etc. But you would be requiring a Wi-fi connection to share files and documents.

Files Lite.jpg

[ Download Link ]

Briefcase lite:


It helps you to connect and browse to Mac and other network. You can share file with other briefcase iPhone users and upload files and transfer files to Mac and view remote files too.

[ Download Link ]

5 Free Websites to Share Huge Files Online

Uploading and sharing files online is bit cumbersome. There are many services though but few are not reliable, few are paid services and few are not reliable to share important files. And it’s irritating to search for free service which can share files quickly when we want. Thus I have complied list of 5 such free online services which you can use to share file across web.

5 free and quick online services to share files online:


DropSend is good way to share your files online. You do need signup for sharing and online storage of  files on DropSend but it’s an easy and quick process. You can go for free as well as paid service according to your requirements. With free service you can upload up to 2 GB of data and share 5 file per month, if you want to share more you can go ahead with paid service.


[ Link ]


Badongo gives you option for sharing file with signup as well as without signup, of course the services will be different for both but the good point is when you are in hurry and want to share file without registration or login then you can use Badongo. There is free as well as paid service available. In free service you will get 12GB upload and 1 file sharing every day.


[ Link ]


Just like other online file sharing services, GigaSize also offers paid and free services. If you register for free service you will can upload 300MB/file. When you upload the file you will get a URL of the uploaded file which you can share with your friends via social networking websites, forums or email.


[ Link ]


File.ai is another quick online service to share your files. You just need to drag and drop the file in a Folder added on File.ai and you will get a transfer ID and link which you can use to share file with others on email and IMs.


[ Link ]

Share Send:

ShareSend also provide you the URL of the uploaded file which you can share with others. But the good part is that you don’t have to login or register to ShareSend to share your files. It also gives you the option to tweet your link. You just need to enter your Twitter credentials and tweet. You can share up to 100 MB/file.


[ Link ]

These are few online file transfer services which share your files quickly and easily with your friends. If you are using any such services which share files with good speed and easy to use then do share with us and our readers.

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