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Google Currents: Feed Reader App for Android and iOS

We recently reviewed the amazing magazine styled news reader app for iPhone called Flipboard. And now here’s a new one for both Android and iPhone and it’s by none other than Google. There are a lot of news reader apps out there, but there aren’t many that are fun to read. Google Currents, as this new app is called, has a magazine styled theme just like Flipboard. But, unlike the latter, this app is available both for Android devices and for iOS devices as well.

Google has no native feed reading app for any mobile device, but it’s Google Reader is quite famous and used by many on the internet. This is their first feed reader app for the iPhone and Android phones, but, it isn’t as great as it looks. Like all Google products, this one is quite buggy as well. The current version doesn’t load all the feeds from a Google Reader account after you sync with the app. Plus, it hasn’t got any interesting or different feature that sets it apart from other magazine styled apps.

When you fire up the app for the first time, you’ll be asked to log-in with your Google credentials. If you have Google reader, then it should automatically sync all the feeds with the app. But, since there’s a bug, it probably won’t. You can share the articles, as usual, with various social media websites and also on Instapaper, Pinboard etc.

Check out more on Google Currents over here. Also, watch the video after the break, to better understand how Google Currents can help you.

That’s pretty much everything that you can do with Google Currents. Read your favorite Google reader feeds on iPhone and Android devices.

Google Currents is available for download from the Android Market and the App Store. It’s also free. So, try it out now. Although, if you already happen to have a good RSS feed reader app installed, then it’s alright to skip this app entirely.

Get Updated on New Music Tunes Everyday with RSS Music Feed services

If you are a music lover and want to discover new music then you will be amazed to see that how many services and music discovery websites are there on the internet that facilitates you in discovering music.

Service like iTunes Mix and YouTube have built-in features that allow users to discover new and latest music. So to make life easier for the music lovers, I have picked out some RSS Music feed services that will let you discover new music from within your RSS Reader without going through the hassle of surfing multiple of websites:

New Album Releases

New Album Releases RSS Feed

New Album Releases is music discovery at its best because it gives you a daily dose of informative posts about the latest and the newest music albums getting released. Each of the posts provides details like artist, genre and style and it even dishes out image of music albums to make the feeds more interesting. Follow this link for the RSS Feed of New Album Release.


ARTISTdirect - RSS feeds for music

This particular site offers feeds for categories like latest music releases, more precisely the site feeds include album release date and price. The information that feeds from ArtistDirect provide is a bit limited but it’s perfect for music lovers who want to know about any updates in music industry in a brief glance. Here is the link for RSS Music feed from ArtistDirect.

I think if you are a music enthusiast eagerly looking out for new music then you should definitely resort to RSS Music Feeds.

Do let us know in comments that how you discover latest music?

HitPad: A Graphically-rich Trendy News App for Your iPad

There are various free News apps for iPad that provides multitude of user-generated and in some instances personalized contents on your iDevice, apps like Pulse and Flipboard exactly fit the above description. But if you are an iPad freak who want to use this amazing tablet device as a way of keeping up with latest tweets, news and videos then HitPad is an app that you should definitely have.

HitPad takes a totally different approach for providing news to users, it provides contents that are popular on the internet and are making headlines. The app aggregates contents from multitude of news sources and then displays these contents in a graphic-rich format.


HitPad features

Launching the app for the first time prompt users to turn ON/OFF the push notifications. HitPad basically takes a nod from Twitter offering the trendiest topics in all of the available categories. Users can also refresh the topics that HitPad shows by a pull down menu. All the available information is further divided into formats like News, Videos, Web, Tweets and Photos.


Users can also integrate their Twitter, Facebook and Instapaper accounts with HitPad under the settings tab. After you have connected your social networking accounts, you can share the links of every item you view regardless of its category. Moreover, users can also copy links to clipboard or open them in Safari browser of their iPad. The app allow users to open YouTube videos directly within the main interface.

All the news stories or web results are shown with a brief introduction, so if anyone wants to view or read the full item then they can click Read more option and a full story will open up in Safari’s pop-up.

HitPad will definitely be a popular app for iPad users in the future because it delivers news and stories in a more refreshing manner with a minimum of clutter. Moreover, users can depend on app to provide them with the popular stories instead of searching for news themselves. You can download HitPad for free from Apple app store.

FeedsAnywhere : Optimize Any Blog Feeds for Mobile

FeedsAnywhere-1 Web 2.0 is in its full swing right now and the world is going through a period of social networking, RSS feeds, content sharing, mobile internet and connectivity and always connected phenomenon. One of the important components of Web 2.0 sphere is the RSS feeds. RSS feeds allow users to get automatic updates on when their favorite content across the internet is updated.

Initially available for PC users, RSS feeds are rapidly making their way into the mobile internet arena. FeedsAnywhere is a similar application for smartphones which enables users to follow their RSS feeds directly from their smartphone or other mobile devices.


What makes FeedsAnywhere better than other regular RSS readers is that FeedsAnywhere is custom designed to be efficiently used for small screeens like those of mobile devices. FeedsAnywhere is a HTML based service which makes it really easy to use. One feature offered by FeedsAnywhere which isn’t available normally otherwise is that it tracks your activity and displays your most followed feeds on top. If, however, you are worried about privacy too much, this feature can be turned off as well.

FeedsAnywhere also feature an integrated Search option which allows users to go through and Search enables users to search their material of interest. Currently FeedsAnywhere is in a public Beta and an invitation code is needed to join the service. However, FeedsAnywhere will be free to use when it is publically released.

FeedsAnywhere can be reached via this web link.

Anyways if you are an iPhone user, I would suggest downlaod and try reeder application for iPhone. So far I have found it as one of the best RSS feed reader for iPhone.