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Flipboard for iPhone: App Review

The very famous and widely used feed reader app for the Apple iPad, Flipboard, has now landed on the iPhone. If you’ve never heard of this app, then you should read our review of the iPad version here. Flipboard for iPhone is a magnificent magazine themed feed reader app that makes reading news articles much more interesting and fun.

It places all the news articles from various websites and feeds in a magazine styled snippet format, with all the news jumbled and most of them featuring an image. It’s really a work of art, and makes you want to read or just glance through all the pages whatsoever. A must have app for a Blogger or a reader.

Flipboard for iPhone Features

Flipboard for iPhone is just as great and does a great job in presenting news, even though the screen size is smaller than the iPad. It’s also one of the important apps to have on your iPhone if you like to keep yourself updated with the latest news and stories.

Cover Stories

flipboard for iphone

This is currently only available on the iPhone and the iPad version will be getting it soon. Cover stories is a really nice feature that changes every time you open the app, like live tiles in Windows Phone 7. It’s also smart and automatically shows new and fresh stories on the first page depending on what you like to read.

Social Stories

Like all the other feed reader app out there, this one too can connect to almost all the social networking websites. However, this is very different from the other feed reader apps. The way this app showcases all the stories, status updates, tweets, photos from places like Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Tumblr, Instagram etc is really cool. You can like photos, post tweets, comment etc directly from the app too.


After you read a story or news article, it can be shared on all your linked social accounts like Facebook, Email, Twitter etc and can also be stored to read later. It’s all integrated to one great app and everything can be viewed with just a flick of your thumb. You can directly retweet an article too, if your Twitter account is linked that is. Commenting on an article is also possible, because sharing your opinion is a good thing. You can also sync all your content from the iPad app and have all the blogs and feeds on the iPhone app.
Flipboard team have taken special care to filter sexual, explicit or any other content nudity in Flipboard feeds. You can also report directly as flag inappropriate.

Overall, its a really good app to download and use on your iPhone, a must have app for bloggers. If you have an iPhone, then you most definitely should download this app, even if all you want to do is check your Facebook updates. Download Flipboard for iPhone from the App Store and yes it’s still free.

Pulse News Mini RSS Reader for iPhone Majorly Revamped

Bloggers need to know their niche related news when on the move and RSS reader apps have always helped us in many different levels. There are plenty of them out there, but not all of them catch the attention of a reader. Pulse News Mini RSS reader is different, it has been one of my favorite apps on both iOS and Android. The user interface has a different feel to it, somehow it makes the user feel professional while still giving that distinct only-geek app feeling.

The Pulse News Mini RSS reader is more like a magazine with lots of graphic content that makes readers stay and read a little longer and know things better. Recently, it’s developer, Alphonso Labs Inc. released a totally revamped version, as far as the content goes to the App Store. The new version of Pulse News Mini gets a whole new interface that is faster, more multi-tasking friendly and RSS feed management that is just so much fun. Before this it was much harder to browse through your feeds, but in the new version it’s all so well managed.

So what exactly is new in this latest update? Well, below are some of the major new features:

  • Personalize your mobile news reading experience by selecting up to 60 news sources across five customizable pages.
  • You can select a “pack” to auto-populate an entire page with the top sources for your favorite news category such as politics, finance, sports and more.
  • Like, share and comment on items in your Facebook newsfeed from within Pulse. Easily browse social content from YouTube, Vimeo, Digg, Reddit and Hacker News.
  • Improved performance means sources update and images load faster, and scrolling is smoother and more fluid.
  • Search results now include many new newsfeeds with images and more relevant titles.
  • The App now saves stories read offline on Pulse and syncs them to Google Reader when the app is online later.

That’s a whole lot of new changes for an App that won’t cost you a dime. Although, this version will only be supported on iOS version 4.0 and above. Previous versions will soon get the update. You can download the Pulse News Mini app from the App Store.