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Aocos N19: The Best iPad Clone, runs Android Gingerbread

The Apple iPad is one of the most popular tablet devices on the planet and with popularity comes enemies and wannabes. There are a lot of chinese manufacturers out there that try to copy the elusive iPad and it’s amazing design/touchscreen, but fail almost abruptly. So is not the case with this new iPad clone from a chinese company, which is known as the Aocos N19.

A glance at the Aocos 19 will deceive your eyes and make you believe that you’re looking at an iPad, but when you get closer/nearer to it you’ll realize how wrong you were. The tablet looks very much similar to the original iPad and has 9.7 inch IPS display and a capacitive touchscreen that you normally don’t find on Chinese rip-offs. However, this tablet doesn’t run on iOS, but on Android Gingerbread 2.3.3. MIC gadgets, discovered this amazing rip-off, which has some amazing hardware as well.

The Aocos N19 runs on a 1.2GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, has Android Gingerbread 2.3.3 and comes with a 1024 x 768 IPS display that is bright and has pretty good viewing angles.  It also has 720p HDMI output, 2-megapixel front-facing camera for video calling, a microSD card slot and a miniUSB slot. That’s a lot of good features for a China made tablet!

You probably have an iPad. But some Chinese could not afford it. So what they do? Get an iPad knockoff. The Aocos N19 is the latest iPad clone to hit the scene. Unlike Apple’s original iPad, the Aocos is all about Android. The Aocos N19 is a pretty decent iPad knockoff. It was widely discussed at the local tablet computer forums for its amazing IPS display. At first sight, it is clearly an iPad clone. It packs the usual Android build into a casing that looks a lot like the real thing.

Watch the video of the tablet in action after the break.

So, if you’re looking for a nice affordable tablet, and somehow have a thing for China, then this is your best bet. For 1,499 Yuan or about $235, you can make this yours. Also check out the iPhone Fakes and the complete Apple Store rip-off from China.

Inside the Fake Apple Store in China [Video]

Last week, a certain American blogger ended up somewhere in China and came across an Apple Store. Baffled with finding an Apple Store in such a location, the blogger entered the store to find out a little more about an Apple product. But, as she looked around a little more closely at the products, something dawned on her. We did tell you about the super FAKE Apple Store that was discovered in China last week and now there’s a complete video of the inside of the store.

Things like this create a lot of buzz, specially if they are about fake Apple Stores. Faking a complete store requires lot of guts and brain power, I truly respect this guy, the owner or the designer. If you’ve checked out the photos of the fake store then you’d probably know what I’m talking about. In this video, rather a News Report, the employees are being interviewed and asked about the store. According to the report, this store gets a lot of customers and some of them don’t even realize that the products being sold there are fake.

There aren’t many Apple Stores in China, but there are a lot of people over there, who don’t have iPhones and are sad. The owner however, still wants to convince everyone that the products sold here are real and not fakes. He also stated that he has applied to get Authorization from Apple to run a real Apple Store. Also check out other famous fakes from China;

Here’s the full video report, watch and enjoy as the employees and even the owner hide their faces and talk to the camera.

Apple has taken action against such fake stores and all of them, how many ever there are, will be shut down soon enough.

Buy iPhone 4 Clone from China for $85

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Chinese mobile market is famous for cloning popular mobile and tablets and I’m sure you must be aware of iPhone 4 clone and iPhone 4S chinese clone which is available to buy in chinese market for less than $100. The design and look of these iPhone 4 clone looks exactly the same as original iPhone 4.

Infact now, iPhone 4S white color clones are also available in the market. Though, I really doubt if we can use it to run SIRI or not but for sure you can run Android. I have added a video below and you can check it out yourself.

Though, I don’t have any official specs of these iPhone clones, but it comes with Normal li-ion battery, dual Sim card slot, and there are 3-4 variations in the market. Some of the allows battery to be replaced and some of them have design like Apple iPhone, which don’t let you replace battery easily.

Image of iPhone 4 Clone:

The Chinese clone makers has started developing copies of iPhone 4clone. The newly spotted clone of the iPhone 4 from China is called the ePhone 4GS and just cost $85.

iPhone 4 Clone

When comparing the cloned iPhone 4 with the original one, one thing is very clear. China is developing so much in cloning skills. They are genius in making all these stuff. Although its made of cheap plastic, not able to find difference that easily.

It has lower resolution when comparing to iPhone 4 retina display. But the ePhone 4GS comes with front and back facing cameras and 16GB memory.

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Well, if I’m someone who just need an iPhone in hand to show off, I would not mind buying these fake china iPhone, as they also work and if you are getting the joy of holding an iPhone for less than $100, it makes complete sense to me. But, if you are buying it to get all the amazing features of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, you are going to miss out a great chunk of fun and it will be  a bad investment.

Here is a video review of one of these Fake iPhone china phone call SoPhone:

Here is an image showing an original iPhone and other one of fake iPhone from China, can you spot the design differences:

iPhone 4 Vs Fake iPhone 4

I will update the link to buy iPhone clone soon, meanwhile you can join us on Facebook for updates. Would you prefer spending your money on one of these fake chinese iPhone or you planning to buy an original iPhone?