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Facebook Camera App : Bulk Upload & Add Image Effects

Facebook bulk Image UploaderSome time back when Facebook acquired Instagram, we expected something awesome from Facebook. Today, Facebook launched a new app in App store which is a camera app for iPhone Facebook users.

Facebook launched Facebook camera app for iOS. As name suggests, this is an image uploader app for Facebook but not only that, it has much more option then simple image uploading. Probably, this is the reason why Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion.

Let’s look into some of the features of this new app from Facebook.

Facebook Camera app : Review

This new Facebook app integrated the features of Instagram app and made image uploading on iPhone/iPad and other iOS device so easily. If you are one of those who wants to upload bulk images from your camera gallery on Facebook, or take and upload picture to Facebook, this free Facebook Cam app is for you.

You can also browse images uploaded by your friends and you can like and comment on it. With this launch, here are list of Instagram filters, this official Facebook cam app has got:

Contrast, Cool, Light, Emerald, Bright, Golden Copper, Rouge, Cream, Coffee, highlight, Boost, Neon, B+W

Though, I’m hoping to see more awesome Instagram filters in coming days. In recent time, Twitpic launched their Twitter image sharing app, and it has also some awesome image effects. Anyhow, getting back to this app, if you are one of those who love to upload images on Facebook, this dedicated app will make your work easy. Specially, earlier uploading multiple images on Facebook was a headache and this new app, you can quickly select all/multi images from your image gallery and upload them.

When I installed this app, it didn’t even asked for my login (I believe because of official Facebook iOS app I’m using), and here is a screenshot of an Image which I’m taking from my iPhone and adding effects using Facebook camera app.

Facebook Camera App iOS

Once you have added the effect, all you need to do is click on compose or put the tick mark and click on upload to share photos on Facebook. You can crop photo, if you like which is another great feature for photo editing. You can also tag people directly using this Fb camera app.

You can download this app from official app store here. Facebook has launched another app call Facebook app manager few days back, which will let page admins manage their pages easily.

I’m not sure why Facebook is coming up with separate app for everything and why not integrate all the features in official app. Specially, this image effect features from Instagram, will be very handy for Facebook app for iOS. Lets see, what all new features we get to see in this Instagram Facebook Camera app, but for now do try and let us know your review on the same.

How to Tag People in Facebook Status and Comments

This is for Facebook beginners only, if you’re not one, you should tell your beginner friends about this so that you can enlighten them about the Facebook tagging feature. Facebook was launched a long time ago, in 2004, and is now the number one social networking website in the world, valuated at over $75 billion.

After creating a Facebook account, and adding friends and exploring a little, you’ll soon want to learn how to share photos, links and videos with friends and family. There’s a feature called tagging, that can be used to make sharing easier. Tagging allows you to add people to your Status updates, Videos, Photos, Links and Comments. In this how-to, we’ll be learning the art of tagging your friends/family/page on your status or comments. The benefit of tagging your friends on Facebook is that they’ll get a notification for the same and this way they won’t miss out anything important.

There are two ways that can be used to tag people. Earlier, you only had one way of doing it, but recently Facebook also added an easier way of going about tagging people. Also, some months back, the feature was only available in Statuses and Photos and Videos, now you can even tag people on comments. Let’s begin then.

Tag People in Facebook Status Using @

Whenever you want to tag a friend on your Status update, all you have to do is use the ‘@’ symbol before you start typing your friends name. Facebook will automatically provide you all the suggestions for names beginning with the first letter that you type.

Tag People in Facebook Status

As you can see in the picture above, use the symbol right before the name, the first letter doesn’t have to be in capitals. You can use the same method to tag people on comments.

comment tagging

There is however a limit to the number of people you can tag in your status or in a comment. So if you’re planning to tag a lot of people, you can add them in new comments.

Tag People By Typing the First Letter of their name in Capitals

This is another way of tagging your friends in your status or comments. It’s simpler than the first one, you don’t have to use the @ symbol. To tag, just start typing your friends name with a capital letter.

Facebook Caps Tagging

As you can see, starting their names in capital automatically suggests you the friend you want to tag. However, you may have to type more than the first 2-3 letters to get the exact friend you’re looking for, unlike the first method.

You can also use only their friends name, if that’s how you like it. When tagging a friend, it usually shows the full name. Just remove the last name and you should still have the first name of your friend tagged to his profile. This works with both the above methods.

facebook tagging

If you have any trouble understanding anything written above, you can always watch the little tutorial that we cooked up just for you, after the break.

I hope you’ve learnt how-to tag people on Facebook comments and statuses now. So keep sharing with your friends and have a good time. If you have any queries, you can use the comment box.

Pick&Zip : Download Facebook Albums & Photos with Single Click

Pick&ZipBeing a Facebook addict, I always try to find some awesome app which I can use along to improve my Facebook experience. Daniel from Pick&Zip, tipped us about this useful Facebook downloader web app, which let us download Facebook photos and Facebook albums with few clicks. Best part about this awesome free Facebook album downloader app is, it work over Web and you don’t need to install any addon or software to download albums or photos.

Here I’m also sharing a useful guide, which will help you to understand how you can use PicknZip to download pictures from your Facebook profile and from your Friends profile.

Pick & Zip Features:

Before, we move ahead, lets look into some of the features, which are worth mentioning:

  • Download tagged photos
  • Download Facebook Albums (Friends)
  • Download Facebook Photos (Friends)
  • Download Fan pages album and photos
  • Download in .Zip and .Pdf format.

For me, this much feature is good enough to get started with this app and a clean and neat interface is like icing on the cake.

How to use Pick&Zip to download Facebook Photos ?

Well, honestly once you go to Pick&Zip site, and logged in with your Facebook profile (Facebook login), you might not need any more explanation. But, for newbie and for non technical people, this guide will help you to get started. Go to Pick&Zip site and login using your Facebook profile. On the left hand side, you will see an option of selecting a friend and once you have selected a friend, you can select tagged pictures, albums and download all of them at one go.

Download Facebook Photos

 Selected photos, will be highlighted in green and once you have done selecting all photos, click on Download at the top navbar. Here you will get two options to download these photos, either in .Zip format or in .pdf format. I prefer .Zip format.

Also, you can click on Download after selecting a friend and click on Download all photos from that person profile. This will include all the photos uploaded by that Facebook friend of yours and all the photos they are tagged in.

Download All Facebook Photos

Well, I believe that was easy. Similarly, you can download Facebook albums with one click. Simply go to album section and select any album and in hover, it will give a download button. Notice the below screenshot:

Download Facebook Albums

Another interesting feature, which I liked at Pick&Zip is it also let you download photos from fan pages which you liked on Facebook. And if you are big celebrity or Car fan, you can simply select that fan page from this app and download all photos and albums uploaded by that fan page.

I find this Facebook downloader Web app useful and worth mentioning here. Do you know, similar app or software which let you download all photos and album of a Facebook friend?

5 Things Not To Do On Facebook : Never Again!

I love Facebook but there are some things not to do on Facebook publicly. Like dirty laundry it really should be aired behind closed doors. It is time now to have an Internet Protocol and Etiquette manual for Facebook. Wouldn’t it be great to have people take some sort of lessons before they can start social networking?

Something that tells you ‘Facebook poking’ is so very last season (or last century) and that writing on people’s wall will make sure that their mother will read it.  Anyways, here are my top 5 peeves with what people do on Facebook.

Things Not To Do On Facebook

List of crap things to avoid doing on Facebook:

There is no good book or bad book guide for Facebook, but there are certain etiquette which we should follow to make sure our activity doesn’t irritate others. I’m listing some of them below and you can feel free to add one of your things, which irritates you the most on Facebook.

Getting mushy with your partner on Facebook:

Number One on the list is getting Mushy with your partner or spouse. So you are married to the world greatest guy or girl. You want to express your love and appreciation for their existence – sure I get that. But you live in the same house! You meet every night and probably speak 10 times a day! (If you get mushy on Facebook then one can safely presume you speak to each other 10 times a day!!) So why not use any of these occasions to express yourself? Why Facebook? Why us?

Even with your girl friend and boy friend, what’s the point of showing to the world, that how crazy and madly you love  your partner by writing status message which might not fit everyone. Though, you can always use personal tagging and keep the visibility to close group and list, but again something is better to convey in person. Is int it?

Tagging Everyone on your profile picture:

If you ask me which are the best things not to do on Facebook, I would emphasize more on using tagging feature carefully. Even on status and on Pictures. The second is tagging all and sundry on your picture. Yes, your picture is gorgeous and you want us to not miss it. So send a message, don’t tag us in all your pictures. Because every comment or like means that we get notified – I sure could live without that! Tagging should come with a disclaimer saying ‘tagging is not a toy – use with discretion‘.

Tagging on old-age pictures:

The third or maybe this is second part two… Putting up old high school pictures and tagging us on it. And leaving it public. There are things that I’d rather that the world and their uncle not see. It also then invites a spate of friend requests from people you have no memory of or just don’t want to be friend with. The other is putting up pictures where you look great but haven’t noticed that people around you have red eyes and look like they are going to a Halloween party. Really, don’t put them up, or correct and put, or at least don’t tag!! Or at least be courteous enough to ask your friend if you should upload and tag those picture or not. And for the sake of holly molly, set your privacy settings perfectly so that only your friends and tagged person friends can see it. Why do you want whole world to like and share your picture until unless you are a celebrity?

Random friend requests:

The fourth is the fourth and not the first because Facebook very kindly moves this to spam automatically. These are the random ‘you’re so cute’ – ‘let’s hook up’ friend requests and messages. Yes, Facebook is about connection but there is a big difference between stalking and getting connected. Specially, with such cheesy line, do you expect me or anyone to accept your friend request?

Who does this work for? Who says yes to them? So you’re thinking – here’s this hot chick, I’m a loser, chances are she’ll say yes??!!  Really, what are you thinking or not thinking! Still, if you are one of those who believe in dating on Facebook, you can refer to this guide “Date on Facebook” for better way to approach and continue the conversation.

Sending Facebook App request:

So you just landed into an awesome Facebook app which shows your crush meter or probably most stalked Facebook profile. I know you liked it and you want your friends to have it, sending notification is cool, but there are unlimited apps and if all my friends are sending my app request or Fan page request, how annoying it could be?

The last is a tie between sending app requests and adding to your Facebook group. Stop sending app requests – it’s been there and done that and never going to do again! And didn’t your momma tell you it’s impolite to just add people on to a group without asking them. Seriously, send a request – it’s the polite thing to do.

  • Stop sending random app request
  • Stop adding me on Facebook groups
  • Don’t send me any random Facebook page request

Wee certainly, there are many more things which can be annoying like when you keep updating your status back to back and bombard your friends time line or when you keep uploading random wallpaper on Facebook & tag all the friends. Well, list is endless but if you think once before doing anything unusual it will not only save you from future embarrassment but also you will be in the list of good Facebook friends. Choice is yours?

What one thing which you don’t want your Facebook friends to be doing on their profile? Do let us know via comment and also like & share this post on Facebook, to let them know what annoys you most on Facebook?

This is a guest post by Cynthia Reese who is a freelance writer& currently she is involved in writing for LahondaWorld. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our guest posting guidelines.

WinZip ZipSend and ZipShare: Share Large Files via Email or Facebook

There are one or two options that you can think of whenever there’a big file that you want to share on the internet. Certain services like Dropbox, Box.net and others help you do that, but all of them come with a minimum file size limit. Usually it’s not more than 250 – 500mb. There are other services that allow you to upload larger files, but only some of them are free. However, most people don’t use these services and prefer getting their data via email or a flash drive.

WinZip is one of our favorite tools when it comes to compressing data, including images, videos etc and they bring to us the all new ZipSend and ZipShare services that once again make sharing large files simpler. Whereas ZipSend can be used to send files and attachments via email up to the size of 2 GB, ZipShare helps you share large files with your friends on Facebook. Both of these can and are really very useful in our day to day lives.


To send large files up to 2 GB via email, you’ll have to first sign up with ZipSend and then download an application called WinZip Courier. There is a catch, as always, which says that only Pro members are allowed to send files as large as 2GB, but a normal user can send files as big as 50MB. You’ll have to shell $9.99 every month for a Pro account, so unless you send tonnes of email with attachments of 500MB – 2GB, then you don’t really need a Pro account.

ZipShare is another such web app started by Winzip, this being more interesting. Using ZipShare, one can upload and share large compressed files with their friends on Facebook. All you have to do is visit ZipShare, Login with your Facebook account and upload the files that you want to share. The maximum limit for a file is 20MB, and that’s not bad at all. You’ll be given a download link for the file that you uploaded, search for your Friend on the webapp and hit the Post button. But, there is a catch here too. Anyone can view and download the file that you uploaded, unless you send it just to your friend using Facebook messages.

Good applications don’t you think? Do give them a try and tell us what you think!

Facebook Auto Poke Friends Chrome Extension: Poke all for Chrome

One of the most used feature of Facebook is poking. Any of your friend can Poke you or even a stranger can poke you depending upon your Privacy settings. And if you have tons of friends (maximum limit: 5000) and they in habit of poking you, you might find it troublesome to poke every individual manually. How about using some script or addon which will auto poke your friends for you.

Here I’m sharing about a Chrome extension call Poke all for Chrome which does what it says. This addon will auto poke all your Facebook friends with one single click. Using this chrome addon is very simple. All you need to do is install this addon on your Chrome browser <Link>. Once installed click on Facebook icon on the extension bar of Chrome and Enable auto poke by checking the check box. This will Auto poke everyone when ever you open Facebook.com or Else you can use manual Auto poke all feature.

Automated Facebook Auto Poke screenshot:


Now head over to your Facebook homepage and under Pokes you will see an option to Auto poke everyone. See the screenshot for better understanding. Click on Auto Poke and it will start poking everyone who have poked you.



Isn’t it simple? Though you should be cautious when Auto poking in masses as Facebook might flag it as spam or unnatural action. Instead

Here is a quick video for better understanding of this extension:

Do let us know what other Facebook Chrome extensions do you use for Automation of your Facebook account.

You might like to check out Autobudder which automatically wish you facebook friends on their birthday.

How To Share Files & Folders Instantly on Facebook

Sharing files on the internet is no more a big deal these days mainly because you will find multitude of methods that will help you to do the job easily. If you tend to share a simple document type of a file then you can use email to do this or you can also instant message it to your friends. But the problem comes when you want to share a file of considerably larger size with multiple friends who are not at all tech savvy to use cloud storage services like Dropbox. So in a case like this we normally have to resort to a universal platform that is easily understandable by all and for this purpose I have chosen Facebook.

Filefly Application

filefly on Facebook


The application I have chosen for sharing files is Filefly, it is a very easy and convenient way to share any kind of files with your friends on Facebook platform. The application enables you to create sharable folders of files with just few clicks and you can upload or download anything upto 2GBs.

How to Use Filefly?

To start sharing files with your friends using the app, go directly to the homepage of Filefly Facebook’s app. Now click on Use Filefly button and you will be prompted to give app permission to continue. Don’t be worry because it wont asks much from you as compared to other Facebook app’s available.

filefly on Facebook  1

On the main-screen directions will be given telling you that first create a New Folder, add files to it and then share the folder with your friends by inviting them. You can name the folder as per your choice and clicking on Add Files button will generate a window prompting you to select Files from your computer.

filefly on Facebook  files add

After selecting files from your computer just click on Invite Friends button and select the friends with whom you want to share the files. This sharing fact can also be published on your wall but this feature can be disabled. Your friends will automatically receive a notification on their Facebook page that a file has been shared with them on Filefly. Clicking on the notification will take your friends to the homepage of Filefly app and they can view the folder/files that have been shared with a single click.

I find this application quite useful, try it out and Do Let us know in comments that whether it was useful or not.

Manage Facebook List With CircleHack: Google+ Style

When Google+ social networking site released, the first thing which I liked is it’s too easy to create list using circles and manage it. and for obvious reasons we didn’t expect Facebook to copy this feature, though couple of Facebook engineers created a site call Circlehack which will let you easily and quickly manage Facebook list using Circles.

If you have used Google+ circle feature you will find this site exactly the same. Though for any Facebook users, this is one of the easiest way to manage Facebook list.

Here is a screenshot of CircleHack:

Seems like launch of Google+ is going to change the way we use Social networking site. As it is we are expecting Facebook to announce Facebook video chat and may be Facebook iPad application. Anyway time will tell how the clash between top two companies social networking site is going to bring revolution to social networking market.

For now, you can try CircleHack here.

If you have tried Circlehack, I would love to know your opinion about it and do you think Facebook should also integrate something like Circles to quickly manage Facebook list?