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TinyChat FB brings 12 Person Facebook Video Chat to iOS devices

It was only a few days back that Facebook announced the Facebook Messenger app for iOS and Android devices. It’s pretty great, but it lacks video chat, which we all wish was included with the app. It has been said that they will be launching Video chat on both iOS and Android devices pretty soon. It’s only a matter of time.

tinychat fbHowever, if you want to be able to video chat with your friends on Facebook, probably with more than one friend, then you should give TinyChat FB a try. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Tiny Chat, a free web based video chatting service. Now there’s an app for iOS devices that can be used to make video calls with your Facebook friends and that too about 12 of them, at the same time. Group video calling comes to Facebook, but unofficially.

A really nice app then, don’t you think? Well, it is a bit confusing at first, but once you’ve figured out everything, it’s as easy as sending a video chat invite on Facebook. After you’ve installed the app, you’ll need to sign in with your id and give access to your profile. Then, select up to 12 friends to group video chat with and it’ll invite all those friends with a Message saying You have been invited for a video chat with so and so and a link directs you to the TinyChat web service.

And yes, you don’t need to have anything installed on your computer, other than a microphone and webcam and some Adobe flash capable browser. Check out this nicely tailored video made for TinyChat FB after the break.

So, once you’ve got everything set up, the app works really well on iPhone 4, iPad 2 and the iPod Touch. If you happen to have a slow internet connection, then you should probably not try this. Did I mention that this is a free app?

Yes, you can download TinyChat FB for free from the App Store right away and enjoy free group video chat with your Facebook friends.

5 Best Free Chat Clients for Facebook

We all are addicted to Facebook because it’s best way to have fun and make friends but when it comes to chat with friends on Facebook I just quit. I always prefer to stay offline when it comes to Facebook chat. But to stay in touch with my Facebook friends I prefer to use few tools which are user-friendly and easy to install.

Here are 5 best Facebook Chat Instant messengers:


Digsby is one of my favorite. The main reason I love Digsby is that I can use all useful messengers like Facebook chat, Gtalk, Yahoo etc. Thus you can login to all instant messengers simultaneously. The layout looks good and a user-friendly chat client. Worth giving a try.


[ Link ]


ChitChat is a Facebook chat messenger. It is especially for Facebook chat. A simple layout and provides you all basic yet useful features like notifications, chat tabs, status alerts, saving history etc. If you are looking for an easy to use chat client for Facebook then you can surely consider Chitchat Instant messenger.


[ Link ]


Pidgin is bit similar like Digsby which supports other instant messengers also apart from Facebook. It is good when you are looking for a many networks like Yahoo, Windows Live Messenger, AIM etc in one messenger. Pidgin doesn’t support audio and video feature while chat.


[ Link ]

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Meebo is bit different than above messengers. Meebo is a web based messenger that is you don’t require to download or install any software, you can chat instantly from Meebo website. You will get all required feature on Meebo like status alerts, emoticons, notifications etc.


[ Link ]


Gabtastik also supports Facebook and Gtalk chat. It is having good interface and easy to navigate between messengers. Unlike Disby, it takes less memory and display is also small so don’t distract you from work.


[ Link ]

If you are one of the Facebook fan who don’t like to chat in Facebook browser then above chat clients are useful for you. If you are using any other chat tool then do share with us.