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How To Share Files & Folders Instantly on Facebook

Sharing files on the internet is no more a big deal these days mainly because you will find multitude of methods that will help you to do the job easily. If you tend to share a simple document type of a file then you can use email to do this or you can also instant message it to your friends. But the problem comes when you want to share a file of considerably larger size with multiple friends who are not at all tech savvy to use cloud storage services like Dropbox. So in a case like this we normally have to resort to a universal platform that is easily understandable by all and for this purpose I have chosen Facebook.

Filefly Application

filefly on Facebook


The application I have chosen for sharing files is Filefly, it is a very easy and convenient way to share any kind of files with your friends on Facebook platform. The application enables you to create sharable folders of files with just few clicks and you can upload or download anything upto 2GBs.

How to Use Filefly?

To start sharing files with your friends using the app, go directly to the homepage of Filefly Facebook’s app. Now click on Use Filefly button and you will be prompted to give app permission to continue. Don’t be worry because it wont asks much from you as compared to other Facebook app’s available.

filefly on Facebook  1

On the main-screen directions will be given telling you that first create a New Folder, add files to it and then share the folder with your friends by inviting them. You can name the folder as per your choice and clicking on Add Files button will generate a window prompting you to select Files from your computer.

filefly on Facebook  files add

After selecting files from your computer just click on Invite Friends button and select the friends with whom you want to share the files. This sharing fact can also be published on your wall but this feature can be disabled. Your friends will automatically receive a notification on their Facebook page that a file has been shared with them on Filefly. Clicking on the notification will take your friends to the homepage of Filefly app and they can view the folder/files that have been shared with a single click.

I find this application quite useful, try it out and Do Let us know in comments that whether it was useful or not.

How To see Your Facebook Friends on an Interactive World Map

Normally our Facebook friends are scattered all over the world but if somebody will ask us to give their precise location on the world map then we will definitely be befuddled because some of those friends are only known to us virtually.

We have a utility called as Facebook Places that allow us to broadcast our location to the Facebook friends but utilities and maps that help us to track down the location of others are not so popular and normally we are unaware of them. So here are some of the Facebook and Maps mashups that ultimately allow us to track the location of Facebook friends on a map:

Where My Friends Be


This service is a simple network display of Facebook friends on a Google Map. This particular app grabs the users profile picture and then geo-locate that particular picture on Google map. After that it place markers on the locations where your friends are located and draw straight red lines to those markers illustrating the location relationship. The mapping thing is quite fast and within seconds users can visualize their entire Facebook friends network on a map. Users can even post their Friends map on their Facebook profile using Where My Friends Be.



The moment you will give permission to this app to pull your friends data from Facebook, it will instantly draw a heat map showing that where your friends are concentrated on a global map. The place where your friends are in greater number will be shown in bright red, whereas the lesser concentrations are shown by blue and yellow color. Users can also mouse over the heat map and the names of the friends will pop-up. You can visit their official website to have a better idea about the OpenHeatMap application.

Do you use any of the above site to see your friends location? Do you know any other sites which shows location of your Facebook friends on a map? Do let us know via comment.

How to Get your Facebook API Key?

Many people who are using Facebook applications or Facebook Connect need Facebook API key to get started with this. For Bloggers and developers a Facebook API key let them configure Facebook connect and other applications and in this tutorial I will be sharing how you can create and get your Facebook API key.

To get started with Facebook API key, you need to login to Facebook and go to Facebook developer page.

Click on Set up new Application:


On the next page give your application a name:

facebook-application-name On the next page configure the setting of your Facebook Application:


Once you have done setting up your application, click on save changes and on the next page you will have your Facebook API key:


I hope this tutorial will be helpful for those who are looking for Facebook API key. If you have any question regarding this, I would suggest use our Support forum for questions.

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